Passivo Review: Beware of and its Affiliates

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Passivo Review: Beware of and its Affiliates

Clearly, Passivo is a scam. There’s no way the platform can manage to earn ROI within 4 days of making your first deposit. Our review plans to expose this MLM scam.

Find out the reasons that make Passivo a scam as we delve right into the features highlighting the scam’s attributes. These are the features that make Passivo a real pain for those who sign up. And that’s not all, the platform has countless such websites all over.

Passivo Review

You need to discern the truth from friction when it comes to online investing. Yes, passive income is a beauty once you find and invest with the right platforms. Failure to do so means you will end up facing immense pressure.

Our Passivo review exposes the red flag hidden by the scam artists behind the platform. These include all those marketing videos not forgetting the paid cast members who act as global CEOs.

Let’s dig deep into the Passivo review.

Note: There are proven passive investment options that generate realistic ROI. Go for transparent platforms that have been tested and tried.

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A Closer Look at Passivo

Passivo has been a wash-and-rinse scam from day one. The platform used to go with the domain later used, and now goes by the domain All the others were exposed a few months back.

With the same name but different services, we know for a fact that none of these domains pay. And the only one who pays is the victim who signs up hoping to earn passive income. That’s not going to happen with

Once you land on the homepage, users get a video presenting them with an opportunity to earn passive income. The platform claims to make a profit by diversification and minimizing risks associated with investments.

Note that the platform fails to indicate the type of investing they are engaged in. And that for us is a red flag as every investor should know where their money is going to. Lack of transparency is one of the biggest red flags with Passivo.

Lack of clear information therefore means investors are signing in blind not knowing what the funds are used for. And this gives the owners a chance to use funds for personal use. The owners can even claim they lost all your funds on a bad trade.

Anonymity is another feature that makes us question the intent of this platform. It means you don’t know who to hold responsible when things go south, which they eventually do with anonymous investment ventures.

Our advice should be to stay away from this platform.

Are there any products related to Passivo? No, and how does the platform plan to generate passive income for members?

Accounts and Plans Passivo

There are two investment accounts available on the platform. All of these accounts guarantee weekly profit margins. You should be skeptical of any investor making profit guarantees. Let’s take a closer look at each account type;

Investment 1

For the first investment tier, investors are to deposit a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $49,999. Members are to receive a guaranteed 0.8 percent weekly ROI. Let’s do the math with the minimum deposit, note there’s no mention of vesting period.

That means every week the platform will make $8 in weekly profit. That’s not much, which means in 12 weeks, that’s when you can get at least 96 percent ROI. By this time, the owners will have frozen your account.

Investment 2

The second investment is more or the same as the first. Investors are to deposit a minimum of $50,000 or more for a chance to earn 1 percent weekly income. Remember the platform guarantees this income.

Doing the math, means you earn $500 each week. That’s not a number one would like to assume. It would take a 100 weeks to get a full return of investment gains. That’s why we see it as a deposit scam where investors deposit funds and won’t see a dime.

Please note that Passivo solicits investments via USD only and they make payments via USDT. That means investors have to have crypto wallets to enjoy the perks of withdrawing funds. Which is rarely the case with genuine passive investment platforms.

Affiliate plans

There are 12 affiliate investment ranks available on Passivo. That means clients can sign up as affiliates and earn commissions. The only downside is that the platform is taking advantage of clients.

No one gets to withdraw funds from this platform, even affiliates. Passivo uses these affiliates to get more victims to sign up. As an affiliate, you end up facing the blame for directing users to a non-existing passive income platform.

Referral commissions are set to pay weekly, with investors getting between 0.2 percent and 0.8 percent for 10 referral users.

Residual referrals are also available, with these commissions lower than the referrals. Affiliates expect between 0.04 percent and 0.16 percent weekly residual commissions. That’s why we insist you should stay away from the platform.

Bonus on offer

There’s a bonus and global pool on offer for both affiliates and investors on the platform. Investors are to make 0.01 percent commission in a crypto-wide investment pool. Please note the platform fails to name the pools or funds related to the investment.

A rank achievement bonus is available for affiliates on this platform. Starting from quality rank 2, members expect to receive $50 in bonuses. The highest rank, 12, earns $250,000 in bonuses. No affiliate gets to reach the 4th rank.

As with the previous investments under the Passivo domain, this too shall fall. The owners will feel the deposits have started to diminish and will move quickly to shut down the platform. And that’s how everyone loses funds.

Contact from staff

Expect no contact after point of deposit or sign up. Affiliates are having a hard time trying to make contact with investors. And that’s why we believe is a scam. No one gets to make contact with team members.

Direct contact with the team is not possible as the platform relies on email correspondents other than live chat or contact. As a rule of thumb, invest in platforms offering direct access to team members. Review: Facts and Features

Is Passivo Licensed or Regulated?

There’s no document to prove or show Passivo as a licensed or regulated financial platform. And without regulatory oversight, it means there’s no security of funds. Anyone who invests in the so-called pool eventually loses everything.

Without a valid license to prove that the platform adheres to set industry rules and regulations, Passivo remains a high-risk investment platform. Please stay away from this and any other platform showing similar characteristics.

Is security of funds guaranteed by Passivo?

Safety of funds is out of the question with Passivo. And that’s why you must stay away from the platform or else risk losing everything. The platform fails to offer essential security protocols to caution investors from third party attacks.

DDoS protection and SSL encryption is out of the question for investors who sign up. It means the platform is vulnerable to hackers looking to gain access to your crypto wallet address and information.

Verdict Passivo

Please stay away from Passivo or risk losing everything. The platform is an utter mess and is only looking to scam unsuspecting investors.

Note: The best way to invest in the crypto world is going for tested platforms backed by the crypto community.

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