Swissinv24 Review: Scandalous Forex Broker Scam Unveiled.

Swissinv24 Review: Scandalous Forex Broker Scam Unveiled.

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Swissinv24 ( is a CFD and Forex brokerage scam house based in Sofia, Czech Republic. According to the website, this is the best place to trade Forex as well as Crypto currency. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Weekly email complaints have been sent to us regarding Swiss inv 24 and its affiliates. We decided to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation to find out the whole truth.

Swissinv24 Review

Swissinv24 Review:

According to the website, members are called to sign up in their thousands. Fortunately, we did not heed this call as we had to confirm what they were selling was true. Promises of trust and loyalty are what Swissinv24 is selling to investors. Is this really a genuine and truthful broker? Folks, we have some damning details that we think you should know. Most of these tricks used are straight forward scam tricks.

Fraudsters are soiling the Forex and Crypto trading name due to greed. All they want is to get as many people to sign up and later steal all their money. Never open a link that sends you to SwissInv 24 platform. It will surely be a link that opens you up to huge financial and data risks. Douglas Sheehan is one unlucky guy who lost all of his initial deposit. His email is what led to this honest review. Read on to find out the whole truth.

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Fake Deposit and Withdrawal Claims.

Problem we have with SwissInv24 is the deposit and withdrawal process. When it comes to depositing money, it all seems straight and fast. In fact, if you are fast enough, you can deposit money within 5 minutes. There are a lot of channels for members to deposit money with. MasterCard and Visa are the main channels users deposit money with. So now you know how to deposit, what about withdrawing?

Withdrawing money with Swissinv24 becomes a real pain in the neck. For starters, we are sure that nobody has been able to withdraw money using this platform. All comments and reviews we found on the web were negative withdrawal feedback. How can we trust our money with a platform that doesn’t allow withdrawal? Excuses used are lame such as lack of required trading volume. This is simply unacceptable.

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Fake Award Claims.

Another chilling discovery that we made is that this broker has been awarded. According to the web page, Swissinv24 has been authorized and licensed. Regulation body they claim to have given them this award is Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. Folks these are all lies since there’s no proof of this. We contacted this institution and they were adamant they have never heard of Swissinv24.

Having award claims makes this platform look professional, that’s what these scammers are after. Fraudsters will try as much as possible to make their scam appear legit and truthful. Now you know that their award claims are false. No one can really make us believe that we are dealing with a legitimate brokerage outfit. Also, why wouldn’t they post their award on their homepage? It’s what legitimate brokers do.

Are Funds Secure with Swissinv24?

Swissinv24 Scam

Surely, with all the lies they have posted, we don’t expect funds to be secure. Fact of the matter is that members may be depositing money into owner’s bank account. Yes, if you sign up with this bogus platform, you could be sending your money straight into their bank account. Why do we believe this to be the case? No amount of evidence can show otherwise. Problems with withdrawing makes us question the entire platform.

What about segregation of funds? Members should be aware that Swissinv24 is not regulated and as such, no segregation of funds. Your account with SwissInv24 is no different from the owners account. In case the platform goes bankrupt, you will not be compensated. Legitimate brokers ensure that owners are compensated in case of loses. This is not the case with Swissinv 24 as your money will be taken away from you.

Fake Superior Technology Claims.

According to their website, they claim they have a top tier bank account. Claims that funds are segregated into top tier bank accounts cannot be verified. Which are these top tier banks they claim? Why have they failed to mention at least one of the top tier banks? As with all other scams, anonymity is key to getting the best out of investors. Swiss Inv 24 is shrouded with anonymity making us not trust them.

What happens if members lose all their funds, will they be compensated? Fact of the matter is this, members will not be compensated for their lost money. No one will give you anything since we are not sure Swissinv24 participates in a compensatory scheme. Never sign up with a brokerage that does not have a compensatory scheme. Most likely we are dealing with professional scammers.

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Używana fałszywa platforma.

Swissinv24 Fake Review

According to the website, Swissinv24 is using MT4 trading platform. Problem we have with this platform is that we couldn’t download it. Process of downloading stalled at 3% making us question everything about it. It means that we are dealing with an unstable platform. Hackers can easily get in and steal your information. We have seen this happen countless times. No matter what you do, stay away from Swiss Inv 24.

Another disturbing feature we noticed is that this platform is not SSL encrypted. It means that no one can be sure that their funds are safe. When giving out your personal details, hackers can easily steal this from you. Identity theft is real in this day and time and we are sure Swissinv24 is aiding in this. How then can you explain a broker not being SSL encrypted? It means they are collaborating with online identity thieves.

Is Swissinv24 a Scam?

Concrete evidence proves that we are dealing with a professional scam outfit. From lack of regulation to fake award schemes, no one should sign up with Swissinv24. Investors are urged to completely ignore all mail concerning signing up with this platform. It could lead you to a lot of unwanted trouble.

