Recenzja Pip Ster FX: Czy to oszustwo?

Recenzja Pip Ster FX: Czy to oszustwo?

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Pipster FX is an online-based signal provider that aims to profit customers through their signals. However, do not be so quick to deposit money into the account yet because the company exposes several red flags.

During our research in coming up with this unbiased review, we look at why Pipster FX is not a recommendable signal provider. Investors are promised up to 300 pips each week and that they have a 100% win accuracy.

However, do not fall for the catch this because promising customers’ constant return is not entirely true because the market has high volatility. Promising investors 100% accuracy, this raises a major red flag that is not a single by any experience customer in the trading world.

Pip Ster FX Review, Platform

Most platforms usually offer 50% win accuracy and are what most people look for while trading and 100% is a definite line that you should not fall for this trait. Furthermore, they even urge you that if they fail to generate between 300 and 500 pips, then your membership will be renewed for free.

Pipster FX Review

The platform is likely to attract new investors who do not have any knowledge of the trading world, and you risk losing all your investment funds. Meanwhile, it would be wise to use a legit sygnał dostawca that is tried and tested, and the strategies used will surely generate profits for you.

The platform was created in 2018, yet information regarding the founder and also the location whereabouts is not known. You do not know the kind of knowledge or qualification the owners of this investment firm hold for you to trust them with your funds.

Therefore you should consider transparent investment firms that showcase every detail of verification that you need to prove legitimacy. There is no demo account that you can use to test the credibility of the signals generated; hence you risk making no profit through the signals.

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The company boasts of having a team of top-notch, experienced personnel; however, there is no evidence to support this allegation that you can rely on the FAQ section they boast of having expert analysts who analyze the market, and they never generate the wrong prediction of the market.

The sales page is poorly represented, and they fail to touch on so many factors that you consider before investing in a platform. The kind of algorithm used by this investment firm to generate income for you is unknown, and you would end up trusting software that will not benefit you.

Trusting a bad signal provider may result in massive losses of your Investment funds, and you might not have anyone to hold accountable for this because the customer never provides any information about their whereabouts to customers.

Pipster FX tries to seem legit by providing you with pictures of trades, or yet they do not provide any MyFXBook chart, which is mostly preferable by customers. Customers are promised that the signals are generated based on the change in the market and that they conduct Inter market analysis.

They also claim to use market flow analysis under this approach helps them to generate 5-7 low-risk setups that you can benefit from daily. They claim to generate up to 100 pips in one exit trade.

The software trades have only five currency pairs despite so many currency pairs to trade on. However, the company seems to have similar characteristics to scam platforms. Without trade evidence, it is impossible to verify any trade activities taking place in the company.

The package costs between $45-$110 that you receive up to seven signals every week. However, how you receive the signals is not known, and the pricing does not make sense based on the advantages you receive, which seems to be similar for all the plans.

Pipster FX can be seen as a waste of cyberspace because nothing they claim to provide investors make sense or add up to anything. If at all, they were making profits, then the platform ought to be recognized all over social media due to the fast spread of news on the internet.

Bezpieczeństwo funduszy

The safety of your phone is not guaranteed, and you do not know how you are to receive the trade signals. There is also no demo account that you can use to test the signals generated, and you might end up making more losses than the profits you expected.

Pipster FX does not seem to have any trade activities taking place, and they might not be any profits being made. You should be able to see past transaction activities of at least three months before you start depositing any amount into an investment firm.

The platform also has a bad reputation all over Facebook, and social media, where customers complain to have lost funds, and the result is not likely to change when you invest. Transparency is key for any legit investment firm that aims to benefit you, and the same is missing in Pipster FX to earn the customer’s trust in the system.


Scammers will always try the best to make you deposit money in the account, knowing that they’re the only beneficiaries. The platform uses fake images of allegedly happy investors who claimed to have made massive profits within a short period through the signals.

Furthermore, customers are even complaining to have lost money, and most probably, the company pays actors to pretend they are generating income; there is no profit being made. Once you fall for this testimony and deposit money in your account, chances are the account may be deleted, or you may be prevented from accessing the services rendered.

Legit testimony always features a link to the resulting trade, and without proof of trade, these testimonies do not make sense. The name used also is just randomly selected all over the internet none of the users exist.

Pipster FX Regulation and Customer Support

Pipster FX does not provide any regulatory information to prove they are allowed to generate funds from the public. Different countries of having set up various measures to protect their citizens from scammers, including making it mandatory for platforms to be regulated.

Unregulated platforms do not last for long, and they quickly go against the set guidelines. You’re also the risk of trusting anonymous people; this is because no location whereabouts or address has been provided that you can use to track down the owners of the platform.

The company owners know that they risk facing criminal prosecution for operating without regulation. The method of operation is not transparent; this is because unregulated platforms rarely showcase any transparency.

Ostateczny werdykt

Pipster FX claims investors get up to 7 signal alert every day that they generate up to 1500 pips monthly. However, how you receive the signals is unknown, and the time frame is also not well elaborated; hence you risk dealing with the shady investment firm.

Furthermore, transparency is key in every legit investment firm, i powinieneś inwestuj u legalnych dostawców sygnału that will showcase evidence of profits made to investors to earn your trust. This investment firm has exposed multiple red flags, and it might not last long, and this is because it has a bad reputation all over the internet.

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