Passive Profits Review – A Scam Alert for Traders

Passive Profits Review – A Scam Alert for Traders

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Have you been enticed to earn easy money?

Has the deep down desire trapped you to decipher a shortcut to binary options trading?

Well, these desires can have fatal results because there are many software scams out there that want to cash on this desire and get the money from the trader. One such scam is Passive Profits by Nathan Birch.

If you still have not been able to get convincing answers then read the complete Passive Profits product review to know more. Each and every word of this review will just lead to one conclusion, and that is to avoid this product scam by all means.

Passive Profits sales video making fake promises

This Passive Profits product review will first highlight the flaws of the marketing video of Passive Profits. The sales video can truly set an impression, but it is a big thumbs-up down. The introduction is unimpressive and says the same thing that any trader gets to hear time and time again.

What the video says is that the system lets the trader earn $50,000 minimum. If earning this amount was that simple, everyone will quit their jobs and will be more interested in investing the trust in this product scam.

Passive Profits

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The system claims that the trader can easily earn on auto-pilot with Passive Profits system. Now the sales video fails to convince the user how the sales video can turn out to be such a profitable venture.

Can the auto-pilot be that effective?

Well in real the trader needs to know the algorithms and strategies that the system implements. These are important questions that need to be answered. The worst part is that the figure game can be quite frustrating for an onlooker who is looking for a genuine trading opportunity.

The sales video does not come to the point, and that makes it an agony to watch. The worst part is to give the perception to the trader that he will not have to do anything at all, and that does not happen in real.

The sales video shows those elite lifestyles. This is common to Fast Cash that we have reviewed in the past.

Does it matter to the trader?

The prime objective of a trader is consistent income the ethical way, and if the system is just pure luck, then it cannot do well to any trader in the long run. The investor is going to suffer at the end of the day in this scenario.

It can be so deadly tiring to look at the video testimonials of Passive Profits that just do not prove a point. What good do these testimonials do to the trader and the answer is nothing.

Does it matter at the end of the day what other traders are earning?

It is equivalent to playing with the psyche of the trader, and that is the bad part.

Passive Profits Scam

If you are into binary trading, you should be aware of the best binary options signal services.

The video says that the investor needs zero knowledge to use the Passive Profits system.

Is it possible?

The answer is that the trader can never benefit without knowing what binary options are all about. No trader can survive practically without having the actual concept of binary options trading.

There is another question that arises from simply watching the sales video. They show the account of a person by the name of Sarah. After looking at the snapshots, one is just wondering that can the status of the account change so drastically. It truly does sound unbelievable.

Passive Profits Scam Review

Can the balance increase from $250 to $2, 130.14. The answer is no and this does not happen in real at all. The investor just cannot earn so much easily, and if this is possible, then the maker has to present a logical approach.

The most alarming part of the video is that the introduction of the maker is given after half the video is gone. It is difficult to believe as introductions are meant to be at the starting of the video so that the trader cannot relate to what is happening in the video.

The introduction of the website leaves the trader with many unanswered questions?

The introduction of the Passive Profits website has a major flaw. The person who created the website just invaded into the computer of his father and got the Passive Profits system.

Will it be advisable to go for such a system?

It is strange that the maker of the system did not even think on the lines that the website introduction was presenting a bad impression. Cashing on someone else’s hard work does not sound good.

Moreover, how can the maker offer adequate support for the system that he did not even create in the first place, so all these are questions do need an answer?

Passive Profits is not free of charge

The worst perception is when the trader is made to believe that he will get everything for free. Think logically when the investor makes a deposit to the broker then the system maker does share the profits with the broker so it is not a free thing story by any means and the trader should know the truth before he gets into the mess. Planning a website and making a website does take time so the trader should not be living with the free perception as it does not sound real at all.

Repeated and old marketing strategies

The claim that only one copy is left has also become an old story. Pressurizing the trader to believe that only one slot is left does not sound real at all. No investor is going to give into this gimmick so easily. It is always better to judge the system and then make the move.

 The loopholes of the frequently asked questions section

Now the questions that are presented in frequently asked question section do not serve much of a purpose because they do not answer the prime concerns of any user. What interest the user is how a system works so if a system cannot answer that then going through the entire section is simply useless. Passive Profits fails to make an impression because it can just not read the mind of the ardent user and the questions that are presented prove to be quite useless.

What the Social media says does not matter

The Facebook comments do not make any difference either because the user cannot trace back to Passive Profits users. The snapshots do not prove anything, and it is just that they are playing with the psyche of the trader. This strategy does not work at all. Some real proof could have made a lot of difference and could have left the impact in a much better way in comparison to the approach that has already been presented.

The final verdict about Passive Profits

It is not advisable to opt for Passive Profits at all. The trader has a lot to lose if he decides to opt for this system. The trading approach is not convincing, and it leaves a lot to be desired. This is the worst part, and the trader will not feel like opting for this system at all. The gut feeling and the logical thinking both will prevent the investor from signing up with this Passive Profits system. We never want to let you down using scam softwares like these, so please keep in touch with our list of original binary trading softwares. A real system presents real ways to earn money, and the approach is not as presented by Passive Profits so one should deny the opportunity of opting for this system.

Explore manual trading and try to excel in this field. It is not bad to experience automated trading, but then one rarely comes across systems that offer real money with no loopholes. Invest time and effort in developing trading strategies are rather learning to know Passive Profits. The automated system like Passive Profits cannot give great results at all.

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8 Replies to “Passive Profits Review – A Scam Alert for Traders”

  1. When a business claim to let earn an exaggerated amount, the intention become questionable. As the article says, anyone will quit job if it is like that. If profit is promised against some investment, one needs to be careful before jumping in.

  2. I am not into trading per say but I am into PTC. In any case I will be sure to keep watch of this site and avoid it. Thanks!!!

  3. I do not agree with the video that said that “the investor needs zero knowledge to use the Pa**ive Profits system.” This is a complete lie. Investors must have a knowledge base always to make good sound decisions. Thanks for highlighting this.

  4. “If earning this amount was that simple, everyone will quit their jobs” Yeah man I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m so tired of these scam programs popping up just trying to prey of gullible people. Wisen up Y’all!

  5. A minimum of $50k a month huh? Well shoot I can change my zipcode with that amount of dough. Sounds good…buy yeah right.

  6. Many people dream about striking it rich. If they see a suggestion that is easy, they’d fall for it in a heartbeat. Not surprising of course! It is only natural for people to want more from less effort. This is why scams never end… They just evolve.

  7. Because of this helpful article, im not giving any time on trades because im not sure whats legit and whats not.

  8. Oh once you mentioned that the used the old “one slot is left” trick then I knew for sure that it screams scam – especially for a program like this. Usually there would never be just one slot left on these types of programs.

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