Palm International Review: Bane Forex Scam

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Palm International Review: Bane Forex Scam

Palm International (Palmuk) is another rotten online Forex trading scam platform ripping off investors. PalmInternational is purporting to offer investment and financing services at an affordable price. Looking at their website, it is unclear what investment services they offer since no information is given. Members are already crying foul after having their accounts frozen without a reason being given. Read this genuine and honest PALM INTERNATIONAL Review for more details.

Palm International Review

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Palm International Review

What we noticed with this platform is the level at which accounts are being closed indefinetly. Palm International is professing to deliver highly quality trading services to anyone interested. In real sense, these are scam artists who are preying on unsuspecting online investors. Ensure you stay away from such platforms which offer over the moon profit margins. PalmInternational is another platform to watch out for and this is why we must expose their dirty deeds. Want to know more? Continue reading this detailed PalmInternational Review.

What makes this a scam platform is the level of cloning the website has undergone. Scam artists will do or say anything to ensure users sign up. It includes cloning real trading websites and making it look like they offer real trading signals. Newbie traders are easily enticed to open accounts thanks to the over the moon claims available. Watch out for this and other scam artists who share similar characteristics. It is better to stay safe than be sorry later. Get to know the tricks used by PALM INTERNATIONAL.

About Palm International

Looking at their About Us page, this platform claims to hail from the United States. Scam artists will do or say anything to ensure they get their target audience. Palm International is professing to be US based so that they can lure US and European investors. What seems to be a genuine platform is shrouded with mystery and anonymity. No one actually knows the real people behind this platform. It is what makes trading with PalmInternational a scam. Stay away from their illicit trading website.

Who are the founding members of this platform? Where can we get the names of the people running the show? Details posted on their contact page are fake as scammers are using virtual phone numbers. When it comes to their physical address, no one can verify that the platform has offices in Hong Kong Island.  So where exactly are they located, Hong Kong or the United States? This is where cracks start to appear.

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Is Palm International licensed or registered?

Being based in the United States requires a broker to follow strict guidelines set by the NFA. What these scam artists have done is use a already registered company as their trading license. We checked with the NFA register and found a company named Palm International Ltd as being registered. Scam artists will do or say anything to make their platforms appear legit, even fake license details.

If Palm International is indeed licensed and registered, where is their license credentials. What these scam artists have done is post a license number with no back up information. You would expect the broker to post copies of their license certificates. Without a copy of their license certificate, you can’t tell whether the numbers are real. It is why you must always check and verify with leading regulatory bodies.

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Advantages of Palm International

After going through the entire website, we could not find any advantage of trading with this platform. With negative comments floating all around the web, it is clear we are dealing with a scam. Stay away from this platform or else become their next victim. Trading with PalmInternational is highly risky as no member has been successful. What seems to be a genuine trading website is turning out to be a sleazy online scam.

Disadvantages of Palm International

Account Funding

Palm International Account Funding

When it comes to funding accounts, Palm International is using four methods of depositing funds. Depository channels include Bank transfer, E-wallets, MasterCard, and Visa. Information retrieved from their funding page shows minimum allowed withdrawal is $100. Members who deposit over $1,000 are allowed to withdraw $100 during the first transaction. You will not be able to withdraw an amount higher than $100. What this means is the scam artists will remain with the balance and shut down your account.

No Account type

Did you know this platform fails to give users information regarding the accounts used? If this isn’t odd, they also fail to mention the required minimum deposit. Without proper information regarding account types, users are signing up blindly. Stay away from such illicit platforms and start using industry backed and proven brokers.

No Demo account

Another problem with this platform is lack of a demo account. Is it fast? What are the leverage and spreads available with the platform? Such information is vital before committing yourself to opening a real account. Smart investors ensure they try out a demo account before opening a real trading account.

Unknown platform

Another disturbing feature with this platform is lack of a proven platform. Are they using MT4 or MT5 trading platform? What we noticed odd with this website is lack of proper security features. This means their platform is unstable as it doesn’t have proper security features. Lack of DDoS and SSL encryption is proof we are dealing with a scam. Stay away from this platform or risk losing your entire deposit.

Are funds safe with Palm International?

