Power FX ATM Scam Review: Thieves looking To Swindle Traders?

Power FX ATM Scam Review: Thieves looking To Swindle Traders?

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Sheer greed and lack of patience is what caused some traders to suffer crippling losses with the so-called Power FX ATM.

First off, this product is exaggerated so much that it’s even difficult to establish whether or not this vendor is honest.

The website of Power FX ATM claims that this Expert Advisor has a return on investment of between 100-600% each month.

But since these claims sounded ridiculous, the author decided to provide fake myfxbook result as ‘evidence’ that Power FX ATM works. scam

What you’re seeing on this site is nothing but perfect results which can never be achieved whatsoever.

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The equity growth curve has been climbing steadily, giving the impression that this expert advisor is quite good at spotting nice trade setups.

But despite the ”good results”, it appears that Power FX ATM is only scamming users on the internet.

The author also claims that a trial version is available for anyone who wants to test things before committing their money.

As always, hyped products never go well with consumers. This expert advisor has had its name tarnished because it doesn’t do what the author says it will do.

Therefore, we decided to zero down to this particular EA to warn traders of the impending losses which they will most likely incur if they buy this EA.

Power FX ATM Overview

The author praises this EA for its ability to extract Forex profits from the markets.

When we sought to find out how this EA works, we learned that it uses pattern trading, Market Psychology, and price movement to trade Forex.

Nevertheless, the author refused to go into details when asked about specific elements of this Expert Advisor.

Instead, they insisted that Power FX ATM uses a ‘secret algorithm’ to trade the markets.

Realize that this author was actually using vague statements to justify a robot that already has bad reputation.

It’s a sign that this is yet another bogus robot with no real capability of making money in the Forex market.

The domain of this product ( consists of nothing but hype.

Powerfxatm scam and hype

The content on that website is geared towards spreading the false notion that Power FX ATM generates easy Forex money while you’re vacationing in Hawaii.

The author states with confidence that this EA has a win rate of 99%.

But this is exactly one of the lies which this author would like you to believe.

There is no silver bullet for extracting cash from the market. Achieving a win rate of 99% on a consistent basis is not realistic. You all know this.

The best Forex robots have been known to maintain a minimum of 70% and sometimes 90%. Losses are part of the game. But as long as you can preserve your capital because you’re making consistent profits anway, you’re good to go, right?

The reason why Power FX ATM is extremely dangerous for your account is because the author says that you won’t lose any money yet that is not the reality on the ground.

The website also talks of building quick wealth with Forex trading, and that’s a red flag to start with.

No one can say with a straight face that they have a secret Forex trading algorithm that does not suffer losing streaks.

As a professional trader, you should be seeking to limit your losses as opposed to eliminating them completely. If you sought to eliminate losses as a trader, you’d fall for the traps which scammers have laid for you out there.

The promise of quick wealth and no losses in trading actually make Power FX ATM look very bad.

Author of Power FX ATM has been accused for being a liar

Dishonest EA authors are good at internet marketing. They know how to use convincing words which Forex novices love to hear and respond to.

In this particular case, the owner of Power FX ATM has been marketing it quite aggressively on social media and on video-sharing sites like YouTube.

Most people who claim to have been scammed in this deal say they first encountered Power FX ATM on social media and thought it was a good product.

To lure victims into this phony deal, the author says that the product has a 15-day money back guarantee. But please take note that this author does not honor this policy, meaning that once you send money to them, there is no way to recover it whatsoever.

powerfxatm scam reviews
Enlarge image to see what users say

It seems that clients who ask for a refund from this vendor are always offered the option of getting a second EA.

However, we feel that this is a raw deal because the second EA is still a product of this vendor. This means that it can never perform any better than the first product. And if you accept this option, you won’t have different results since this author has a very bad reputation of scamming traders on the internet.

The truth is that Power FX ATM has never had any track record of success. Do not be fooled by false results which you see on their website. Those results cannot be simulated on a trading account with real money, so forget the promise of making quick wealth with Power FX ATM, let alone making any money.

An over-priced EA with no reputation and ratings

Did you notice that this EA is among the most expensive in the market.

Buying a license costs a whooping $1,999, although there’s the option of subscribing on a monthly basis at $150.

Either way, you stand to lose money with Power FX ATM. Secondly, you risk even more money because this author recommends a few brokers which they insist that you should trade with.

Let’s say you decide to go with a one-time payment of $1,999, and then sign up with any of their ”recommended brokers”, do you think the loses would be too huge to recover from?

Do not be fooled with their fake money-back guarantee. This is a lot of money to lose.

Secondly, the vendor has been accused of running this business with impunity.

Most clients confess that the moment they paid for this product and raised questions thereafter, the author ignored them.

This author does not respond to complaints and criticism, and this shows that they are not any interested in clearing their names of the many accusations that have since been brought against them.

This is also a trait of fraudsters who fleece traders on the web before disappearing into oblivion. That’s the ultimate goal here.

Also, remember that you can’t just give your money to a stranger who sells a poorly rated product on the internet.

Power FX ATM is poorly rated for sure. But people still fall for it due to their carefully planned marketing campaign which seems to be well-executed. You should never join the losers.

Our Best Advice for you

So, what exactly should you do now that we have found Power FX ATM to be highly suspicious?

Perhaps you should look for other genuine Forex robots that can yield results.

We are not interested in winning all trades. But we are certainly concerned with making profits, and that’s what these products have been doing all this while. Meanwhile, just forget the scam that Power FX ATM is.

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