Plus 500 Pro Review: Dirty Scam, Avoid This Investment Brokerage

Plus 500 Pro Review: Dirty Scam, Avoid This Investment Brokerage

Share This! is a scam brokerage platform that purports to offer CFDs and other complex financial products. Plus 500 pro is probably the most dangerous scam broker in the market right now given that they are abusing the identity of another Forex broker known as Plus500. These two brokers have nothing in common. But it is quite obvious that Plus 500 Pro is seeking to confuse traders by adapting the same name.

Another thing is that the FCA has announced that Plus 500 Pro is not allowed to provide brokerage services in the UK. In other words, the FCA is saying that this broker does not have a license and is therefore an illegal investment platform.

It is also worth noting that this broker has not secured their website with any data encryption mechanism. This means that any trader who will submit his personal and financial information through their website will risk exposing their details to online fraudsters. These signs definitely mean that Plus 500 pro is not a professional broker and is definitely here to scam us.

In case you don’t believe us, continue with this review till the end. You have already heard that this broker is on the blacklist of the FCA. You do not need any more proof to confirm that this website is run by a scammer.

Plus 500 pro Review

On their website, their main message is that Plus 500 Pro is for the right people and right investments. They are also trying to suggest that if you invest with them now, you will secure your future. However, it is not clear how this brokerage intends to achieve that goal because not everyone can trade and a living out of it. Therefore, the aspect of securing one’s financial future must not be factored into this statement.

plus 500 pro

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The website also claims that their platform houses more than 15000 retail investors. This information cannot be verified.

We also find it quite contradicting that while this broker is claiming to be operating under a Ltd company for many years now, their records reveals that the domain was registered in January 2018. They can’t possibly have acquired 15000 in a span of 3 months. Logically, this does not make sense. That is probably the reason why this broker did not provide any proof or ways to verify the truthfulness of this information. As it currently is, we are treating this information as mere claim that cannot be substantiated.

More lies down the road

According to the horse’s mouth, Plus 500 pro started its operation back in 2008. However, there are no traces of Plus 500 Pro broker back then. Way back machine would have told us a lot about this website if it existed back then. The problem is that this website is lying, plus they cannot prove that they have existed for many years. The only reliable record we have is that this broker started its operations in January this year.

Definitely this broker is misleading traders so as to persuade them that they are a reliable investment brokerage even when they are not.

One of the lies we find quite distasteful is that Plus 500 pro is a team of professional traders who have had massive experience in the field of trading for years. Yet again, we can’t seem to find the identities of these traders. The so-called team of experienced professional traders is 100% anonymous. Can we trust an anonymous team with our deposit? Definitely not. It odds would work against you because clearly whoever is behind this fraud has no good intentions.

The website also reveals to its audience that this brokerage is based out of Dubai but is regulated in Hong Kong, Cyprus and Australia. Honestly this scammer is too dumb to realize that a broker is usually licensed where they operate from. So far, we do not know of any regulator based in Dubai. And if indeed this scam brokerage is based out of Dubai, they should be licensed in Dubai and not in any of the countries they are mentioning.

To further prove that this website is fraudulent, no licensing number has been published anywhere on the site. That means they are unregulated yet are conducting full brokerage services on their website.

More questions still emerge as we conduct further scrutiny into the activities of this scam brokerage. Plus 500 pro does not reveal their account options and the different features which they are allegedly offering traders/investors. There is no information about minimum deposit, leverage, trading platform and so on. This website has zero percent transparency and accountability.

With no information about their operations, trader are left to figure it out on their own. In fact, Plus 500 pro comes across as a ponzi scam because no information has been revealed about their activities yet they are expecting traders to fund their respective accounts.

Also, with no trading platform revealed, traders are currently not able to decide whether or not to use this phony broker since most traders prefer MT4 platform, which we are not sure if this broker is offering.

Possibly this is a money grab. There is no way a website can claim that they are offering Forex brokerage services when they are not even mentioning a trading platform and many other features associated with established brokerages in the industry.

Also, there are no terms and conditions with this brokerage. Basically, this website is supposed to be treated as a place of no rules and contracts. With no licensing information or brokerage features to talk about, there is a very small difference between this broker and a ponzi scam. Actually, we are not able to establish what features are making this broker to be considered a legitimate investment brokerage platform.

Our best advice for you

A lot has been said about this phony website and evidence is there in black and white. It’s upon you to decide whether or not you want to get scammed. Did you notice the link to legitimate brokerage services earlier in this article. Click it and pick one of the brokers there because they are established.

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