Peak Management Review: These Fakers are a Scam

Peak Management Review: These Fakers are a Scam

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Welcome to the Peak Management review. Peak Management is made up of a bunch of thieves who try to make the site look like the real deal when it is not even legitimate. In fact, most of the content on this website is plagiarized. The guys pulling the strings know nothing about trading other than to steal large amounts of money from naive investors. On their site, they claim that they are based in this address: Patricia C. Amedee 4401
Waldeck Street Grapevine
Nashville, TX 7605. That simply means that they need to be regulated by the SEC because what they are offering is considered securities.

By the way, there is a wide range of investment services that Peak Management claims to offer. These investment services involve people sending money to this fake company on the promise that they will earn a monthly ROI of between 50%-90%. If you believe this lie, you will lose a lot of money because the minimum that the rogue site is requesting is $5000. Most likely they will steal from you and then ask you to deposit more money so that you can withdraw the balance.

Something does not look right here, and if you are wondering why Peak Management sucks and is a fishy kind of business, you need to read this review thoroughly until the end. You’ll appreciate the fact that we saved you from losing large amounts of money. This is an outright fraud. Even the investment plans say it all. If you want to trade Crypto currencies, don’t trust a scam operation like Peak Management. Just pick a trading bot and go fishing. Don’t believe their stories because this is an attempt to persuade you.

Peak Management Review

What is Peak Management? According to the site, Peak Management offers specialized financial services to individuals with a significant size of assets. They claim to offer financial planning and portfolio management. In other words, these guys want you to trust them with your retirement or lifetime investments because they are even selling fake mortgages. We saw this kind of trick being implemented on Westland Storage scam, and it worked.

Peak Management

They claim to protect, enhance and help you transfer your wealth under the best conditions. They claim to assist their clients achieve their financial goals. They also claim that Peak Management is aimed to address the investment needs of retirees, business executives, entrepreneurs and owner-managers. This group of individuals have money and most of them won’t waste it. But there is a small segment of individuals who will mess up their lifetime savings thinking that a scam like Peak Management can help multiply their money with a 50% monthly ROI. This is too good to be true. You need to think long and hard because this kind of trickery has caused many people to lose their hard earned money on the internet.

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Break down of the kind of services offered by this firm

Crypto currencies are a big thing, and virtually no scam out there will fail to mention them. As a result, a basic scam like Peak Management has also introduced Crypto currencies on board and they are claiming to have the expertise to help with advice on how to invest in Crypto currencies. The crooks have left behind their email addresses for those who are interested in finding out how they can invest in Crypto currencies through this site. The email addresses in question are [email protected] and [email protected]

These guys also claim to help with mortgage buying for first timers and self employed people. This kind of thing is very risky. You should never consult with random people on the internet because you will most likely fall into the hands of a thief. They claim to organize financing and debt consolidation as well. These activities involve lots of money changing hands. If you want to trust strangers, you can go ahead. But nothing is credible about Peak Management at all.

They cannot organize financing because they don’t work in the real estate business. These guys have nothing to do with mortgages. And they also have nothing to do with your retirement. The pictures which they are showing you on their websites are stock photos. They are meant to create the illusion that this site gives financial independence but this is not true because a faceless person cannot be honest enough to handle your money and give you profits plus the original deposit.

Here’s the thing: those pictures are stock photos. They are meant to help you visualize how life will be once you join the supposed investing opportunity. Scams use these pictures for marketing purpose and it does not mean their operations are legit.

The scammers also claim that they are risk and asset managers but are distancing themselves from any liability that may arise as a result of using their services. This is a very silly thing to tell a customer because it clearly shows that Peak Management does not care of taking any kind of responsibility for their action. The site in question does not even have what it takes to manage risks and investor funds as claimed on their website.


These crooks are running a business that requires a license from financial regulators. But this license is nowhere to be found on their site and it is for a very good reason. The people behind this operation are anonymous. They created the domain in April 2018 and masked their identities. Their about us page is as vague as it can get. The people you are dealing with are faceless. Even if you contacted them, you’d be engaging with an anonymous agent. This provides a safe haven for stealing your funds.

There is nothing like Peak Management offering you risk management.

Our best advice for you

The ROIs are too good to be true, which makes us wonder why they are involving you in this if they are experts of generating overnight wealth. Please, if you don’t want to lose your money, invest with these trading tools instead.

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