Pro 9 Live Scam: Details Inside This Review

Pro 9 Live Scam: Details Inside This Review

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Thanks for reading this review of the Pro 9 Live website. This website used to be called Smart Money Room before the owner decided to redirect the old domain to the current one, Therefore, when we speak of Pro 9 Live in this review, we are essentially referring to circumstances that apply to Smart Money Room too. Don’t get it twisted.

Pro 9 Live Review: Dirty history has tainted the reputation of this website

So, what is Pro 9 Live? The service is an exorbitant day trading room that was initially owned and managed by someone called Steve DeWitt. However, it is not clear whether Steve DeWitt is still in charge of this website since the ‘lead instructor’ on the new website is someone called Scott Dahlquist.

In as much this website morphed into something else, their products and pricing remain the same. For example, the cost of live day trading room is $197 per month. However, if money is not a problem for you because all you care for is learning how to trade and performing like the top dogs, then a 6 month or an annual subscription plan would be appropriate for you. These will cost you $985 and $1,773 respectively.

pro 9 live landing page

In the 6 month plan, you will allegedly save 13% because you’re getting one month access free of charge. The second plan which should be paid on an annual basis is supposed to save you 24% because the package is giving you 3 months of access free of charge.

And of course there is a ”FREE Trial” for anyone who is looking to test their service. But before you qualify for this Free trial, you must give them your credit card digits, which will ensure deduction of funds right after trial period has elapsed.

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Inside the Pro 9 Live trading rooms, students are supposedly taught in an interactive learning environment where trades are called out and questions answered in real time.

On top of this, Pro 9 Live is supposed to give paying members advanced training on their ”magical” trading strategies and methods.

And of course they are also luring you with bonuses which come in form instructor videos, special tools and many more.

Pro 9 Live also owns a YouTube page where traders can view all recorded videos and webinars for free. We noticed that the so-called live trading videos are just recordings of the Ninja Trader market replay. In these videos, the person in charge claims that they make between $2,000 and $5,000 trading futures.

This website also claims that in the last 30 days, they’ve been able to make $3,435.00 in pure profits. However, this page also states very categorically that anyone wanting more details concerning the individual trades for the last 30 days should pay because only members are allowed to view trading results in details. Really?

pro 9 live trading results

In our opinion, this is very suspicious and malicious. Why would you force people to buy your trading products when you can’t readily give them proof that your products make the alleged money? It is outright uncouth and unfair to force people to pay hundreds of dollars for your so-called trading products in order to see past performance of your trades.

In addition to the owner of this website claiming that they made 135% fully verified profits in 2015, he also said the following things.

(a) He once participated in 15 International Trading Contests, which also included the greatest Forex trading contest ever hosted by man.

(b)He claimed that he has authored over 100 trading articles on several major publications.

(c)He could challenge and outwit any trader in this world. At one time, the owner of Pro 9 Live invited traders on a $100,000 take it all trading contest where the winner would pocket the money. He dared the world to test him because no one can beat him in this game.

Who is Scott Dahlquist of Pro 9 Live?

A short background story of Mr. Scott Dahlquist has been published on the Pro 9 Live website. You can see it here. But just in case you don’t have time to investigate a fake trading guru, we will make your work easier by summarizing what we just read on that very page.

scott of pro 9 live website

On that page, we have Scott Dahhquist, a trading guru who first ventured into the stocks, options and futures market back in 2007 and only started training others in 2014.

He claims to use the latest and most profitable trading strategies. In his own words, he also claims that he loves to identify the most compelling trade setups with a high probability of moving in the predicted direction.

What’s his trick? Well, he uses Pro9Trader suite of trading tools to beat the market in its own game. He apparently loves to help students succeed like himself. Claims to have mastered the art of identifying 100% profitable trade setups in addition to teaching risk-management so that students can learn how to stay in control of their portfolio.

Taking a closer look to establish whether these claims are true

We believe that Steve DeWitt and Scott Dahlquist are two different people. Or maybe it’s the same person using aliases to confuse unsuspecting traders. See, even the original domain of that site was changed to Pro 9 Live.

A deep web search reveals that these people are not really super-human when it comes to trading. Our investigates reveal that these individuals have partaken in several fraudulent internet activities which involve defrauding members of the public.

Steve DeWitt used to own a company called Forex Confidential. This was a trading educational company. On that website, he claimed that he was making 1.9% on his money each trading day.

On the same page, he is also claiming that he does hold meetings every Wednesday night which he calls ”Wealth Wednesdays”. These meetings are apparently meant to discuss money where he claims to show his followers how to make between 20-45% monthly return on investment plus how to compound that money each day.

Now, if you only follow him, you will get a thousand pips every month because he has a secret trading strategy which he can only give to paying members. So of course those who followed him experienced heavy losses accompanied by blown up accounts.

Truth be told. We have just scratched the surface on this matter involving the Pro 9 Live website. The more we research about the founders, the more we discover one fraudulent activity after the other.

On top of this, his most recent stunt involves Steve touting his ”Christian faith” where he posts pictures of himself and people who appear to be his family. Honestly, who knows if these people are his family or just hood rats that he is using to make him look legitimate?

Our best advice for you

The pure truth is that Steve and his accomplices have camouflaged from one business to the other. Smart Money Room no longer exists because it was later re-branded to Pro 9 Live.

And sometimes we just have to sit and watch as these trading charlatans jump from one fraud to the next, from one website to the next, leaving traders who had trusted them wallowing in poverty. This is certainly not the best way to live life. Please do yourself a favor. Start small with these products and in no time, you will go far in terms of your trading progress.

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  1. I had no idea a fake trading guru was even a thing. They are usually easy to spot in other industries but this one took me by suprise

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