Petra Picks Review: Is this a Stock Trading SCAM?

Petra Picks Review: Is this a Stock Trading SCAM?

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Petra Picks is a website that claims to provide the perfect recipe for trading Canadian and US stocks and bonds.  Petra Hess operates the Website. She vows to teach you her proven trading strategy to help you earn big profits that you didn’t think were possible.

According to Petra, she was already a self-made millionaire at the age of 25. She achieved this by trading livestock, transporting ostriches, and producing and marketing cosmetics all over the world. She now focuses on trading stocks and bonds, where she says she has realized immense success.

Further, Petra claims she is the star pupil of Jason Bond. Jason Bond is a controversial trader that has been accused by many people that he scammed them of their money. Besides, Petra Picks spawned from the Raging Bull family of investment.

Raging Bull is also not far from controversy. They have received numerous accusations that they are a scam. So the question is, is Petra Picks a trustworthy website? Moreover, is Petra Hess a responsible individual?

In our research, we uncovered shocking details about Petra Hess and her company. She is not far from controversy herself. She has received numerous accusations, including being accused of fraud. It would be much wiser for you if you avoid this Website.

Invest only in the best stock investment systems that have passed the legitimacy test. It is the best way to avoid getting scammed.

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Petra Picks Review

Petra Picks features three main investment plans. These include the Petra Gold, Petra Platinum, and the Power Trading System. Let’s see what each of these entails.

Petra Picks Review, Platform

The Petra Gold offers you standard Stock picking services. Once you subscribe, you are added to a mailing list. Then, Petra herself sends you trading recommendations straight to your email or to your phone via SMS. These alerts feature information on the security you should buy, the security price, and exactly when to sell for maximum profits. This investment plan will cost you $699 per year.

The second investment plan is the Petra Platinum Plan. Under this plan, Petra promises to hold your hand throughout the trading decision making process. She further promises that her proven strategy will generate impressive profits that you have not seen anywhere else. She vows to teach you this strategy under this package. The cost for this plan is $3,999 per year.

The power trading system is a 4-week training program that will supposedly put you on a proven path to steady gains. Petra promises that this program will help you gain the skills you need to become a master security trader. This short 4-week training costs a whopping $1,999.

These packages are some of the most expensive plans that we have seen. But are they worth that much? The answer to this, we have to look at the person behind all these and their experience.

Who is Petra Hess?

Petra Hess boasts that her supreme work ethic enabled her to mint a million dollars by the age of 25. Before she started advising people on how to trade stocks, Petra worked in exporting livestock, loading and transporting ostriches, and producing and marketing cosmetics across the world.

However, when it comes to producing and marketing cosmetics, the company’s owner accused her of allegedly defrauding her over $700,000. These are not light accusations. It would be very unwise to trust an individual with such a history.

Moreover, she claims to have been involved with ostrich farming. There was a weird trend in Ostrich farming back in the ’90s when mad cow disease was spreading. Unfortunately, ostrich farm investment is considered one of the biggest scams ever to exist. Many people lost their money to this trend.

We are not sure whether Petra was one of the ostrich farm scammers. However, it does worry us a lot to know she was once involved with ostrich farming.

Relationship with Raging Bull wholly owns Petra Picks. Raging Bull is one of the most controversial companies in stock and bonds trading. They feature an aggressive marketing strategy by displaying their lavish lifestyles. The idea is that they can help you live that kind of lifestyle.

However, they have been accused by numerous people of defrauding them their funds. Some users have also said they are only pumping and dumping stocks.

Additionally, they have been accused of sending trading alerts that ended up losing people’s money. Further, a customer complained that they send trade alerts late, way after the trade was valid. Additionally, he says other times they did not send trade alerts at all. The trader lost both his trading capital and the investment made to Petra Picks.

Knowing all this, it is impossible to trust Petra Picks. We do not feel that a company that is owned by such a controversial parent firm can deliver on their promises.

Regulation Status

Petra Picks admits on their disclaimer that they are not registered as a securities broker-dealer or as an investment advisor.  It is a requirement for companies that offer financial advisory. Additionally, they admit that they are not licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. Even worse, they say that individuals should assume that all information contained on the Website is not trustworthy unless verified by their independent research.

These statements contradict the purpose and promises of Petra Picks. Petra promises to teach you her proven strategy and hold your hand throughout the decision making process. She also says that this will help you become an expert trader in no time. Moreover, they are selling training materials. Petra Picks is running illegally, and they are aware of it.

There are many dangers involved in investing in unregulated companies. Regulatory bodies oversee a company’s operations to ensure they are not scammers. In case of a problem, you will have no one to turn to for help. Moreover, the company completely distances itself from any liability in their disclaimer.

Even worse, they do not offer any refunds. They say that you immediately benefit from the knowledge of the stats, analytics, and newsletters. There is no way they will repay your funds if you are dissatisfied with the services offered on Petra Picks.

Under these conditions, it is easier to get scammed than it is to make any money from your investment. Stay away from Petra Picks to save yourself some trouble. They have nothing to offer you. Moreover, enough people have already complained to have lost their money. Do not be one of them.

Final Verdict

At this point, we cannot, in our right minds, recommend Petra Picks to you. They have a lot of red flags and controversies surrounding them. The owner’s history is worrying, and we do not like the fact that owns them.

Additionally, they are not licensed to provide any investment advice, and they completely distance themselves from any liability, and they have no refund policy. It shows that they have no confidence in the products and services they provide.

It would be much wiser to avoid this company like the plague. Stick to the best stock investment companies that have proven to work for an extended period. Such companies will give you better services without compromising on your funds.

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