Partner Groupe Review: Real Platform

Partner Groupe Review: Real Platform

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Partner Groupe ( is a fascinating online trading platform with a guaranteed safety on investment. ParnerGroupe is a European Broker offering investors with a 100% welcome deposit. The broker is regulated by the International Securities Commission making it trustworthy. What to expect with this broker? With a personal analyst with years of experience, investors are in safe hands. Make sure to read this detailed PARTNER GROUPE Review to know more.

Partner Groupe Review

With over 1 million traders around the world, Partner Groupe is solidifying itself as a trusted partner. Newbie investors are happy with the way their investment goals are planned and executed. You don’t need to be an expert to start trading with this one of a kind platform. Sign up today and enjoy the full benefits of trading with this platform. With a satisfied client base, Partner Groupe is facilitating investors to enjoy using the best trading platform. You are missing out on an interesting online investment platform.

With online trading, it is best to have proven alternatives by your side to remedy your choices. Experienced and vetted brokers are a gem to have especially with a reliable broker. Make sure to have industry backed and expert recommended brokers by your side. Safety is their main concern and they ensure investors are safe when placing trades. Sign up with approved and transparent brokers who have a strong online reputation. The Forex dream is within your reach.

Features of Partner Groupe

Access to trading instruments

With Partner Groupe, users get access to more than 250 trading instruments. You are bound to get Commodities, Forex, indices, raw materials, stocks, stock products and more. With commodity trading being a favorite among European investors, Brent, Gold, and WTI are available. With Forex trading, you should expect over 150 currency pairs to choose from. Some of the pairs include EUR, USD, PLN, RUB, among others.

When it comes to index trading, the platform has this well-covered. You can trade with over 35 major indexes available on the platform. Start trading with over 65 fast growing major companies. Stocks from companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook Inc, Apple are available on this platform. You are guaranteed of narrow spreads of 0 pips and a minimum lot of 0.1 pips. With such enticing features, no wonder Partner Groupe has over a million traders using their platform.

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Customer’s safety Partner Groupe

Partner Groupe is one of the few European brokers to fully comply with the set industry regulations and rules. They also comply with international trading laws to ensure your capital is well preserved. By doing Partner Groupe makes it possible for any trader anywhere in the world to sign up and enjoy the full benefits. The company has deposited the initial authorization capital of 450,000,000 with proper authorities. Safety of funds is a priority and ensures investors are trading with a secure platform.

The platform also offers negative balance protection which means traders are fully protected from loss. You will never loss beyond the initial investment, placing trades is safe and secure. Users are also given the protection of open lots which makes it possible for investors to earn reasonable profit margins. With deposit insurance also on the cards, you will never be afraid of not being compensated. Blockchain is also used to encrypt transactions and personal data. Your information is secure and is never shared with third parties.

Customer Support

Partner Groupe Customer Support

Communication is vital when it comes to online trading. Partner Group is ensuring users have the chance to communicate with brokers 24/7. Not only are the call agents super friendly, they communicate in any language. In case of any disputes, the live chat support team will stay in touch until the dispute is cleared. This is a 5 star rated customer support and has been instrumental in the platform’s growth. With an available support staff, investors can trade knowing help us available at all times.

You can visit their contact page and get to choose which method you prefer. Users can contact Partner Groupe via emails or make calls directly to the call agents. Investors are also given the contact details of their broker just in case they want to ask a question. With email communication, users get their answers within a working day. Different emails are used to cater for different cases which make the communication process seamless. And this is why Partner Groupe has a five star communication rating.

Demo Account

Another fascinating feature with Partner Group is having a working demo account. A demo account is used to give users a test of what to expect with the platform. We tested the platform and were happy with the way trades were placed. The platform executes trades in an acceptable speed which is a plus for traders. Advanced tools available also help users to trade easily as well as teach them the ropes of trading. Newbies should test the demo account and see how well it works.

Partner Groupe Deposit and withdrawal

When it comes to depositing funds, the process is easy and quick. Depository channels available include MasterCard, Visa, and others. Thanks to Partner Groupe being secure, investors are making safe transactions without having to worry about third party interference. Withdrawing funds is also fast and users get their funds within a business day. You simply have to click the withdraw tab and follow the instructions given. Most investors are happy with the withdrawal time making it a perfect platform.

License and registration

Partner Groupe License and Registration

PRBS Gestion Group LLC is the company behind this platform. They have been authorized by authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Partner Groupe has posted their regulation documents on their license page. By doing so, they openly reveal their regulatory status to all investors. You can see the company is licensed with 136 LLC 2019 being their registration number. Investors are in safe and capable hands thanks to the tight regulations set by the trading industry.