Swissinv24 Final Verdict.

Swissinv24 Scam Review

Evidence we have on our hands proves that we are dealing with fake and unrealistic brokerage firm. Don’t just sign up with an unregulated broker and expect to win any money. Far from it, you will lose your entire funds with Swiss Inv 24.

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10 Replies to “Swissinv24 Review: Scandalous Forex Broker Scam Unveiled.”

  1. Swissinv24 sono truffatori, il broker dice di chiamarsi Aron Fox , parla italiano ma è dell’Est Europa. È un b******o truffatore come tutta la Swissinv24. Questo è il suo numero di telefono +447553757405. Si Conferma il sospetto che la piattaforma Metatrade 4 sia truccata. I fondi che compaiono non ci sono realmente.

    1. Anch’io ho avuto la disavventura di imbattermi in loro. Ma, ho perso solo 201 (e forse anche altri 67 euro, perché hanno avuto accesso ai dati della mia Postepay e qualcuno ha fatto una transazione che non ho mai autorizzato), perché non ho voluto proseguire e ovviamente il deposito iniziale non mi è stato restituito. Uno dei tizi coi quali ho parlato, che aveva accento dell’est europeo, ha detto di chiamarsi Stefano Baldini, ma è sicuramente un nome finto, perché Stefano Baldini è stato un maratoneta italianoo. Inoltre l’altro (quello che mi ha contattato) ha anche lui dato un nome italiano, ma ha accento straniero (Claudio e non mi ricordo ora cosa…) che però risulta il nome di un giornalista. In particolare quando ho detto al Baldini che non volevo più avere a che fare con loro lui ha cominciato a insultarmi (non capisci un c****), poi ha detto che voleva sapere dove mi trovavo, perché voleva sapere se da vicino avrei avuto il coraggio di parlargli allo stesso modo, mi sarebbe venuto a rompere la testa! Nella discussione io ho anche risposto, ma sulla ultima minaccia ho chiuso il telefono. Lui, però ha chiamato con un altro numero. Ho risposto, e lui ha detto che mi avrebbe messo il suo c**** in bocca! Io gli ho detto “continua che ti sto registrando”. Successivamente ho subito un po’ di stalking, ma ora ho bloccato tutti e 30 i numeri da cui chiamavano. Che gente!

      1. Anch’io mi sono imbattuto con swissinv24h col broker claudio villa accento dell’est,dopo i primi versamenti e proficui guadagni,mai recapitati,un investimento ha mandato all’aria i guadagni fatti

  2. Habe dort 200 Euro eingezahlt, 96 Euro gewonnen, jetzt bekomme ich nur mein Geld zurück, wenn ich 500 Euro investiere, ein gewisser Dr. Roy Wilson veruntreut die Gelder

    1. Ho investito prima 300 poi 2000 euro per1 mese gli ultimi giorni non mi ha più telefonato ho chiesto di prelevare niente conto non valido dal 1 luglio al 30 luglio poi Kate dal 26 luglio non si è più fatta sentire = fregata

    2. Genauso läuft es leider. 250 eingezahlt, angeblich 596,01 Euro auf dem Konto, nur die Auszahlung eines Teilbetrages funktioniert nicht. Roy Wilson ist nicht mehr erreichbar. Swissinv24 to czysty przekręt! Neber im zaufaj.

  3. Ho investito prima 300 poi 2000 euro per1 mese gli ultimi giorni non mi ha più telefonato ho chiesto di prelevare niente conto non valido dal 1 luglio al 30 luglio poi Kate dal 26 luglio non si è più fatta sentire = fregata

  4. Anch’io truffata da Swissinv24,e continuano a chiamare per convincermi ad investire ancora,oppure dicendo che ho un debito con loro. Quando ho capito di essere stata truffata dal sig. Eric Hansen sedicente broker Svedese,ho dapprima provato a prelevare il profitto di 2.200 euro,poi solo il mio deposito pari a 200€ ma ovviamente nulla…allora ho azzerato tutto facendo degli investimenti sbagliati,ma era chiaro che anche la piattaforma Metatrade4 fosse falsa, piattaforma che mi hanno fatto scaricare loro entrando da remoto nel mio cellulare,che stupida che sono stata. Ho azzerato tutto nella speranza che richiama**e Eric, ovviamente nulla. Ad oggi a distanza di sei mesi mi richiamano o per investire o per riavere indietro il denaro…dimenticavo io ho anche usufruito della formula: amico porta amico,alias tutto ciò che deposita l’amico ad ogni transazione tu guadagni il 50% di ogni deposito effettuato. Povero amico che ha versato €3.000 euro ed ancora lo chiamano per convincerlo ad investire,non importa quanto tu gli dica che sono truffatori loro continuano. Spero lì arrestino a tutti

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