Pro BTC Arbitrage Review: Yet Another Crypto Scam

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Pro BTC Arbitrage Review: Yet Another Crypto Scam

The cryptocurrency market has seen the rise of many companies promising to help traders make money. It is natural for companies to start by promising to make you rich in no time. They are aware that most investors in the cryptocurrency space are eager to make easy money.

However, investors should be careful with such firms. Most of them cannot deliver on what they promise. Further, they are only interested in getting people’s money.

Pro BTC Arbitrage is yet another one of these companies. They are promising to make clients a 15% profit in just 12 hours. Anyone who has been in the cryptocurrency space long enough will tell you this is a lie. This is just a scheme to lure unsuspecting individuals onto their fraudulent operations.

Moreover, this is not the only lie on the website. There are too many red flags with this company that we cannot ignore. Run while you still can. This company has nothing to offer you or your portfolio.

Unfortunately, the market is full of fake companies like this one. However, there are still many legitimate companies that will offer you professional services. Invest only with legitimate cryptocurrency robots to save yourself some trouble. This is the only way you will make any real money for yourself.

Pro BTC Arbitrage Review

A quick look at the website, and you will realize they copied everything from another scam website. This is a huge red flag. No real company would want their clients to confuse them with another company. Moreover, confuse them with another shady company. Clearly, these are just amateurs looking to make a quick buck off of people.

Pro BTC Arbitrage Review, Platform

They try to lure individuals into purchasing their products by making false promises. They promise to make clients a 15% profit in just 12 hours. Such promises are at the heart of scam companies. It is just a tool to lure unsuspecting individuals onto the platform. Once they get your money, they vanish, and you never hear from them again.

The company claims to have several bots that work 24 hours to make clients money. However, there is no evidence that this company is involved in any kind of cryptocurrency trading. The company expects you to invest your money blindly. They make bold claims and yet have nothing to show for it. All they have is their word.

This lack of transparency is inexcusable in this day and age. Clients want to know the inner workings of a company upfront. Additionally, clients want to see trading results and proof of payments made.

Trading Strategy

The company claims they use an arbitrage approach in their trading operations. The arbitrage strategy involves taking advantage of price differences in different exchanges. Although the arbitrage method of trading is highly profitable, it requires perfect execution to be profitable.

We feel like this company’s claims are false. For starters, they just copied this description off of another website. It is highly unlikely that they know how arbitrage works. If they were too lazy to create their own content, there is no way they researched this strategy.

Moreover, arbitrage opportunities grow thinner and thinner the more people trade them. Therefore, it makes no sense to sense to sell a profitable arbitrage robot to more people. It would destroy its performance.

Further, the company claims to make money for clients in just 12 hours. However, arbitrage requires a large number of transactions to bring meaningful returns. This takes a lot of time and capital. We can’t see how the company would make returns in just 12 hours.

Founder and Physical Location

The founders of this company operate in full secrecy. The website is faceless and has no social media transparency. The only thing they say is that Crypto Investment Services Ltd runs the company’s operations. However, Crypto Investment Services Ltd makes no mention of their association with Pro BTC Arbitrage. We suspect this is just a ploy to seem like a legitimate company.

Furthermore, they do not disclose where they operate from. The company Crypto Investment Services Ltd Operates from the United Kingdom. However, we could not confirm their association. Therefore we cannot trust that Pro BTC Arbitrage operates from the United Kingdom.

Regulation and Customer Support

We could not confirm that any regulatory body regulates this company. Any company offering investment services requires a license from the relevant regulatory bodies. Pro BTC Arbitrage wants us to believe they are a regulated company because of their association with Crypto Investment Services Ltd.

However, there is no evidence that the company runs legally. Even if they have a license, they are still ignoring legal requirements. For example, they do not feature a risk statement on the website.

Cryptocurrency prices are very volatile. A sudden change in prices can lead to investors losing their funds. Every company is required to inform its clients of this. This is not the case with Pro BTC Arbitrage.

In terms of customer support, the company is not reliable. The only way to contact the company is by filling out a contact form on the website. We cannot confirm that the queries will go to the company’s inbox. Remember that their website is just a copy of another website. Clients’ queries could end up in the wrong inbox.

Moreover, the company does not say how long it takes them to respond to customer queries. There is no guarantee that the company will respond to any of the queries.

Domain Insight

Pro BTC Arbitrage makes a bold claim that they have 1.8 million people investing with them. However, Alexa rankings reveal that the website is not popular. Moreover, the website is not even a year old. We fail to see how they have over 1 million users in less than a year.

Moreover, registration details show that the website holds registration for a single year. This is common with companies that do not plan to stick around for long. They are only in it for the money. Once they have that, they will disappear in thin air.

Should You Trust Pro BTC Arbitrage?

From the details of this review, it is clear that Pro BTC Arbitrage is not a trustworthy company. They use a lot of lies to lure investors on to their platform. In reality, they cannot deliver on what they promise. There is no real company that provides the kinds of returns they promise. Moreover, there is no proof that the company performs any cryptocurrency trading.

Additionally, the company lacks transparency in critical areas. They do not say who is running the company or where they operate. They hide in the shadows because they don’t want anyone tracking them down.

Even worse, the website is a copy of another shady company. No real company would want to be confused with a shady company. Under these conditions, it is much easier to lose your money than it is to make any returns.

Final Verdict

It would be wise for you to stay away from this company. They have nothing to offer you. They only want to steal your money and disappear. Enough people have already lost their funds to such a company. Do not be one of them.

Many companies will offer you better services. Invest only in the best cryptocurrency trading bots to save yourself some trouble. Such companies will give you consistent returns without compromising on your returns.

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