Pips Station Review: Is this a Scam?

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Pips Station Review: Is this a Scam?

Pips Station is a company that provides several indicators to make trading easier for Forex traders. The company boasts of providing the best MT4 indicators in the market. They claim that their indicators will help you take your Forex trading to another level.

Unfortunately, every company says this, even the fake ones. It takes thorough research to identify which companies are real. Moreover, research is needed to ensure that even the real ones are profitable, and this is the only way to tell whether you can trust a company to grow your funds.

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This firm is offering four main Forex indicators. They say they are doing this to allow the traders to choose the software that best fits their portfolio. All these products seem interesting, and the approach they use might be legit. However, no trading results are showing their track record.

However, the company does not reveal who the owners are, and this is a cause of concern. Traders always want to know who is sending themes signals and the experience they have in Forex trading.

Therefore, this company needs to be more transparent in its operations. In the meantime, you should only trade using the best Forex indicators that operate in full transparency. That way, you will have nothing to worry about.

Pips Station Review

As mentioned, the website does not give information about who is running this company. Despite this, the company claims you can trust them to turn you into an expert trader.

Pips Station Review. Platform

The website was launched on the 30th of July 2019. It shows that the company has not been around long enough to build a reputation. Generally, it is always better to wait out new companies and see how they perform in the long run. Moreover, they don’t have an impressive track record to showcase.

The website’s registration expires on the 30th of July 2021. We are not sure why this company is taking a short registration period for their website. That is a sign that they might not be planning to stick around long, or they don’t have much confidence in their product. Then the question is if they don’t trust their products, why should you?

On a good note, the website is secured using Norton security and McAfee security. At least you will not have to worry about hackers accessing your data or your funds.

The company promises to cater to traders of all needs. They say that their indicators will work for you even if you are a novice trader. They have provided guidelines on how the different indicators work. The feature helps new clients get oriented to their products, and this is a great feature, and we commend them for that.

We appreciate some of the good things this company is doing. However, we must point out the poor job they have done on the website’s landing page. The page does a poor job of introducing the products offered. It is very unprofessional, and the company should do better.

Products and Pricing

This company is offering four main Forex indicators. It includes the Algo Fibonacci MT4 system, the Crystal FX MT4 system, the FX Interceptor MT4 trading system, and the FX Venom Pro MT$ plus free Market Scanner Pro.

Algo Fibonacci Software

The company claims that this software will help you know with full confidence when to open and close trades to make maximum profit. Further, they say that you will be able to quickly and easily make up to 300 pips with sniper-like precision.

Pips Station claims that the software uses Fibonacci price levels to pinpoint precisely where you should place your trades. Additionally, the software will show you buy trends, sell trends, and where you should not trade.

This software costs a one-time payment of $96.90.

Crystal FX MT4 system

This software entails fully non-discretionary signals. Hence, you don’t have to analyze indices. All you need to do is follow the signals the software provides. The company does not give much information on the market events this indicator looks out for, and this software is sold at $89.99

FX Inteceptor MT4 system

Pips Station says this software features the most innovative and advanced trend analysis module. They say this indicator provides super accurate and fast signals that result in consistent and reliable profit. The system signals an optimal buy moment for a buy transaction when it sees a green candlestick on the chart. Consequently, a red candlestick triggers a sell transaction. This software is sold at $74.

FX Venom Pro

This indicator is designed to catch swift and profitable movements and give you an easy buy or sell signal. The company claims this indicator is equipped with smart risk management to limit your losses and expand your profits. However, they do not provide much insight into the working of this software. However, the software is priced at $74.

All these software are cheaply priced. We wonder whether this company has full confidence in the products they are providing.

Either way, the company supports various payment methods. These include American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, and Shop Pay.

Founders and Contact Details

Pips Station does not provide details on who the founders of this company are. Therefore, it is hard to tell whether they have some experience in Forex trading. Clients always want to know that they are investing in a company run by experts.

We do not understand why these people have chosen to hide their identity. The company is faceless, and they have no social media presence. Moreover, they have not provided their physical address. It is hard to trust mysterious people on the internet.

On a good note, you can contact Pips Station through their email at [email protected]. Additionally, you can fill out a contact form featured on the companies website. While this is good, the company needs to be more transparent and reveal who is running its operations.

Trading Results

Pips Station has not provided any trading results to show their products have proven to work. There is no way we can trust them until they show a performance record. They speak so highly of their products, but they fail to demonstrate that they produce profitable results. One begs to question, is this just a marketing strategy?

Moreover, the company is still new and is run by unidentifiable individuals. They need to demonstrate that their indicators work. Otherwise, they have failed as a company.

Final Verdict

At this moment, we cannot recommend this company to you. While they may be legit, they still have many things they need to polish to become trustworthy. Until then, they cannot be considered one of the best Forex indicators in the market.

Moreover, the owners need to come forward instead of operating in the shadows. It would be much easier to trust these products if we knew whom they were coming from. Additionally, they need to prove that their strategies work. They need to show verifiable trading results for each of this software.

Please do not wait around for them to catch up. Invest using the best Forex indicators to enjoy consistent profitability and professionalism.

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