Pippy Signals Review: Is this a Scam Trading Service

Pippy Signals Review: Is this a Scam Trading Service

Pippy Signals is a company that made its first digital footprint in December 2017. The platform is privately registered. It claims to make Forex trading easier for all investors. They have a trading bot that is meant to assist investors to generate returns.

However, the entity is not offering Forex trading services. It has only one focus, which is to grow clients’ accounts. The main question that we are having is whether the company is trustworthy or just another Ponzi scheme.

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Pippy Signals welcome all forms of traders to join them and earn tremendously. They have marketing content that insinuates that the majority of Forex traders are making profits by using automatic bots.

Thee platform, despite having several attractive aspects and being in the market for entirely sometimes they are not regulated. We would not endorse their services until they clarify some features. You can invest with legit Forex trading EA in the market that will give you real profits.

The company presents its demo account trading performance. The platform guarantee that you will earn daily returns from the Forex industry. You do not need to have a background in Forex trading you can simply join by signing up.

Pippy Signals manage the account of their customers on a secure server. You can also try the software free for a period of two weeks. You cannot trade manually with this software; everything is automatically handled.

Pippy Signals Review

The trading software was developed to serve investors who do not have much time to analyze the market. Additionally, they also target novice traders who want to earn profits. Clients who also want a passive income are also welcome to try Pippy Signals.

Pippy Signals Review, Platform

You can sign up for the free trial, and if you are pleased with the outcome, you can purchase the software. The platform allows investors to use their own broker account. Deposits can be made via PayPal. You will need to cash in $105 every month for six months.

After registering in the platform, you will need to provide the firm with your email address, brokers’ account number as well as name. In addition to this, the Trader also needs to share its MT4 password.

The software will trade automatically for you, and traders can watch as profits grow in their accounts. You will start noticing the impact within a day. According to the company, there are not any other venture in the market.

What sets them apart is that their trading software will not collapse. You have nothing to lose as its trading results are verified via MyFxBook.  You can trade with USD currency. Some of the brokers that are compatible with Pippy Signals include Trader’s way.

You need to choose a platform that offers leverage of 1:500 and above. The company state that their software is not a get rich quick scheme. Hence, they do not guarantee that you will become rich within no time.

What the platform assures Traders is they will generate profits without performing any hard task. You, however, need to register through your PayPal account. Nonetheless, you can cancel your subscription before the expiry of two weeks.

Pippy Signals Ownership

Pippy Signals is a company that is being run by three individuals. They come together to find a solution for Forex trading problems. One of them was a victim of scam software that was allegedly offering low standard services.

They came together and decided to create something legit and reliable. The platform is meant to attract both upcoming and expert traders in the industry. They successfully launched Pippy Signals using their developer, marketing, and trading skills.

The founders claim that their software is among the leading companies in the world. They additionally state that their main focus is the satisfaction of their customers. The company wants to win your trust before asking Trader for money.

The senior founders are D. Beimen and E. Katerinya. D. Jean Pierre is the company’s CMO. It is a good thing that the company is transparent. However, apart from their names, the firm does not avail of their qualification.

The Trading Strategy

The company uses a martingale and scalper strategy. However, clients have the liberty to choose their desired strategy. Pippy Signals fails to provide sufficient details of their trading strategy. And this is not transparent on their part.

The company allegedly only makes profits. When the software makes losses, the amount that is lost will be recovered within no time. The martingale strategy is hazardous, and investors can make huge losses.

Pippy Signals fails to provide more insight. They only feature primary data on the advantages of trading using bots. The information can be easily researched; hence they should avail valuable data.

The main thing that the company brags about is their MyFxBook verified results. The company has a winning rate of 28%. The total drawdown is at 71.55%. The company has no recent activity, and it is worrisome.

The platform does not have live trading results available. The platform is not reputable in the market.

Contact Details and Licensing

The company has various social media accounts. You can interact with them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, in case you have any problem, you can email them at; [email protected].

You can as well reach them via their phone; 331-481-9879 or on Skype at PippySignals. The company is located in Illinois, North America. They feature their address via a google map. Unfortunately, we cannot verify if this is their actual location.

Pippy Signals does not mention their licensing status. We are not aware of the financial watchdogs in the industry regulate them. The platform is accepting investors across the universe; they need to have several documentations.

You should ask yourself how secure is this venture. You should deposit funds with a company that meets the expectation of the regulatory body.

Pippy Signals Clients Testimonials

Pippy Signals features testimonials of their alleged investors. According to the available info, traders have been able to generate high returns by using this platform. Newbies credit the company for helping them realize their goals.

They endorse the service of this trading software. Moreover, bot allegedly makes profits daily. Customers state that the company is professional in handling their business. There is not a single negative review.

Everyone is praising the company for meeting the desired outcome. It has served as a passive income generating venture for traders. However, upon checking for feedback from their clients on third party websites, our attempt bore no fruits.

Final Verdict

Pippy Signals is a company that has no reports of defrauding traders. The company lacks a reputation despite its attractive promises. The time they have been in the industry is enough for them to showcase their accomplishment.

The only trading results available does not create trust. It is for the demo account; it is either the founders are afraid of using real money or the venture is not as profitable as they claim. You should invest with legit Forex trading software in the market.

Furthermore, the company does not offer adequate data on their trading strategy. Apart from the names of their founders, the qualification they have in the Forex niche is not known.

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