Power-miner Review: Scam or Legit Mining and Wallet?

Power-miner Review: Scam or Legit Mining and Wallet?

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Power-miner claims that it is the most secure Crypto currency cloud mining service on the internet. The service was created in November 2018 and is being promoted using Google ads to try reaching customers and getting the attention of the cloud mining community in general. Is Power-miner legit or a scam? This is the question that majority of people out there want to know.

Since Power-miner is a brand new operation and there are no user reviews yet, we can confidently say that nobody has used their service and if we are looking to analyze it, we must take the risk by testing the service. While most of the time we go an extra mile to take the risk for the sake of writing this review, there has been an increasing number of similar websites claiming to mine Crypto currencies for their customers. Testing all of them would be hectic, but if they resemble each other in the way the presentation is made, we can always make accurate judgement concerning the site most of the time.

Since this is a relatively new site and its reputation is unknown, we advice that you sign up with these mining platforms until Power-miner can prove its worth. We hope they’ll do it soon now that they have already embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign which will see many clients knocking their doors in the next couple of months.

Power-miner Review

They claim that mining rigs have already been set up and are running. When we sign up for any plan, we instantly gain access to these plans and so mining can start immediately. We can’t verify how safe the site is at this time because even the best Crypto currency sites still get hacked. This is no exception.

Peak Management Power-miner

The site also claims that they have the fastest mining hardware and are even encouraging us to utilize their service rather than resting with noisy miners at home. While there is some sense in what they are saying, they don’t really elaborate on the specifics behind this operation such as which type of miners they are running, location of these mining hardware and the owners of the operation.

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This can only mean that Power-miner is either not telling us this information because they are secretive or they do not actually have any mining facilities. Their about us section comes across as too generic to boost our trust on this service. They are also listing down some 6 supposed advantages of using Power-miner. These include Instant account opening, instant withdrawal, detailed statistics,investment planning, coverage by insurance and fast and efficient Crypto transactions. What caught our attention was the mention of coverage by insurance. This is unheard of in the Crypto currency investment industry due to the high risks that are associated with this form of investing. This feature is therefore a big fat lie because the site cannot truly insure your investments with them.

Investment plans

There are 4 investment plans in total. These include Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Superior. For a minimum investment of 0.005 BTC, we can purchase beginner plan where we access 0.25 TH/s of hash power and a daily return of between 0.3-0.8%. Average annual return is estimated to be 200%. This means that the service is claiming to have the ability to double your investments in one year. While the daily profits look real, they still appear to be on the higher side and the estimated 200% annual return does not look real.

For 0.05 BTC, we get enrolled into the Intermediate plan and we get 2.5 TH/s of hash power. ROIs are the same as in the first plan.

And for 0.2 BTC, we get enrolled in the advanced investment plan. We get 25 TH/s of hash power and returns remain the same. Lastly, there is the ultimate mining plan which costs 0.5 BTC and is giving 250 TH/s of mining power. Despite investing in this amount of hash power, Power-miner still wants us to believe that we will make the same returns as the basic plans. This is quite confusing because the more we invest with the project, the higher the returns. But with Power-miner, they are giving the same returns regardless of whether you invest a lot or  a small amount of money. The math behind it is not understood.

Ownership details

Power-miner was privately registered in November 2018 and they can be reached on [email protected] The details of the company behind Power-miner can be found on this directory. However, it does appear as if the people whom they list on their site as the operators of the mining firm are not real. At least their names can’t be verified in the link which we have just give you.

There is lack of transparency here, which makes the site even more suspicious when you consider the fact that it is a brand new site.

Can we trust Power-miner?

It’s hard to trust new sites when they are created anonymously. Even if we wanted to, we would still find it hard because there are certain red flags which we are not willing to ignore. Ownership info pertaining to this site cannot be established and secondly, there are no user feedback or reviews concerning the site. It is therefore not clear whether or not the site is paying.

This means that we will have to wait until at an appropriate time when reviews will start to come in. We can find out what customers are saying when the site appears on hyip monitors.

Our best advice for you

You need to take precautions because not every new site that claims to mine altcoins is actually participating in mining. This site has not talked about their mining rigs, plus they are a very new site, and care should be taken when approaching them with the intention of sending money. Power-miner has not established their reputation yet. That’s why you need a lot of patience here. In the meantime, we are encouraging Crypto currency mining enthusiasts to mine with these sites. They are the best you can find on the internet.

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60 Replies to “Power-miner Review: Scam or Legit Mining and Wallet?”

