Prixcoins Review: You Don’t Corporate With A Scam

Prixcoins Review: You Don’t Corporate With A Scam

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If you send Bitcoins to a website called Prixcoins, you can never tell anyone what happened to you as a result of doing so. They make people feel really stupid after getting conned. For the sake of those who are curious and want to know what happens, this Prixcoins review is a god-send. We do not want you to regret later on when you lose Bitcoins to this shady investment website.

Prixcoins Review

Prixcoins is an online investment platform targeting those who want to invest in Bitcoins through a portfolio manager. The site claims that their ”investment experts” are providing ”cutting-edge” investment solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of investors. Their investment strategies are allegedly so unique that guaranteed income is promised.

Prixcoins website believes that they understand risk reward techniques and how to leverage that knowledge to help their clients attain ”astonishing heights”. This is according to the information found on the website.

To give us the assurance needed, Prixcoins claims that they value your time and money, and are committing to the task to ensure that every client gets a huge return.

Although the site mentions that their ”experts” utilized ”well proven investment strategies, no strategies were actually mentioned. There is no proof to these claims.

This website is also claiming that they can make you rich in a short duration of time.

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Their ”award winning” investment strategies are supposed to make up to 125% in 24 hours. We surely do not believe that Prixcoins can double your investment in 1 day of sending your Bitcoins to them.

In fact, we just have to look at these figures to know that Prixcoins is definitely a ponzi scam. If you are waiting for any other evidence, sorry for you. This is all too common in the world of Cryptocurrency ponzi scams. Prixcoins shouldn’t be different.


Investment plans

There are 4 investment plans in total. These investment plans are sorted according to how quick you’d love to realize returns. For the expert package, Prixcoins promises to double investments in 24 hours. That literally means that if you invest $7000 which they are asking for, this should be able to turn into $14,000 at the end of 24 hours.

You all agree that this is too good to be true, and definitely impossible to achieve. It is probably a lie that Prixcoins is using to lure unsuspecting victims into their trap.

With the Pro package, investors are promised 199% in just 24 hours. Again, this figure is ridiculous. It further proves that these people are not investing in Bitcoins but using a portion of the collected funds to pay out the alleged profits — that is, if you ever get a payout from them.

If we look at the ROIs for all the 4 plans, we can only say that they are absurd and unbelievable. Rest assured that these guys don’t have the required knowledge to make this amount of money. That is why they are soliciting Bitcoins from randoms on the internet. If they had the knowledge to generate such a huge amount of money, they’d probably keep it a secret. Prixcoins website would never exist because no billionaire wants to expose their secret to making a lot of money in a short time. You can take that to the bank because no legit business can generate such massive returns in a short time.

Dubious deposit and payout statistics

While they are showing us a section of the site containing stats on how users are depositing and withdrawing profits, we are not convinced that this section of the site is displaying real statistics. These are just fabrications to make you believe that people are actively engaging with this website.

The truth behind this matter is that this information is dubious, and does not reflect what happens when you send money to Prixcoins. There is only one outcome if you send Bitcoins to them – you lose.

Secure investment platform

Prixcoins is not a secure platform. However, they are lying about it, even going to the extent of claiming that are McAfee, Comodo SSL protected. None of these badges are actively in place.

When doing this review, we even realized that the site was not SSL protected. We looked at the browser and saw that the padlock sign was missing. This shows just how vulnerable this scam site is.

While they claim that they can generate lots of money within 24 hours, they are not able to afford the simple basic features involved in running a fully fledged investment website.

This further proves that Prixcoins is a scam. They set up this site in order to collect Bitcoins from members of the public who might be fooled by their tricks. In reality, they cannot spare any budget to make this site look professional and safe to transact with.

And of course they are insisting that all deposits must be made in Bitcoins. Rest assured that any form of payment that shall be made in Bitcoins will turn into a loss. They may fool you with a small return if you invest something like $10 worth of Bitcoins. Do it with $200 or $1000 worth of Bitcoins and you will be shocked that these people are scammers.

Anonymous owners

No scam is transparent. We definitely do not expect them to be transparent. This website where Prixcoins is hosted at is extremely discrete with their information. No owner or company directors have been mentioned. In short, the site admin or operator is anonymous. This proves that they are scammers who want to steal coins from you and remain untraceable. Rest assured that you will never discover who their names are.

Our best advice for you

Prixcoins is a risky site. That’s the way we see it since there are enough red flags to worry about here. There is no way they can convince us that their site is legit if this is what they do to their users. If you want trusted Bitcoin investment programs, consider trading Bitcoins with these apps. If not, you can mine them here.

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