Preston Capital Review: 5 Points why is a risky Investment Choice

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Preston Capital Review: 5 Points why is a risky Investment Choice

Preston Capital is an already failed crypto MLM staking project with dozens of investors losing funds. Here’s our honest review for more on this dubious project.

Crypto staking has taken over the world of investment by storm. And this has also attracted dubious investment platforms claiming to offer the best services. Preston Capital is one of them with the end results being dire for investors.

Who is behind Preston Capital?

You should note that there are hundreds of such investments in the crypto world. The trick is to discern the right crypto staking project to get into offering realistic ROI. You should avoid projects taking advantage of MLM programs as well.

Despite claiming to have registered in the UK, there are no such records of the platform. The Company House (UK) doesn’t have any registered entity with such a name. And this is why we have to expose the red flags found on the platform.

These include anonymity and lack of transparency in the way Preston Capital is operating. Months after opening its doors, the project is still accepting new members while kicking out early birds.

What we have uncovered is a deep-rooted online fraud involving several UK-Indian syndicates. And the reach of this project goes beyond the UK, the platform has roots in Africa, America, Asia, and the Middle East.

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Find out more in our exclusive PrestonCapital Review.

About Preston Capital

The project starts by claiming they believe Cryptocurrency presents an unprecedented opportunity for investors to grow. Thus, the platform opens its doors to investors by offering exponential growth within a specified time.

You’ll notice that the platform fails to give details of the people working behind the curtain. Thanks to our thorough investigation, we’ll reveal some of the culprits behind this dubious Crypto MLM staking project.

As fate would have it, the project has an expiry date, and this is when the owners line their pockets with your investment. We’ve seen such projects before in the crypto investment world, and they rarely end well for investors.

Preston Capital claims to empower its investors with expertise and the right tools to maximize their returns. When it comes to Crypto staking opportunities, investors must learn all the information possible about the project.

This includes having to learn more about the project’s staked crypto asset. Despite claiming there are over 2 million investors already on board, we feel the number is slightly lower. These are the misinformation the owners use to arouse investors to sign up.

As an investor, you ought to know the available staked coins including the asset. Is Preston Capital staking just one different asset or a plethora of crypto assets? The platform fails to give important information on the project.

Once you reach out for more questions on the project, that’s when all hell breaks loose. You are likely going to lose a large chunk of your investment with such a project. And this is why we have to expose this project’s dubious staking claims.

What about the ROI? How much will Preston Capital offer in terms of percentage?

How Preston Capital works to lure investors

To make sure the project seems worthy of investing, the platform has already signed up several social media influencers. These influencers push the project to the masses for a cut of the deposits made.

You’ll find these influencers claiming to have already invested and made withdrawals. And to top it all off, they share their withdrawal videos. With such marketing tactics, investors are easily led to believe the platform does actually work.

What most investor don’t realize is the act going on behind the curtains. The owners know the account and have allowed withdrawals for these specific influencer accounts. These are a few of the investors who get to withdraw funds with the platform.

What is after?

Your hard earned funds. Diya Harshali is the brains and financier of this project. Alongside her boyfriend Rohan Vihaan, the two have established themselves as serial Crypto MLM owners in the past.

Available plans by Preston Capital

We’ve encountered some of their earlier projects including Growth Capital Inc., a platform that swindled millions worldwide. This is their second biggest project with the first project netting in close to £10 million.

The Financial Conduct Authority is still looking for the two with claims they have fled to Bangladesh. Social media influencers who push this project in the UK were warned of dire consequences.

You won’t find such videos in the UK for this project which goes to show how scary their products have been. The victims of this project have nowhere to turn to especially seeing the project is nearly 6 months old.

Seeing how Diya and Rohan operate, we believe the project will go for another two months. Once deposit numbers dwindle down, the two will suddenly close doors. And shut down the whole operation without giving investors any warning.

Which countries has Preston Capital Targeted?

Preston Capital has targeted most of the developed world and developing countries all over the world. In Africa, they have targeted Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa mostly. Americans haven’t been spared with Canada taking the largest hit.

Asian countries targeted by this platform include Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Most of the financiers partnering with Diya are in Dubai, the MLM capital of the world.

Red Flags with Preston Capital

Here’s how to spot a flimsy investment project, it guarantees high ROI within a short time. That’s it, any platform having these characteristics should be a high-risk no-reward investment project.

After investors deposit funds, with the minimum slotted at $100, they expect weekly ROI. Surprisingly, Preston Capital offers 1 and 2 years vesting period. They rope in investors by allowing partial withdrawals.

Those eligible for partial withdrawals have deposited more than $50,000. To ensure they buy-in the project, Diya and her team allow partial weekly withdrawals of $1,500. It gives the members hope they are indeed withdrawing the 3% projected weekly ROI.

Withdrawals will soon get blocked by the third or fourth week. The project will claim to have bumped your status to the next tier where you’ll need to deposit another $50,000 to start earning 5% weekly ROI.

Those who add funds already give Diya and her team to celebrate as the cycle continues. And the investor who chooses to continue withdrawing find it difficult. The platform will eventually block access to the account.

Customer Feedback and user complaints Preston Capital

Early bird investors who deposited funds a few months back have started feeling the pinch. The platform is no longer communicating with them and they can’t seem to gain access to their accounts.

With sign up numbers dwindling, Diya has found it difficult to move funds from new member accounts to older ones. And this means she decided to kick the early bird investors out of the project keeping all their funds.

Is Preston Capital Legit or Registered?

Preston Capital is not a registered entity and doesn’t hold any license to operate as an investment platform. You end up depositing funds to a platform with no deposit insurance available to protect you from such scenarios.

Our Thoughts on Preston Capital is a high-risk no-reward platform operated by two dubious Crypto MLM product creators. Apart from Diya and her team, no one goes home happy with the outcome.

To invest in durable and realistic staking projects, go for tested and trusted platforms.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us or leave a comment.

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