Pattern Trader Pro Review: Is this Robot Safe?

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Pattern Trader Pro Review: Is this Robot Safe?

Another one from LeapFX, Pattern Trader Pro, is promising insane returns for those who want to buy it. Before making the biggest mistake of your trading career, there are a few facts to note. The vendor makes a bold statement of making $1,000 turn into $1820. With this robot, the vendor claims for every $1,000 deposited, the member gets a guaranteed profit of $820. For those who are new to trading, this might sound interesting. Make no mistake; this is a scam to ensure users sign up.

Pattern Trader Pro Review

About Pattern Trader Pro

From what we’ve seen, LeapFX is a platform that comes up with unimaginable profit margins. Most of their robots have been proven to fail, and Pattern Trader Pro is another false trading tool. A majority of users have already filed complaints with authorities regarding this trading platform. It is the main reason we have to stay away from it as it is a huge and proven scam. There is no expert or trading robot on earth that can guarantee such a high-profit margin. These are scam artists who clearly want to fool naïve investors.

There are proven trading robots that offer a more realistic way of making passive income with trading. These robots have been tested and come highly recommended by trading experts. The advantage of using these robots is that they protect your investments as you learn how to trade. With a satisfied client base, these robots have become the go-to tools for successful trading. It’s your time to become a successful trader with transparent trading robots. What are you waiting for?

The vendor claims that the platform uses human intelligence and automation hybrid. These scam artists are using industry jargon to make themselves look professional. From the look of things, these are mere scam artists with no way of making real trades. Even the robot does not have credible trading results to prove efficiency. It is the reason why we have to block the use of this trading platform. None of these vendors are responding to our queries in terms of proof of concept.

Assets and trading instruments

One would expect the vendor to be candid with the available trading instruments. The only way to find out is by opening an account with them. It is unfair as the vendor should be open and state their trading assets on the homepage. We know that the robot is offering all currency pairs for trading. Pattern recognition is the strategy being used by the platform, and it does not appear to work. Based on the high number of complaints, it is best to avoid such robots with inaccurate details.

Business owner

When it comes to the face of the robot, the vendor suddenly goes under. We could not tell who the owner of this platform is or where they are located. What we do know is that they operate under the LeapFX developer group. Michael Aigars is the name that is synonymous with this platform. From what we uncovered, Michael claims to be located in Latvia. Investors should note that all these could be false information. With no trading background or history, Michael could as well be a fictional character.

Comments from users

Dino joined the platform back in March 2019 and claimed he lost everything. The standard maximum risk is set as 15 percent, and he still lost everything. Johnny claims that the EA is doing a horrible job as the robot has no trailing stop or risk management. He claims that the robot opens five currency pairs at a time, thus creating too much exposure. Victor, who rented the robot, claims it makes more losses than wins. All these are disgruntled members who lost with the robot.

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Demo Account

Pattern Trader Pro Trading Results

When it comes to their demo account, a lot leaves to be desired. The demo account is usually designed for traders who need to test the platform. What the vendor has done is to manipulate results using the demo account. With the demo account, users seem to be making a killing, which is not the case with a real account. And this is the reason why we have to ensure that no one uses the platform. The demo account is a plot to ensure everyone signs up with the platform. Please stay away from it.

Features of Pattern Trader Pro

With a unique strategy, the vendor would have had more users if their strategy worked. Those who want to buy the robot must be willing to part with $397 per year. It is an exceedingly high amount considering the EA doesn’t produce results. It uses the H1 timeframe and trades with all currency pairs. We are not yet convinced that the robot trades with Crypto pairs as the demo has no such feature. Their strategy takes advantage of double tops, rising wages, and double bottoms.

License and registration of Pattern Trader Pro

Pattern Trader Pro is a robot with no permit to offer their products or services. Without a valid license from authorities, the vendor offers more risk than you could imagine. And this is the main reason why we have to back down from recommending the robot. Without a valid license, Michael is putting your funds at risk. He knows that the robot does not cover depository insurance and still offers it to clients. Those who sign up are thrilled by the claim of making huge returns.

For those who are keen on details, the best tools are those that come with a valid license. Go for trading robots that are regulated by industry regulators such as CFTC, FCA, and NFA. These organizations ensure that the trading robots are up to standards. The regulator also ensures that the vendor has deposited a minimum depository amount to protect users. In case the robot fails to work due to unforeseen cases, users get a refund. It is the main reason why smart investors go for trading robots with a valid license.

Pros and Cons of Pattern Trader Pro

Available income expectations

Pattern Trader Pro Accounts

Pattern Trader Pro is a platform that has offered users an insane profit margin. The platform ensures that users are led to believe the more they deposit, the higher their profit margins. It’s a scary thought that such a vendor would act in such a manner. An initial deposit of $500 gets a guaranteed profit of $9,083 in a year. It means that the vendor guarantees 82 percent profit every three to four months. These are fantasies that the vendor users to ensure more investors sign up with the bot.

Contact and support

For those who are new to trading, making contact with the vendor is important. Before signing up with any product, ensure the vendor is available 24/7. Most of these vendors will advertise their wonder-apps, and after signing up, they disappear. Users are left to fend for themselves as there is no help when one needs it the most. To contact the vendor, one must leave their email address and message and wait for a response. There is no live chat or phone number to make direct calls to the vendor.

Results and trading performance of Pattern Trader Pro

The vendor has produced a single myfxbook that has been in operation since 2018. What we see with the results is a downward trajectory of profits from November 2018 to March 2019. It means the claim of making 82 percent profit in three to four months is a lie. From our conclusion, if the robot continues to dip, there is no need to cough up $367 per year. We also feel that the price of the robot does not come anywhere close to the industry-accepted price. The vendor is clearly taking advantage of investors.

Scam or Legit Pattern Trader Pro

Pattern Trader Pro is a scam that Michael has conjured to help steal from unsuspecting investors. We don’t understand why LeapFX is hosting such scam burgs. Ensure you stay away from the platform or become another victim.

Closing remarks

We won’t recommend a platform that is outright making insane profit claims. The vendor should come up with concrete proof to validate their profit-making claims.

Do sign up with credible robots that have been tested by trading experts. The trading community backs these robots as they offer a realistic way of trading. What are you waiting for? Sign up with one today.

We wish all our readers a safe trading experience.

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