PayingInvest Review: a Complete Scam Venture

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PayingInvest Review: a Complete Scam Venture

PayingInvest sees itself as a top-notch financial investment company in the industry. The company brags of having a professional team that is dedicated to assisting investors. They state that their main focus is to grow the client portfolio.

Their team allegedly has adequate knowledge, ability, and skills, making them the best. The company also claims it is the best approach to gain high returns. Unfortunately, we have enough reason that shows this is not a legit investment entity.

PayingInvest additionally proclaimed that it minimizes the losses. Hence, increasing the profitability margin. The platform claims that it is diversifying clients’ funds in the various financial market.

The company invests in the digital market, companies shares, agriculture, stock market, crude oil, energy, real estate, Forex, metal, and gold mining. The platform state that they are continuously researching favorable opportunity for the benefit of their customers.

They promised investors that they would achieve constant profit once they decide to venture with them. The entity is only making board claims but does not provide enough proof that can support their claims. The firm is working as a management fund company.

They claim that it is a hard task picking up the best platform to manage your money. The platform cares about its clients and wants to give them a bright future. However, PayingInvest lacks transparency, and we would not recommend them to the general public. Review

PayingInvest is allegedly a multinational investment entity that is fast growing. They are offering their services to multiple groups and individuals in the industry. Nonetheless, the company has multiple loopholes that make us not to have faith in them.

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PayingInvest Review, Platform

They are only boasting of their team, but we do not know their educational background or financial experience. The platform does not feature or credit the team they are talking about. It raises questions whether this entity indeed has experienced personnel.

Paying Invest, they are in the market to minimize the financial obstacles that investors face. It all depends on your will to join them. The company allegedly has high-security measures when it comes to protecting their customers. They guarantee on safety of funds and personal data.

The company claim that it has been in the market for five years. Sadly this is one of the lies that the platform is using to win over investors. According to, PayingInvest was established in March 2020.

We do not know what other false information this platform avail. Therefore, it would be best to stay away from them. However, you can use this legit Forex trading EA that is transparent in their dealing.

Unless they were using a different name, we do not understand how they can be five years old. Ponzi scheme lies about their history to appear as though they have experience and reputation. They feature statistics on their website that shows the number of traders they have been able to serve.

According to this information, they have 19K satisfied clients and 340 existing traders. Nonetheless, a platform that is barely a year old cannot have such a large number of investors. is not reputable.

Investment Plans

PayingInvest has three investment plan ready for their customers. The profits they promise are high than their competitors. Their first package is bronze, which guarantees a 2% profit daily. The park is meant for novice traders and runs for three months. You can deposit funds ranging from $100 up to $1000.

The silver package guarantee profit of 2.5%. Investors have to deposit funds worth $ 10,000-$30,000. The gold package is their third and final plan that is offering a daily ROI of 3%. It means you will have a 30% profit within a month.

However, since this platform like the basic requirement of the legit company, it will be unwise to trust them with a large amount of money. The lucrative promises they make are likely not to be met. Watch out for this firm as it will not be around for long.

Contact Details

PayingInvest is a platform that expects investors to trust them with their money. However, they do not offer convenient customer support services. The company does not feature any telephone number or email address that you can use to reach them.

The only method available for communication is to fill out a contact form. We do not know how long it is going to take before they handle your request. The entity being a scam will never contact you or comply with your request.

Investors need to be keen when it comes to their money. Red flags like this one should not be taken lightly. It is a sign that we are dealing with anonymous people who do not want to be known. Moreover, the entity also fails to disclose the location of their office.

Regulation Status

The company is allegedly accepting investors from all over the universe. There are certain measures that an investment company needs to adhere to when it comes to collecting money from the public. Various governments have put up guidelines that the platform needs to follow.

Serious legit companies will have a license that permits them to conduct their business. Financial bodies like FCA, ASIC, NFA, and CySEC will issue a regulatory document. PayingInvest is a platform operating against the law as they do not have a registration or license, allowing them to run their organization.

You will not get the safety of funds in this entity. The reason they have chosen to remain discreet is to avoid being incriminated. Scammers will do everything to ensure they do not leave any traces.

Safety of Funds

PayingInvest claims they are protected against fraud. One of the precautions you can use is to ensure you use a strong password to avoid being hacked; the company’s brag about using top measures when it comes to security.

However, this being a financial management company, they need to disclose the financial institution that they safeguard clients’ money. Unfortunately, they do not avail of this information. The company has low traffic coming on their website.

The company claims to generate higher returns for their clients. They do not feature any schedule results of the managerial report of their team. The platform state that the amount that you can generate depends on the amount of fund that you deposit. PayingInvest is only after investors’ money and has no intention of making anyone rich.

The domain is only registered for a period of one-year, raising eyebrows. Fraudulent entities will exit the industry before the expiry. They are misleading reviews claiming that this platform is legit. If you come across any information like this, you should not buy it.

Look for proof of payment, and if any entity cannot avail of this data, walk away. The firm promise investor that they cannot make losses. This is a board lie since every form of investment has both good and rainy days.

Final Verdict

The returns that the company project is huge. It is a fantasy that will leave many devastated. It is very hard to predict the returns that you are going to generate in online investment. Risks are part and parcel of any form of investment.

There are multiple methods that can use to generate income in the industry. You can use legit Forex trading software that will grant you real-time profit without risking your personal data. Trading for yourself is better than trusting anonymous fund managers.

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