Recenzja Apple Forex: Brutal Forex Scam

Recenzja Apple Forex: Brutal Forex Scam

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Apple Forex ( is a bullish CFDs and Forex scam platform out to cause havoc. AppleForex is claiming to offer trading solutions to investors who sign up. In order to get a feel of what this trader offers, we contacted some members. Most members are facing a huge problem when trying to withdraw funds. Why is it the case with APPLEFOREX? Read this detailed APPLE FOREX review to find out.

Apple Forex Review

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Apple Forex Review:

After landing on their homepage, it’s clear we are dealing with a broker who is targeting Chinese clients. Why else would their default website be in Chinese? And this is one of the main problems we have with this broker. Not because it’s Chinese designed, but claiming to be based in Australia. Yes, they claim to be regulated by ASIC which is a total lie as we will explain later. There are a lot of red flags we spotted with this platform. Apple Forex is not to be trusted at all!

These scammers are probably based somewhere else on the globe. What scam professionals do is create a compelling website for investors to fall for. It seems these scammers are targeting a fairly new market, China. And this can be attested to by their already made website which is Chinese. Lots of red flags popped up with this broker. Top of the list includes lack of withdrawal, fake registry, and anonymity. Apple Forex is simply out to steal funds from investors.

O firmie Apple Forex

Apple Forex is claiming to be an internationally renowned financial organization. This claim is totally untrue as most company registers don’t have a clue of this company. This company is trying to mimic the phone giant maker, Apple Inc. And this is proof we are dealing with a sketchy platform which should be ignored. Most users have been gripping with trying to contact this broker. Why don’t they offer a live chat service? They simply want to remain anonymous.

Anonymity is a dangerous partner to associate with. Why would you trust your funds to an unknown third party? This broker is simply out to cause malice and should be ignored. AppleForex is not going to help anyone make successful trades. They don’t even offer users a demo account. This broker wants investors to blindly deposit funds with them without having to test their platform.

Apple Forex License and Registration

When this broker claims to be licensed by ASIC, we had to check this out. These claims are obviously not true and any investor can easily verify this. By visiting ASIC’s main website and searching for this broker. Search results will come out empty as this broker is simply trying to feign registration. Any unlicensed Forex entity is usually a scam which is simply about to rip off investors.

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Notice their homepage does not offer any information regarding legal documents? How are investors going to trust a broker who lacks proper credentials? This is solid proof Apple Forex is nothing but a shameful broker who should be investigated. APPLE FOREX is out to cause malice and steal funds deposited.

Platforma handlowa

Although this broker claims to use MT4 trading platform, we highly doubt the safety of their platform. Not being licensed or regulated means they also offer a shady trading platform. When we decided to download their MT4 trading platform, we noticed some few errors. Download took time to complete, and stalled when we tried downloading on our desktop. This is proof their MT4 trading platform is unstable and unsecured. Users are in for a big headache with AppleForex.

An unstable platform leaves users vulnerable to third party attacks. By this we mean being easy targets of hackers. Credit card information is mostly what they are after. Stay away from this broker as they will leave you vulnerable to identity theft.  Make sure to always check the stability and security of platform in question.

Apple Forex Broker Review

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Brak czatu na żywo

For a company which claims to have top notch technology, they fail to offer live chats. This is often the case with most anonymous brokers. Apple Forex is trying their best to stay hidden from users. Why do they prefer members to send emails? Remember this is a one way communication channel, they can choose to reply or not to. And this is what makes this broker a scam, having to decide which members to contact. When facing serious problems, they tend not to reply emails.

By lack of chat service, they have made sure their true identities remain hidden. And this is what Apple Forex is afraid of, being contacted by authorities and their victims. This is why they have chosen to have a one way communication channel. Time to clear the air is now; this broker is simply out to fill their pockets with your deposits. Looking at their contact us page, there’s just an email, no telephone number listed!

Are funds safe with Apple Forex?

Notice how their homepage does not have details on how they handle funds? For all we know, members are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. This makes depositing funds with this broker a total loss.

When it comes to following set rules regarding safety of funds, AppleForex is breaking all of them. Segregation of accounts is not done which means AppleForex is pooling funds in one single account. Most brokers face bankruptcy or insolvency and put funds at jeopardy; this broker is one of them. Stay away from this broker as they are simply not worth your money or time.

Is Apple Forex a Scam?

Without a doubt, Apple Forex is a well thought out scam targeting Chinese investors. Make sure to ignore all their pleas to sign up by marking their emails as Spam. In case you receive any promotional materials such as video links, don’t click on them. This is a good time to think twice before opening an account with APPLEFOREX. Stay away from this platform or else face what their victims are going through.

Apple Forex Bottom Line

Apple Forex Trading Review

With such brokers being in the market, we have to warn our loyal readers. By adding this broker to our scam site, we are protecting investors from this unlawful broker. Make sure to warn your family and friends from signing up with this broker. Any help from authorities will be a welcome scenario, shutting down this website will protect all investors.

Pierwsze Forex experts to help you with trading is what needs to be done. By having skilled professionals behind you, you stand a chance of making realistic profit margins. Make the right and informative decision to sign up with genuine professionals. Trading safely is their priority as well as earning investors realistic profit margins.

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