Training Materials

For investors who want to learn more about Forex trading, Partner Groupe offers a thorough trading guide. You can learn more about Forex trading thanks to the platform’s 460 analysts who teach these lessons. There have been over 78,000 traders who have completed the training making it a successful learning platform. The amount of profits earned by students in the year 2019 stands at $45 Million which is surreal. For those who wish to join the training program, you simply have to sign up.


Partner Groupe Trading Instruments

As investors and traders, we are happy with the way Partner Groupe is handling users. The spreads are enticing and the platform is user-friendly. Sign up process takes less than five minutes and there are no hassles involved. With deposit and withdrawal being satisfactory, Partner Groupe is definitely a broker worth trying. Ensure you sign up with the platform which has set the minimum depository amount at $250. And this is in line with the acceptable industry’s standard price.

Apart from Forex brokers, you can also use Forex trading robots to help you gain an edge. Acceptable and accurate Forex trading robots are effective in producing desired goals. Sign up with leading and trusted Forex trading robots for a fulfilling trading experience. Make sure to use dependable and genuine trading robots at all times. Your chance to make money starts with using the right trading tools.

Wishing you all the best in your Forex trading experience

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60 Replies to “Partner Groupe Review: Real Platform”

  1. Pracuję z tą firmą już od 3 lat. Dzięki tym a***itykom za realizację moich marzeń. Jedno że zara nie podoba to wypłata od 1 do 3 dni, rok temu przyszło w ciągu 30 minut. Dzięki swojemu a***ityku za szkolenie.

    1. Bardzo złe doświadczenie,potraktowano mnie w sposób uwłaczjący człowiekowi.Chamstwo, arogancja, brak obsługi, Skradziono mi ponad 139$ z wygranych w dniu 4 lutego

    2. mogłabym prosić o kontakt moim opiekunem był Pan Dominik Dombrowski a teraz nie mam z nim kintaktu a mam pootwierane aukcje i sa na dużym minusie nie wiem co robić pomocy

    3. moim opiekunem jest Dominik Dombrowsi pootwierałam z nim akcje teraz sa na dużym minusie i nie wiem co robić pomocy

  2. Witam wszystkich.
    Pracuję z brokerem Paribagroup już od pół roku. Mój a***ityk Erik Kukharchyk jest szefem działu a***ityków. Bardzo uważny i odpowiedzialny pracownik. Pomógł mi spłacić pożyczkę i zarobić na moje marzenie. Pracuję i zarabiam. Stałam niezależna finansowo.

    1. tez byl moim niby brokerem nekal mnie telefonami codiennie, dopoki nie zrezygnowalem i postanowilem wycofac sie i nie dokladac wiecej do wstepnych $250, po zleceniu wyplaty brak kontaktu, zlodzieje

    2. Jeśli możesz i masz do Erika jakieś namiary, to bardzo Cię proszę na mail [email protected] bo urwał mi sę z nim kontakt…później dwoniła jakaś Ewa Ganowicz i inni, i nikt z tych numerów nie odpowiada.obecnie zostałem sam, terminal pracuje,leci w góre i w dół, a ja nie mam dostępu do środków.

  3. Dzień dobry, handluje z tym brokerem 5 m, jestem bardzo zadowolony, wczoraj mój a***ityk pomogł mi otworzyć transakcje i już dzisiaj mam dobry plus na swoim koncie. Wciągu 3 tygodni całkiem odrobiłem swoją inwestycje i teraz zarabiam na czysto. Polecam wszystkim, to chyba 1 z najlepszych brokerów w UE.

  4. Najlepszy broker do copytradingu. Fajne funkcje, dobrze działa cały system kopiowania transakcji no i dużo traderów, których można śledzić. To główna zaleta.

  5. Bardzo stabilny broker z dosyć fajną ofertą, chyba w tym momencie cięzko znaleźć coś lepszego na naszym kontynencie

  6. Duża i znana firma, która na pewno jest wiarygodna. Kilkukrotnie wypłacałem od nich środki. Inna sprawa to nieco mało instrumentów, brakuje mi kilku egzotyków 😉

  7. Jeden z brokerów u których trzymam jakieś środki. Dosyć długo mam u nich konto i działają całkiem fajnie. Pod nadzorem FCA środki dużo bezpieczniejsze, a jako że mam status klienta profesjonalnego to i ograniczenia dźwigni nie ma.

  8. Broker u którego gram już dłuższy czas. Jak na moje potrzeby (raczej niewielki kapitał) broker w pełni wystarczający. Płynna gra, brak problemów z wypłatami.

