Plan Flash Review: A Spinoff Scheme of S Block

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Plan Flash Review: A Spinoff Scheme of S Block

Plan Flash is a spin-off scheme of S Block, a crypto digital wallet company. claims to be the future of the Blockchain-based Distributed Data Infrastructure. It is highly possible that this company is established due to a lack of recruitment at S Block. Over the last few months, this company has tried to break away from S Block and reinvent itself as an independent platform. However, the company’s origins indicate that the owner of the company is the co-founder of S Block, so the same management team may still be running both companies. Since the website mentions a lot of features and an extensive compensation plan, it is important to review this company in detail.

What is Plan Flash?

Plan Flash describes itself as a platform that combines modern data processors with blockchain technology. The company’s purpose is to provide access to the powerful processors to everyone who wants to avail it. Moreover, such technology is capable of generating a large amount of revenue on a global scale. is claiming that its implementation of blockchain technology will run various tasks and maintaining records entirely transparent. Anyone can access the technology and tools to authenticate the results and analyze numerous strategies.

Additionally, the company also promises the expansion of server deployers for quick and efficient growth in the international market, allowing users to earn more profits. You should remember that most of these claims are just made to attract more investors and members. There is hardly any proof that the company has this kind of modern technology that can revolutionize the blockchain industry.

Origins of Plan Flash

Although is trying to market itself as an independent company, there are very strong ties between Plan Flash and S Block. Lundi Klein, one of the co-founders of the S Block, is the head of Plan Flash. Moreover, both of these companies are associated with the crypto industry in some way or another. S Block mainly focuses on the digital crypto wallet while this new venture deals with using blockchain technology for data processing. mentions that it is involved in crypto mining and distributing PF coins. However, these coins have not been able to gain any real value in the crypto market. Moreover, the company does not mention any specific name of the blockchain technology and tools they use for data processing, analysis, and mining.

Compensation Structure

Plan Flash has a straightforward compensation structure. All of the amounts are given in USD, but the actual rewards are given in PF Coin. The company is promising monthly returns of up to 414%. It has two basic investment plans:

  1. Invest an amount between $1 to $150 in becoming an affiliate of Level 1.
  2. Invest an amount between $150 to $300 in becoming an affiliate of Level 1.

You cannot earn many profits on level 1 as most of the commissions are only given to the members of level 2.

Referral Commissions

There are a total of 15 levels of referral commissions in Plan Flash. The website mentions the following breakdown of the referral commission:

  • Generate 100% match commission on level 1 by recruiting at least one affiliate.
  • Earn 100% match commission on level 1 and 10% on level 2 to level 10 by recruiting two to ten affiliates.
  • Generate 100% match commission on level 1, 10% on level 2 to level 10, and 5% on levels 11 to level 15 by recruiting eleven or more affiliates.

After level 2, you can generate additional bonuses from level 3 to level 6.

  • Invest $301 or more and recruit at least fifteen members to generate $200,000 returns to earn bonuses from the Level 3 membership plan.
  • Spend $301 or more, personally recruit at least fifteen members, and have at least three Level 3 affiliates to earn bonuses from Level 4.
  • Invest $301 or more, recruit at least fifteen members, and have a minimum of three affiliates on Level 4 to earn bonuses from Level 5.
  • Spend $301 or more, recruit at least fifteen members, and have a minimum of three affiliates on Level 5 to earn bonuses from Level 5.

Value of PF Coin

Even if the compensation plan may seem interesting to some users, it is not much used because the returns are distributed in PF Coins. It is important to note that there is no actual value of PF Coins, just like SBO Tokens of S Block does not have any real value. The company claims that it will have a huge value in the future, but there is no indication that any such thing will happen anytime soon.

Therefore, there is no use of investing your time and money in a company like Plan Flash that will not offer any major benefit to you in the near future. Instead, you should use the modern crypto trading bots. These bots are reliable, cost-efficient, and provide maximum support to their users so that they can make maximum profits via crypto trading.

Features of Plan Flash mentions a number of features. Some of the most prominent ones are:

Distributed Computing

The company claims to be in the process of developing a distributed computing platform. It will support the cross-chain API and other data processing and analysis tools. Moreover, it is believed to facilitate trading and mining of crypto coins.

Complete Records states that the company will maintain all of the tasks and profit records. It will help users to comply with the set rules and regulations by maintaining verified data.


Plan Flash is claiming to have state-of-the-art processors. These processors provide very high hardware performance and implement complex algorithms for crypto mining. The company mentions using multiple processors in a lot of promotional videos and posts to attract people. Furthermore, it provides contradictory information about the usage of such high processing power. At one location, it states that processors are used for crypto mining while the emphasis is mostly placed on data analysis.


Just like its parent company, S Block, Plan Flash is a disappointing company. It claims to provide a lot of features. In fact, it can be argued that its marketing and promotion are all over the place. does not target one particular aspect of the crypto industry, blockchain technology, or data processing sector. Instead, it keeps mentioning that it is a combination of various types of modern tools and technology.

It shows that the entire purpose of Plan Flash’s business model is to attract people from various sectors. The site mentions different features to entice the users in spending money on it. In terms of the compensation plan, it is quite expensive. Even though the company is offering bonuses on an investment of $1 to $150 (level 1), these bonuses are insignificant. For level 2 and above, you will have to invest at least $300. The company’s overall structure indicates that it is not sustainable and can collapse whenever its recruitment stops.

Last but not least, the primary currency of the company is PF Coin. These coins have no value in the crypto markets. In fact, there are no signs that it will ever become a significant crypto coin. Considering that both Plan Flash S Block does not show up in any security regulatory authorities, it is highly possible that these companies are illegal. Therefore, you should avoid spending your hard-earned money on it. Instead, use the crypto trading bots that are quite easy to use. Moreover, these bots provide quick, efficient, and flexible crypto trading services, allowing you to earn a good amount of money. 

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