How can funds be safe with a broker who fails to issue credible information regarding their services? Security of funds is another issue which is a major concern. Hackers can easily take over this platform and steal personal information such as credit card details. What you need to do is stay away from such platforms which have no online reputation. Stay away from Palm International or face huge financial problems.

Is Palm International a scam?

Palm International Trading Platform

Evidence clearly shows we are dealing with a well-designed plot to steal from investors. PalmInternational is a scam which is targeting newbie traders from European the United States. Make sure to mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Another step is to warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs.

Bottom line

Adding this platform to our scam blacklist will ensure our readers are kept safe. Exposing this platform will make authorities investigate and shut down the website completely.

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Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading experience.

31 Replies to “Palm International Review: Bane Forex Scam”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. PALM INTERNATIONAL (like Sunroc Industrial/Golden Crown before) has been introduced to me by young female chinese tourists which registered on tinder. all of them are of cours beautiful and like to travel and show their gucci bags and so on….after several normal messages, the show account screenshots and ask you to join also. ..seems to be a method to find possible victims..

      1. Bonjour pareil pour moi par contre avez vous eu des soucis par rapport a vos identites car j ai fourni une copie de mon passeport j ai realisé seulement apres ma grosse erreur mais je n ai heureusement pas em
        Envoyé de l argent

  3. Haha, same tactic as mentioned by Lars. A classic tinder scam. A woman called Jesse (must be a guy) was tempting me with huge return on FOREX. Hopefully they will get into trouble soon

  4. Hallo, Ich habe gerade mit einer jungen Dame (alyssa!?)über eine asiatische Dating Seite gechattet und diese bot mir diese Seite zum Trading ebenfalls an . Ich persönlich bin nur im Masternode Sektor unterwegs, hab mit trading nix am Hut. Ihr angeblicher Analyst ist Chris. Passt gut auf Euch auf .

  5. I met a woman on Facebook who was using one of Palm Internationals Analysts in Hong Kong called Jack to trade Bitcoin, she and Jack claim she made One Million US dollars trading bitcoin in the past year (she also claims to be a wealthy business owner in Zhuhai, China with 40 employees (I shall withhold her name and business name), she encouraged me to sign up with 20,000 US dollars which I did, then Jack said he would require 100,000 dollars in my account before he would be my analyst and give buy and sell signals. I convinced him to let me trade with 50,000 US dollars which he agreed to because I was friends with his female client (who says she has US$400,000 in her Palm account). Between my own trading and Jack’s signals we got the account from the initial deposit of US$45,000 (2 previous trades Jack agreed to do with the initial US$20,000 deposit made over $5,000) , then I had some more success and got the account up to US$125,000, Jack then came up with a ‘new plan’ and he decided to get very aggressive and had me purchase 25 Units of Bitcoin in 2 batches within a minute of each other. I had cautiously been trading only 5 units myself) , almost immediately bitcoin fluctuated down producing a draw-down of about US$16,000 which stopped out my account and left my account in debt $US15,993. A total of about US$140,000 was lost on Jack’s advice in a couple of minutes. Palm International is now requesting I pay them the almost US$16,000 loss. Do they have any liability since it was their analyst’s advice? Jack overexposed my account to risk by having me buy 25 units of Bitcoin and because he is authoritative and is the lead analyst of a whole team of analysts I did not question his judgement.