    1. How many times have u withdraw…when u withdraw till the 4th time u will be eased ….is not a one year contract. ……is scam

    2. Yes it is i have proof. I wrote long experience i had where i sent .1 bitcoin($1000usd) and recieved nothing in return. I couldn’t call because on the address on the first part website is fake if reviews on utubs are correct. They have a circle with phone on it. I thought I could click on it and call(very not true). So when I receive nothing i started searching tabs on page. I click purchase and than transactions(new) and i see where i paid for silver package which is .1 bitcoin. And its all there. I screenshot it. Than i look everywhere cause It says that you can start mine instantly after you buy the package and the package is one year long the contract it also said something about insurance so I messaged him earlier asking about the insurance if they could send me a link. “Power minor responded saying that’s funny.” I replied “Why is that funny”. P.M replied “No one’s going to give you that information”. Which i replied”Why would I buy something that advertises it has insurance but refuses to tell you anything about that insurance”. I should’ve stopped right there and not purchased it but I did. So once again I paid .1 btc, It was in their transaction tab but I couldn’t find anywhere to claim it. So I went back to the only place that I could figure out to communicate with So I went back to the only place that I could figure out to communicate with them, and ask them why I haven’t got any thing so i could do what they advertised and “instantly start mining.” “Power minors live chat responded that they didn’t receive the .1 btc, that I had to send the .1 again. So I checked my Coinbase wallet and sure enough .1 was taking out and sent. So I asked them again that I want my point one BTC back before I sent them another .1BTC since my coinbase wallet and there transaction showed I did. Power motor chat continued to call me a l*** and that l*** were coming out my mouth and that they were going to block me if I didn’t do what I needed to do I asked him what that was and they replied send it again. I responded let me get a hold of a coin base and see if that sounds legit to them. They responded that coin base wouldn’t know that since the money I sent them was just hanging in the air because they were upgrading their system so they said that after I sent another .1 bitcoin that they would refund my money back. I responded they said they couldn’t refund my money back because they didn’t have it I never heard of Bitcoin hanging in the air after sending it to a wallet and I replied that they rip me off because I went to google after this and saw all the responses. For the record I want everyone to know I screenshot it everything from my conversation with then, to the transactions where power mine are responding that I was a l*** and that they could sue me for l****. And I had 12 hour to do what was needed, which I asked what did I need to do. Which once again was to send it the money and then I was in and I guess it just made mysteriously falls out the air when they claim they didn’t have it, and then once I sent them another .1 bitcoin they would refund my .1 btc. And I suppose the comments that felt like a threat that they would block me in 12 hrs if I hadn’t sent the btc. So once again I haven’t received anything they haven’t came through with what they claimed that you will be able to mine after you pay for it instead they lied to me and told me that it didn’t go thru even though I sent pictures proving from their website the info of me sending them that bitcoin and picture of my Coinbase account showimg I sent that BTC to them. I refused to send any more money till I was refunded. This is what I have to say to you at or whatever site you are at “Give me my money back I will not send you any more money I’m not scared by your threats if you think you can Sumie come on because I got proof that you are the l*** and that you are ripping off hard-working people and talking crazy to people on chat lines. If anyone can give me a link to where I can sue them and get my money back or really expose them for the scam that they are. Stop stealing Power miner!!! The light always exposed the imposters, karma B****!!!!!! I have the pictures of your intimidations you attempted that I guess you though would scare me to send you more money for you to steal. If anyone can point me in right direction to really expose them and receive my money back???

      1. Hi,

        Ask them to withdraw your funds and, if they refuse or insist on depositing more funds, you must file a chargeback with your bank or open a dispute with PayPal according to the payment method, then report the case to the local police.

  1. I had bought 8 0.0005 servers and 1 0.05 server. They are running from past 15 days now. As for now i would not recommend you guys since the site was initially paying but now i has obstructed my account for not paying maintenance fee and it asks me to pay and contact support but support section has gone unavailable in my account. I created another account and support was working fine in that so i asked the site whether i should pay and what to do next? Currently i am awaiting an answer i will update the status as things clear up.
    Written at: 28/12/18 @8:52 am (GST+5:30)

    1. I got the same 8 0.0005 and also got the account stopped and support… they said 0.2 and 0.5 does not need maintenance but I am not sure about it.

      1. Power-miner is a scam, I bought a 0.2 server 3 days ago and now my account is blocked, need maintenance fee of 0,15. What can we do to get our money back.

    2. Me too Rishi…the same….I have generated 0.01 and I m about to withdraw..they have ceased the account….I want to pay my bills

  2. they are scam !!! dont use .
    after few days your account will be blocked for paying “server fees” that worth more than what you will get from them .

  3. they are a scam i put 200 in bitcoin on power miner and now it says i need to pay a fee and this is under a 2 hour period im so mad i cant withdraw my money back i need help if any one knows how i was trying to spend money to double back but now i guess ill just go hungry it was my last bit of cash

        1. There are 2 sites that seem like the real deal. I have gotten 3 payments from and 2 payments from With Helixxmine I just reinvest then withdraw. With Flymining I just purchased 3000 ghs for 30 usd a month. Give them a try.

