Pro Income Review: Totally Useless Scam

Pro Income Review: Totally Useless Scam

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Pro Income is a supposed to be an online investment platform operating like a trust fund and promising fixed returns no matter the market conditions. Pro Income is supposedly investing in trading of altcoins, and one of them is Cryptocurrencies. The admin of this website seems to love anonymity as no information has been disclosed about them ever. We have been saying that if a website owner isn’t upfront with their identity, you should avoid them especially if the operation involves you sending Bitcoins to them.

There are currently 5 investment plans. One of the investment plans here is promising 320% in 12 hours. This would mean 640% in 24 hours and 19,200% in a month. Clearly those figures are alarming and not convincing at all. This prompted us to investigate further to find out what Pro Income is all about and why they are purporting to pay large sums of money for doing absolutely nothing.

So, the question is this, can we trust Pro Income with our investment because they said they can make us rich overnight? The answer is no, you cannot earn 19,200% per month. There is no place in the world where people earn that amount of money for simply investing and sitting back, waiting for their returns to follow them. Let’s be realistic. This is just too good to be true. We are not about to believe this nonsense. Only gullible internet users are likely to part with their money hoping to make huge returns at once.

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Pro Income Review

The reason we are saying this is a scam is because of the numbers we are being promised. At the rate of 19,200% per month, it would be like multiply your deposit by 192 and only needing an additional $5208 to become a millionaire in 30 days. It sounds so easy. Definitely this can’t be real. And even if it was real, we are sure the owner of this website would never give out their secret or help anybody make that amount of money. Rather, they would end up keeping the secret to themselves.

Also, we do have a serious problem with how Pro Income is lying about everything. They claim that they are a company registered in the UK. We just have to search them on Companies house to see if they really do exist. Unfortunately, the name of the company which we are being given as Pro Income Limited is something that has never existed, or at least has not been registered yet.

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The certificate of registration which this site purports to belong to the company Pro Income Limited is fake. The reason they are using fake company details is because nothing is genuine about Pro Income website. They are definitely lying about the income potential and everything else they are talking about.

Pro Income

Trading of Bitcoins and other altcoins cannot yield that much in just a month. Trading is not a way to get rich quick. Even the scammers know it very well. So this means that the scam is only targeting naive internet users who have never traded Bitcoins before. They are probably looking to cash on the Cryptocurrency craze because it makes their work easier when it comes to convincing you of how easy it is to make money with this kind of trading.

Not a serious trust fund

To use the word serious is an understatement. So let’s just use the worlds not legitimate because Pro income is indeed a scam.

How do we prove this, even after telling you how impossible those returns are? Well, this kind of operation needs a regulator’s license. There is no exception here. The problem with a website like Pro Income is that it does not have a regulator’s license. It needed one in order to operate professionally and also to assure investors of the safety of their funds.

But so far, this has not happened. Therefore, Pro Income is an illegal investment because they cannot qualify for the license anyway. They are 100% anonymous as well. Treat this as a serious red flag. No legitimate hedge fund will maintain an anonymous profile on the internet unless they are up to no good. As you can see, Pro Income is one of those sites that are asking money and not revealing who the admin is. This is a little bit suspicious.

Dodgy site is a ponzi scheme

What exactly is the meaning of the words ponzi scheme? The mean of this phrase refers to any activity where money is collected from members of the public with the empty promise that each one of the participants will get a profit from their contribution.

Realistically, if there is no genuine economic activity going on, then it means the money contributed here will not multiply, and thus profits can’t be paid.

You see, Pro Income has no verified external source of income, and thus we cannot get convinced that they are paying any ROI.

The reason they are scammers is because there is no guarantee that you will even get back your capital, let alone the promised return.

Being that they are unlicensed and probably operating from a jurisdiction where this activity is highly regulated, we can say with full confidence that Pro Income intends to rob you of your hard earned money. There is no doubt about it.

Unsustainable ROI cannot drive this kind of business. They are not trading to generate any profits. And even if they were trading their client funds, their ROI wouldn’t be that ridiculous. We would be expecting 5% per month or around that figure but not some crazy numbers like 19,200%. Definitely this is a scam you have to avoid.

Our best advice for you

Pro Income is a totally useless scam and a ponzi scheme where all money will flow into the pockets of the anonymous admin. This is how all ponzi scams are designed. If you ignore this information, you will get milked dry. The only way to trade Cryptocurrencies genuinely is to use these bots for buying and selling.

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