    1. Interessant. Ich wurde auch von einer relativ jungen chinesischen Person aus Sungapur auf das Trading mit Bitcoin aufmerksam. Sie schickte mir Schreenshots von Ihrem MT4 Konto mit täglichen Gewinnen von bis zu 10000$. Sie gab mir ihr Demokonto und ich war in der Lage mit Ihr zu traden. Sie erhielt pro Tag 3 Tips von Ihem Analysten welche Sie mir weiter leitete. Nun entschied ich mich auch einzusteigen. Ihre Freundin names Maria half mir ein Konto bei Palm International zu eröffnen. Geld habe ich eingezahlt, anfänglich 2000$. In einigen Tagen hat sich nun der eingezahlte Betrag verdoppelt. Ich entschied mich mehr einzuzahlen und zahlte 20000$ ein. Plötzlich sagte Sie ich bräuchte eigenen Analysten da Sie mir die Tips von Ihrem Analysten nicht mehr weiter geben darf. Maria gab mir den Analysten “Jack Teacher”, anfangs machten wir gute Trades und Gewinne. Jack sagte mit 100000$ könnte er innerhalb kürzester Zeit den Betrag verdoppeln. Ich habe die Summe nicht eingezahlt. Mein Konto war auf 40000$ geklettert dank Jack. Eines Tages gab er mit den Typ 6 BTC Einheiten zu kaufen und plötzlich sackte der BTC Kurs nach unten und ich verlor innerhalb von einer Minute mein komplett eingesetztes Kapital. Er sagte wenn ich noch einmal 40000$ einzahle, würde er mit helfen und auch Geld einzahlen und er wäre in der Lage den Verlust wieder raus zu holen. Dies habe ich dann abgelent. Nun dank dieser Seite habe ich verstanden das Palminternational Scam ist. Ich habe sämtliche Chatverläufe sowie Telefonnummern und bin auch gerne bereit diese Information weiter zu geben.

  6. I am in a similar scenario. Speaking with a nice looking Chinese lady who has referred me to her advisor. I have not yet opened an account. Before you lost money Russ, were you able to withdraw any money? Her ‘advisor’ has mentioned that he will take 30% of all profits, and that I must withdraw the money and send to his bank account. So it does not seem he is directly affiliated with Palm. I am still trying to understand how their scam works; I have already mentioned to the advisor that most of my money is tied up at the moment and I can only invest a small amount, and he encouraged me to start anyways, to grow the account and gain confidence in his signals. I am just playing along for now, but if anyone knows how the scam works let us know!

    1. My advisor ‘Jack’ did not take any of my profits but always asked to have a screenshot taken of the Mt4 software which shows a log of purchases and balance. I assume that Jack would not be paid his commission without the screenshot,so that is evidence the Palm International was working with Jack and other analysts and sharing commissions with them.

    2. I’m in a similar situation where I met a girl on tinder. After chatting with her a few times the analyst came up in conversation which then led to the opening of a demo account. Eventually she introduced me to a person named James who helps in setting up the account but decided not to set it up. Way too many questions and many of the stories here makes a lot of sense on what is truly happening – same exact con game.

      1. Purtroppo è una truffa essendoci cascato con un mio amico dove abbiamo messo 12.500 dollari a testa. La ragazza che mi si è avvicinata tramite tinder si chiama Sunny che mi ha presentato il conto demo e dopo aver fatto un po’ di profitto mi ha presentato ad un certo James come già stato detto!
        Jack sarebbe l’analista dei grandi investimenti dalla soglia di almeno 50.000 dollari. Ovviamente mi hanno fatto perdere… Avendo un account più piccolo un certo analista di nome Andre mi ha fatto comprare unità di bitcoin fino a perdere e andare sotto di 4000…soldi che James aveva chiesto di rimettere. Ovviamente non ho fatto nulla e dopo 2 mesi nessuno mi ha detto più niente compresa ovviamente la ragazza Sunny che una volta compreso che non avrei più messo un soldo non si è fatta più sentire.

  7. No I did not with draw any money. I have lost my initial US$45,000 and Palm wants me to transfer about 16,000 more to them to cover the account deficit.

  8. I also was contacted on Tinder by a woman in Hong Kong named Fan. She wanted to chat on Whatsapp instead of Tinder. Her number is +852 6950 3312. She sent pictures and video of herself and she is quite good looking and looks fairly innocent. She is fairly sophisticated and appears to have money and businesses, but, but also introduced me to Palm International using sell and buy instructions from her “analyst” and we did make profits on a demo account. She wanted me to contact her broker analyst named James Whatsapp number +447575159407. I tried to go with another broker but she kept leading me back to her friend James. I did some research and found this forum and when I asked her about this she stopped chatting with me. So be careful and know this is some type of scam for your money.

  9. I was also a victim of this SCAM but I plan to take action. I have reported them to FBI’s IC3 and after speaking to my local authorities I will decide how to proceed further, possibly involving Chinese authorities.

