Pełny przegląd transakcji Arbitrage Tool: Crappy Scam?

Pełny przegląd transakcji Arbitrage Tool: Crappy Scam?

Podziel się tym!

Every trader who is reading this przeglądu of Full Arbitrage Trading Tool by someone called Mike Persona is quite lucky. This is because we have discovered some serious flaws with this trading tool which we believe could cost you hundreds of dollars in losses if ignored.

What is Full Arbitrage Trading Tool by the way? Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is a trading signal generator for binary options. It basically tells you what to do and how much to invest in a particular trade. There is a video on the sales page that explains very well what this trading tool is supposed to do. Mike has also published a number of graphical images showing this trading tool in action.

From what we can see, this trading tool is supposed to double your investment with every new trade that is taken using its directions. Losses are recovered easily and profits doubled instantly.

However, Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is still raising a number of unanswered questions which are also the basis for this review. We will highlight them below:

thearbitragetool review

Full Arbitrage Trading Tool by Mike Persona Review

Let us start this review by discussing Mike Persona, the guy behind this trading tool. He claims that he started his career with a big trading software company as a programmer.

The name of that company is withheld, which makes us wonder if Mike is really speaking the truth. Also, he says that he is a programmer. This might be true, and at the same time, he could be lying, why?

Because most of these people calling themselves programmers don’t even have a track record of ever producing software that have  traded the markets with high accuracy rate on a consistent basis.

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Basically, Mike is not able to prove that he is a programmer. Secondly, even those who don’t have programming skills can outsource their software needs to third-party individuals who can make those programs on their behalf for a small fee.

Either way, Mike of Full Arbitrage Trading Tool has not proved his trading success record, and neither is he willing to expound on this matter.

On top of this, Mike says that during his time working with this ”unknown” company, he figured out an arbitrage trading strategy that could make him over 40K dollars on a monthly basis.

This is the reason why he got inspired to create the so-called Full Arbitrage Trading Tool, which he claims will produce massive profits on a consistent basis.

This tool is apparently very easy to use as you only need to follow instructions which are as easy as clicking the mouse here and there.

And by the way, he is charging a one time fee of $49 for the Full Arbitrage Trading Tool in addition to $19.90 which traders will pay on a by-weekly basis. This is supposed to be the subscription fee to continue using this service.

That’s a funny pricing model. Unlike many other ”make me a millionaire tonight” systemy transakcyjne on the internet, this particular website is charging a one time fee and a recurring fee of $19.90 on a by-weekly basis because the owner says that this is a premium tool. Now, the question is: is Full Arbitrage Trading Tool worth your time and investment?

Please, stay away from this crappy trading tool, and here’s why

We can list a number of reasons why you should never subscribe to this silly product. For the sake of time, we will just go over the basics so as to give you a good clue of what this product is all about and why it’s total nonsense to believe in the tales of Mike Persona.

First of all, the concept of arbitrage trading in Opcje binarne is just nonsense. The website is a total joke and funny especially when you read what Mike says about Arbitrate trading.

The guy was more than willing to define what arbitrage trading means in its purest form. And we quote: ”Arbitrage trading is the act of buying security in one market and selling it in another market while taking advantage of price discrepancies to make a profit.”

Critical thinking suggests that this kind of thing is not possible with binary options trading. You see, binary options basically work like this: You sign up to a broker’s platform. Once you have a balance in your trading account, you can buy when the price goes up and sell when the price goes down. This has to happen within the same brokerage platform or firm. There is no way that discrepancies will occur within the same brokerage platform where you are trading.

In other words, you cannot buy securities in one market and sell them in another market using the same broker.

You see, this is like saying that Mike is signing up with different brokers and placing call or put signals with those brokers while expecting positive results. This is a guaranteed loss because first of all, the percentage of return for any particular position never reaches 100%. The highest payout we have seen in this industry is 85%. So if you make this stupid move, you will take a loss, and that’s guaranteed, rain or shine.

Therefore, the concept that Mike uses on the Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is plain foolishness. It is clear that this guy is only using the term ”arbitrage trading’ to look interesting. On the other hand, all it takes to realize that this is foolishness is knowing the basics of how binary options work. Then you can know that Mike is yet another snake oil salesman.

Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is stupidly dangerous

Oh, not only is this tool a complete nonsense, but it is also very dangerous to use it, why?

Well, we checked out the demo video on the sales page of this software. We saw that this tool was also generating signals.

Right now, it is very clear that no arbitrage trading is involved here. The big question is, who knows what these signals are based on?

Also, if you follow that video keenly, you will see that Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is based on Martingale trading strategy.

Now, if you apply Martingale system of trading in binary options, it would mean doubling more or less of trade positions in the same directions until you win.

In other words, every previous losing positions must be covered by new positions which are usually opened in a series.

We know that you are probably wondering if any sane trader can ever implement this style of trading. However, you don’t have to wonder whether or not this is true because Full Arbitrage Trading Tool uses this style of trading.

It is stupid to open a series of trades in one direction because when all of them go wrong, you will burn your account, no question about it.

Byrix not licensed

And of course there is evidence of fake testimonials as well as the use of unregistered broker called Byrix. In fact, Byrix is just a oszustwo.

Nasza najlepsza rada dla Ciebie

Full Arbitrage Trading Tool is a flawed concept, a total joke that no trader in their right minds should be using. Please stay away from this nonsense. If you want legitimate trading tools, please pick one or two from this list.

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