    1. S*** bro i have invested 2000€ i have to pay maintanance and service cost are 0.21505
      and my balance is 0.26 stil i have to pay.

  4. Hi.
    I also have the same experience. Once the account pa**ed 16 days, they are asking me to pay a server maintenance fee. I sent them a ticket, saying this was not mentioned when I purchased the server. I also asked them how often I had to pay a maintenance fee, and if they could give me a list of the fees for every contract. So far they have only answered 1/3 tickets, and the answer was just a step by step on how to register.
    I decided at the end of december 2018, to test it to see if it was real.
    The first giveaway was the simplicity of the site and the very poor english. I have been checking in on the mining every day and made two small withdrawals which was withdrawn like it should. Only now I decided to withdraw a bigger amount, and the withdrawal became pending. 1 hour after, I got a notice about the maintenance fee.
    This is as of now a scam in my eyes, and I dont recommend anyone to use it or sign up with them.

    1. I have the same experience, I am using your w***s because it is the same what I did “I sent them a ticket, saying this was not mentioned when I purchased the server. I also asked them how often I had to pay a maintenance fee, and if they could give me a list of the fees for every contract. So far they have only answered 1/3 tickets, and the answer was I have to pay meantinance fee
      I decided at the end of december 2018, to test it to see if it was real.
      The first giveaway was the simplicity of the site and the very poor english they look like scam and measures has to be taken

      1. I sent him $.1 thousand and it was taken out of my account and I haven’t received anything and I hit him up and told him I need to talk to somebody in person to person other than through the f***ing little cat thing and they said that if I would kindly send them another .1 and then I’ll be paid back that

  5. My withdraw is on pending for all the time and a i can,t withdraw my btc they say you have to buy server 2,3,4,… To unlimit my account withdraw it is realy scam don,t belive them

  6. i purchased server 1 8times
    and NOW i cannot login already.. i try to click the forget pa**w*** and enter my email.
    and it says USER DOES NOT EXIST.. sh*t

  7. Power miner has been working for me for the past 3months and all the bitcoin network payment validations (3step) are successful and I get my bitcoin profit.if powerminer is a scam why do the block chain validations get successful? I have not experienced any suspicious requests or stoppages to my accounts.

  8. salve a tutti anch’io ho l’account bloccato dopo avere provato a prelevare mi cercano 0.75 btc x manutenzione …si stronzi ladri.. poi ieri sera avevo nel conto 0.5 btc stamattina magicamente 0.25 .. dopo varie email mi rispondono che devo acquistare un server più grande.. ma roba da matti..

  9. Lets sue this Guy hahaha i have trad policy… and i have Copied all info of all documents.. hehehe i know how to get this Guy to court legitimatly legale for us. Its a fraud i think and this man should die slow in jail or other ways

  10. H***o guys I’m still looking forward to investing in bitcoins any legit site you know that pays if you don’t mind sharing.

  11. When I checked their website to me it looked exactly like another company called BTC Extract,they claim that there are no maintenance fees but once you buy one of their servers they want a maintenance fee and support is not available once you pay the maintenance fee. My advice.. Stay away from them

  12. I have bought servers and when tried to made withdraw I received message that my account is temporarily inactive and I have to pay maintenance fee.

  13. Power miner is scam. I purchased a 0.05 plan and after few days they asked me to pay a maintenance fee of 0.425 now my balance is 0.085 and I’m still temporary deactivated according to them.

  14. My research shows that the same group operate btc-mininger, power-miner and currently invest-miner. I invested in btc-mininger, but as today my account has been temporarily suspended that I should buy another server to lift the ban. The btc-mininger site can’t be found on web at the time I was typing this. All my money is stock in there. They’re purely scammers, their intention is to dupe the unsuspecting investors.

  15. This is a SCAM, I got 4×8 0.0005 plan, paid for 3days and now my account is blocked. Please does anyone know how I can get my money back?

  16. Here also same like this bro. 0.05 purchased running two to three days after trying to withdraw they temporarily blocked my account. They tell to purchase another mining server. It’s really total planning scam

  17. For me..the site is ok..i have 6 .ooo5..and every day i withdraw..littlebit but paying for me as of now..since february..sorry for my english..trying hard

  18. My account was blocked after one month of using it. I even didn’t get back what I invested. It’s a super legit scam guys. So don’t trust them. They will just make a f*** of you.

  19. I almost bought a server today. Thanks god I did not do it. I am really looking for a good company I want to invest and get good profit

  20. I also bought a server and just a few days I’m told my server is temporarily unavailable, I should purchase another server

  21. is scam I was one off the first customers, I bought 5 different servers they didn’t pay , I got in contact with one person in Norway he said that yes the company name is he is registered but this is abuse of their company name.

  22. This site is scam they rip me my 3000$ worth of bitcoin and i still pay a maintenance fee they didn’t open my account instead they deactivated it please don’t invest in this stupid fraud site.

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