Confix Financial Review: Oszustwo Forex

Confix Financial Review: Oszustwo Forex

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Confix Financial ( is another rotten CFDs and Forex scam stealing from anyone who signs up with them. ConfixFinancial is without a doubt one of the biggest Forex scam we have trending in the financial market. With claims of helping traders get quick profit, investors have signed up without a second thought. And this review is geared to open your eyes. Read this genuine and honest CONFIX FINANCIAL detailed review.

Confix Financial Review

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Confix Financial Review

After receiving numerous email complaints from members of this platform, we knew trouble was brewing. A handful of members are angry with the platform and they feel mislead by the entire team. From having their contacts blocked to not withdrawing their balance, members are beyond angry. And this is why we urge investors to read reviews from trusted sources and vetted experts. By reading reviews, you get to know what to expect before committing your hard earned money.

Professional scam artist will start by creating a well-designed trading website. Scam artists will clone a real trading website and pull off all the stops. From moving images to enticing promotional messages, unsuspecting investors will sign up. Thanks to our years of investing and trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Confix Financial is another rotten platform which is planning to steal your money once you deposit. Read on to find out their dirty tricks.

About Confix Financial

According to their contact page, the platform claims to be have offices in four European locations. These locations include England, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Scam artists will use European locations when targeting investors from this region. One of the first red flags we spotted was that the website had no information regarding this platform. No known history can be said regarding ConfixFinancial. And this is where the problems start with this rotten platform.

Another disturbing feature with Confix Financial is anonymity. No platform has so much anonymous information like the above website. With four different locations, you would expect brokers from the mentioned regions to recognize them. After a quick search, no broker was claiming association with this platform. And this is where we draw the line as anonymous platforms are in most cases, offshore scam artists. You should never trust any anonymous online investment platform.

Is Confix Financial Licensed or Registered?

With a platform with ties in Europe, you would expect regulation from at least one European country. We conducted our review by contacting several leading regulatory bodies in Europe. What we found out was that these scam artists are not licensed anywhere in Europe. Some of the regulatory bodies we contacted include BaFIN, CONSOB, CySEC, and FCA. None of these official bodies has ever heard of ConfixFinancial. What this means is that Confix Financial IS NOT LICENSED OR REGULATED.

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Another problem we noticed with the website is lack of proper documents to prove authorization. The legal documents page is only a guideline for members to show their proof of identity. When signing up with this platform, you are required to show proof of identity. Members will have to send copies of their identity to these scam artists. And this is where the problems starts as these scam artists are harvesting personal data. You should be careful with these scam artists as they are out to get your personal information.

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Advantages of Confix Financial

We could not come up with any advantage of trading with this platform. From the look of things, Confix Financial is another anonymous online trading platform looking to steal from investors. Any anonymous trading platform with no valid registration details should be isolated. Stay away from this platform as no member is lucky enough to make reasonable profit margins. From the emails we have received from members, signing up with this platform is inviting scam artists.

Disadvantages of Confix Financial

Confix Financial Contact Page

Typy kont

Confix Financial is furnishing users with no account type; this is based on their platform. After you open an account, users give full control to the platform. And this is a recipe for disaster as no one knows the acceptable minimum deposit. Scam artists tend to hide such data from users so as to ask for different deposit sum. Victims were asked to deposit as much as $10,000 to start trading with this platform. Investors should know that the industry has set $250 as the set minimum deposit price.

Obsługa klienta

Another disturbing feature with this platform is lack of a proper customer support. A member who is planning to make contact is asked to send an email or call the numbers posted. The problem with the email channel is that these scam artists will never respond to your email. Response is for people who are asking on how much to deposit. Phone numbers listed are a bluff; they are virtual phone numbers which never go through. Stay away from this platform and never make contact.

Wpłaty i wypłaty

When it comes to funding the platform, these scam artists have the area well-covered. You can deposit funds using Maestro, MasterCard, Skrill, and Visa. The problem with Confix Financial is that no member has come out with proof of ever withdrawing funds. A platform that does not allow users to withdraw funds is simply a hoax. ConfixFinancial is another online hoax which is tarnishing the good online trading name. Never deposit funds with them as it will be the last you hear from them.

Platforma handlowa

According to their platform page, Confix Financial has three types of platforms. You can get desktop base platform, web based platform, and mobile trading platform. These scam artists claim to have MT4 which we couldn’t verify. The problem with their mobile and web platforms is compatibility. These platforms are not compatible with various smart phones largely due to security flaws. Lack of DDoS and SSL encryption limits their platform as they are deemed hazardous. Hackers can easily take over this platform and steal credit card information.

Safety of funds with Confix Financial

Confix Financial Types of Trading Platforms

When it comes to safety of funds, Confix Financial is never guaranteeing it. Since the platform has no account types, segregation of accounts is a problem. Members are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. Another issue is pooling of funds in one account. Never expect any compensation as the platform does not participate in a compensatory scheme. Stay away from this platform and never associate with any of their so-called account managers.

Oszustwo lub legit

With the evidence we have just shown, Confix Financial is another online scam platform. Ensure you stay away from this platform and never associate yourself with them. Mark all their emails as spam and warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs. These are scam artists who will do or say anything to make your life a living hell. Stay away and use recommended and trusted platforms.

Dolna linia

We will be adding this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure no one else falls for their crap.

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Wishing all investors a safe and secure trading experience.

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11 Replies to “Confix Financial Review: Forex Scam”

  1. Soy uno más de los afectados por estos estafadores de poca monta y me gustaria saber si alguien a podido recuperar el dinero invertido. A quien se puede recurrir para para protegernos de estos fraudes.

  2. He caído en la trampa por error y ahora no consigo recuperar el dinero. Quisiera saber si hay alguna forma de recuperar ese dinero.

    1. Witam,

      Pídales que retiren sus fondos y, si se niegan o insisten en depositar más fondos, debe presentar una devolución de cargo en su banco o abrir una disputa con PayPal de acuerdo con el método de pago, luego informar el caso a la policía local.

  3. Zgadzam się
    Son unos estafadores al principio te llaman todo el dia te ofrecen de todo y cuando ya te tienen te dejan tirado si no sigues depositando y quierenbentrarven todos tus datos personales tienen el control de todo y peor ahun si quieres retirar dinero

  4. y lla ultima artimaña de estos estafadores , es que al final ya ni te dejan entrar como usuario me han bloqueado, hay que seguir denunciando por todos los medios
    son unos estafadores

  5. Buenas, yo también he caído en esta estafa.A mi me dijeron en mi entidad bancaria que al haber hecho pago con tarjeta, que para ellos poder rechazar el cobro ese, que debía denunciar la estafa…

  6. Yo tb he caido en la trampa. tengo una retirada de beneficios por si sirviera para denunciar. Ahora mismo estoy intentando que me pases con mi broket y me devuelvan lo invertido. Aunque ya estoy perdida.

  7. Yo también e caído pero todavía no les e mandado los papeles. Pero si por teléfono mi número de cuenta y tarjeta.que puedo hacer para que me devuelva la primera inversión h no seguir

  8. Yo invertí 200 euros y tengo solicitado la devolución de fondos desde el día 14 de abril no dan respuesta y ponen excusas para no devolver el dinero. Son unos estafadores. Tienen un montón de denuncias en internet, pero vi los comentarios sobre ellos tarde …

  9. Unos ladrones sin la mas minima dignidad como personas, pero el problema es que la inmensa mayoria son iguales, y los gobiernos no hacen nada

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