  10. Oh my god, I was this close to getting into the trap but before I started transferring money, I looked up Palm international and all of your reviews matched exactly with what I went through. This is a super tinder cam using pretty women…

  11. Came across same situation meet a girl on tinder from where we went on WhatsApp , I felt that’s something it’s going on as she started showing her profits from trading platform within day of talk, business owner travelling around the world , Vise that’s her name and telephone number +852 5642 7126, I played around with her for two weeks, before I exposed her/him today as she got angry that I want to video chat her, it’s a elaborate scam and gotta be careful, thx for posting this article as 0.5% of me was doubting my own actions until I read this, anyway I called her a bird nest b$#tch and that I am a ex police officer from cyber crime department and that I’m aware what she was up to all way along , where she agreed that both of us were not honest towards each other from beginning haha , many thanks and kind regards

  12. Folks, can you report this to authorities (for instance [Link Removed] like I did and help get these people in jail as they deserve?
    They must have ripped off hundreds of people by now. Note that Palm UK is the same as Global Online Market, which has been around for longer.
    You fill find similar reports about it, probably more since Palm UK appeared only in the last couple of months or so.

  13. Hi Guys,
    I am one of the victim here. Met a girl on tinder who claims to be from Hong Kong and she convinced me to invest in bitcoin. She got demo account for me and I traded it for a month and made profits there. As she was chasing I decided to invest. I made first transfer in December which was 100£ and Palmuk kept telling me they did not receive money but after many chases lady agreed to deposit money into my bitcoin account. I made another transaction on Jan which was 900£ and till date I have not received any confirmation from Palmuk and chasing them daily. After second transfer I started investigating and realized its a scam. I have complained to my bank its under investigation. Can someone please assist on if I will be able to get my money back and what’s the procedure? I have also read articles about bank should be able to recover if its real scam etc..

  14. I stupdily got sucked in as well stemming from Tinder. Her name is Sala Song or so she says +852 5619 4539. Her analyst name is Mark +44 7367 635742. A few things I didn’t like which I should and will kick myself is the shady way tos end funds. From Bank account to another individual’s account, usually a Middle Eastern name. And the new account sign up sheet is a W**d doc with no fine print etc. Nothing talking about fees. I only sent $1000 and just asked, in case I needed it, how can I withdraw my funds. It is on the MT5 app sitting in cash as I didn’t invest anything. I can’t lie, is a good scam. I can say that there are more out there like the LINE app. I have been contacted by 6 scammers in the past month. Every time I tell them I’m not investing, they stop talking to me LOL I will keep everyone posted if I can get my money back. And if I could, I would send pictures of the girl, which is probably the same one.

    1. I was told there is withdrawal form you need to fill and submit and money will be credited back to you bank account. Not sure how true it is though as i never tried that.

      1. Les, they tls me to add more money before I can withdraw. I said no. I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone in a couple of months. They deleted me in whatsapp and stopped returning calls or emails.

  15. hello pareil pour moi appat sur tinder mais j ai compris l’arnaque avant d ‘envoyer l’argent ma seule preoccupation c est j ai envoyé une copie de mon passeport ….les contacts que j avais sont mr Wu +85291413127 et amy shen man +44 7838704152
    meme scenario

  16. hi,
    mein erstkontakt ist eine chinesin namens jenny aus singapur, die mich an eine analystin namens mary in hong kong vermittelte.
    was mich interessiert ist, hat jemand schon von denen gehört ?
    bis jetzt halten sich meine verluste in grenzen …

  17. Actually I think it’s true, this is actually a foreign exchange trading platform, but just by you ignorant people

  18. Russ, I am sorry that you have had this experience. I am afraid that I have been a prime example of this scam also having seen all the red flags and ignored them. I just literally had my account wiped clean leaving me owing 1200US. I will share my full experience so that others can avoid this mistake. I was introduced to this by Winnie (+447723637443) who then introduced me to Sunny(+7401885381) the customer service rep who today told me to sel 2 Bitcoin that wiped out my account. Initially I was cautious and only invested $900 to see how it would go. to this day I have made $20000 deposit and no withdrawal. This broker needs to be avoided at all cost.

  19. D, you should report them to authorities as I and many others have done.
    To date, the palmuk website has disappeared. Nevertheless, reporting them to FBI and local authorities may secure these criminals to justice, eventually.

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