PingETH Scam Review: Desperate Crypto Robot, Avoid

PingETH Scam Review: Desperate Crypto Robot, Avoid

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In this review, we are focusing on an awkward software for trading Cryptocurrencies. It is known as PingETH, and we are not quite sure why the owner decided to call it ”PingETH”. But according to the website, Ping ETH is the best thing to have happened in the Cryptocurrency trading community. ”It will give you an edge over 99% of conventional traders out there”. In other words, the owner of this website is claiming that this software has a 99% win ratio, which is far-fetched and unbelievable. We really have to be stupid to believe that a software called Ping ETH can trade with an accuracy of 99%.

In as much as this software is ”profitable”, it is being distributed for free. And so after seeing the word ”free” being used in this landing page, you might think that you’ve got nothing to lose since this piece of crap is free. Well, that’s the wrong thinking. Remember that you cannot trade on an empty account. Secondly, if you are going to trade with this software, it will force you to deposit some money with an unregulated broker. PingETH cannot get activated until you have deposited this money into the broker’s account. Seems shady, right? Well, there is more to it. Here’s what we know.

PingETH Review

When we studied this website, we took note of a number of disturbing things. And one of them is that PingETH website requires users to download a file from their website. As a standard safety precaution on the internet, you should never download any file from an unverified party. In fact, you should never install any application from an anonymous party especially when it concerns you sending your money to that party. If you ignore this standard safety procedure, then one thing is likely to happen.

They will collect your personal information like name, passwords, banking information etc. These files are sometimes keyloggers in disguise. And since PingETH is a website that is operated by an anonymous operator, we should stay away from any act that would compel us to download their file into our PCs.

You might also want to recall that a trading software that handles your hard earned money is essentially a tool of investment advice. It should be regulated in most countries. However, what we see is that many of these robots just trade with investor funds without having been backed by any license or authorization. Therefore, PingETH is considered an illegal app in many countries. There is no question about it.


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PingETH is allegedly going to trade Cryptocurrencies on your behalf across several exchanges. These include Bittex, Bitfinex and Binance. Some of the exchanges which they have teamed up with are controversial. If you look at what various users have said about them on popular forums like Bittalk, you will be surprised that these exchanges are up to no good.

The other problem with PingETH is that if you end up downloading the file which they are freely offering internet users, it could lead to stealing of your Cryptocurrencies because you will have to connect your trading account with the software at some point. That is a creepy act indeed…. one that does not inspire trust.

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible

This is the truth. This app intends to steal your Cryptocurrencies. There is nowhere you can ever report them if you let them do so.

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and more so anonymous. That is why it is impossible to trace these scammers when they do their thing. Even if authorities would be willing to help you, we believe that they have done their best to warn traders and investors of the consequences of trusting anonymous third parties with hard earned Cryptocurrencies.

The other thing is that you have to keep your secret keys safe and ensure that nobody can ever access it. However, the way we see is that PingETH intends to trick users into downloading a file which will eventually lead to stealing of this information.

This would lead us into thinking that PingETH is targeting investors who are technologically and financially illiterate. They target the naive who may innocently download the file thinking that it is useful.

Therefore, the ultimate reason why you should stay away from PingETH is that it has not given us sufficient reasons as to why we should trust them. Given the risky nature of Cryptocurrencies, losing Cryptos in the hands of these scammers would be a sure thing if we ever trusted them.

What other things you should know about PingETH?

This website is really suspicious. It does not give us any reasons as to why we should trust them with our Cryptocurrencies.

The operator of this website is anonymous. He would like to maintain a secret profile because he probably has an ill intention.

If this scam doesn’t disappear in a short while, then it will eventually leave behind damages from people who have been fleeced by this money grabbing scheme.

In short, there is no genuine software to use for your trading on this website. What they are promising can be considered empty lies which is directed towards a naive group of audience.

If you want to trade for profits, you better grab yourself these prove Cryptocurrency trading robots because you don’t stand a chance with a robot like PingETH.

Are there any past performance to demonstrate the ability of PingETH?

Scammers hate this question because they do not have answers. PingETH does not have any past performance records. It would be difficult to believe the 99% win rate story. This is just a fairly tale. Such stories are meant to make you feel good for nothing. Eventually, you will get fleeced.

Our best advice for you

PingETH is a poor and crappy trading robot whose owner is probably malicious and greedy for your money. They will mess you up in no time. But you can choose to stay on the safer side by investing in these robots instead. The decision lies with you.

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