  9. Całkiem spoko oferta, jak na razie handluje się dosyc dobrze. Jak coś to gram głównie na głównych parach walutowych, więc nie wiem szczerze czy przy indeksach też tak dobrze sie sprawuje. Całkiem fajna egzekcuja. Spready też nie zbyt duże.

  10. I’ve been working with a broker for over half a year. At first I was worried to deposit a block amount, but gradually began to trust, the conclusion of 30 thousand dollars made without problems. It’s true that when a large amount of money, the manager calls and asks for confirmation, and small amounts are made automatically.

  11. Broker bardzo stabilny, mam tam konto chyba odkąd zaczęłam tradeować. Mimo wszystko oferta trochę uboga no i słabe wsparcie dla polskojęzycznych klientów.

  12. Partner to broker godny polecenia. Nie miałam niefajnych sytuacji z tym brokerem. Fakt, żeby grać na forexie trzeba dużo wiedzieć i śledzić informacje na bieżąco.

  13. Questo broker ha tutto per dargli la preferenza. Per tutto il tempo che non mi sono mai deluso, tutti gli importi richiesti sono stati ritirati indipendentemente dalle dimensioni e dal tempo. Per lavorare con titoli e valuta, semplicemente non ha eguali per me. C’è sempre la possibilità di chiedere aiuto se succede qualcosa e posso essere sicuro che mi risponderanno nel prossimo futuro.

  14. Sono qui da non molto tempo da circa un anno. Non è un grande momento ma l’impressione è molto positiva. Alcune volte ha portato profitto. Gli importi non sono certamente enormi ma tutto si è rivelato. Hanno fatto tutto in modo molto efficiente e competente. Ottimo supporto clienti e disponibilità ad aiutare. Ogni cliente ha il suo approccio. Ottima compagnia lo consiglio.

    1. Oszukali mnie na wpłacone pieniądze na konto/na sumę 13 400 zł.pl,Niddy nie dotarły na konto.Sprawę zgłosiłem na prokuraturę i policję o popełnieniu przestępstwa przez partner group i przywłaszczeniu moich pieniędzy

  15. Bardzo fajny broker, szybko wypłaca, sprawnie pomaga w razie problemów. W Polsce według rankingów aktualnie najlepszy, dostosowany pod nasze prawo.

    Osoba która piszę, że ma problemy z wypłatą, pierw proszę Pana, trzeba zweryfikować konto.

    1. Dzięki, że się odezwałeś, ale nie wiem jak zweryfikować…
      Jakaś dziewczyna o imieniu Ewa z partner group załopżyła mi 5 kont na płytkach rachunków handlowych, a na jednym są stałe zmiany na pozycji R. zysk stoi w miejscu. Doszedłem w pewnym momencie do 1100 $. a później, gdy chciałem je przelać na swój rachunek w banku, to nie mogłem z nikim nawiązać kontaktu, nie mam technicznej możliwości, tego dokonać bez pomocy brokera. Po krótkim czasie kwota wypracowana przez robota spadła do 300 $ ! Robert, jak będziesz miał chwilę to prześlij mi swoje namiary na mój mail,a ja we wskazanym przez Ciebie czasie oddzwonię. Z góry dziękuję i pozdrawiam !

  16. Ciekawy broker, brakuje mi tu tylko innej platformy, bo ta ich nie do końca mi odpowiada. Jednak poza tym wszystko gra. Dobra obsługa i niskie koszty, to chyba główne zalety.

  17. Całkiem spoko oferta, jak na razie handluje się dosyc dobrze. Jak coś to gram głównie na głównych parach walutowych, więc nie wiem szczerze czy przy indeksach też tak dobrze sie sprawuje. Całkiem fajna egzekcuja. Spready też nie zbyt duże.

  18. jeden z najstarszych i najbardziej znanych domów maklerskich. Warunki są dość normalne, wsparcie jest na poziomie. Pieniądze są wypłacane regularnie

  19. Ho fatto la scelta sbagliata del broker due volte. E finalmente sono stato fortunato. Mezzo anno fa, ha aperto un conto. Quasi tutto mi va bene. Gli ordini vengono eseguiti in una frazione di secondo. Ci sono molti strumenti di trading. C’è spazio per le fantasie dello shopping. Prendo soldi regolarmente. Un paio di volte al mese prendo parte del profitto sulla carta. Mi aiuta nel trading e nella loro a***isi. In breve, non so chi non sia contento di cosa. E ho messo i punti di ma**imo 5 punti.

  20. Znany broker, super warunki handlowe i egzekucija zlecen.
    MT4 posiadaja rowmiez.
    Nie ma sie do czego przyczepic

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