ProCapital Trade Review: Provocative Forex Broker Scam Unmasked.

ProCapital Trade Review: Provocative Forex Broker Scam Unmasked.

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ProCapital Trade ( is a brutal scam broker to hit the Forex world. What these scammers have done is create a welcoming message for all. Pro Capital Trade claims to offer a one of a kind independence to all clients. Sadly, we have concrete proof that ProCapital Trade is nothing but a copied scam. Read this detailed and honest review and find out the whole truth regarding Pro Capital Trade.

ProCapital Trade Review

ProCapital Trade Review:

What can we say but be shocked that these scammers can actually use the same everything on their homepage. ProCapital Trade is a copied scam of 24BTC Markets. Nothing has changed apart from the name used. We believe that these are the same scammers who have come up with this scam altogether. Best thing to do is read this entire review to find out more regarding ProCapital Trade.

Notice that this fake Forex promoter does not have any concrete or real directory? Reaching out to the owners of this fake broker scam makes it next to impossible. Scammers are known to hide themselves in plain sight. How comes they have an Italian number and at the same time, registered in the Marshall Islands? Something fishy is going on and we plan to expose the crooks behind this scam.

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Who Owns ProCapital Trade?

Problem with this platform is that no one knows who actually owns this company. One can easily see that a company is names in the disclaimer to be the owner of ProCapital Trade. A company with the name of West Media Group Limited apparently owns this company. Question is, is this true? Can we believe that a such a company even exists? Furthermore, this broker is registered in the Marshall Islands.

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What this means is that we are dealing with an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are known for not following strict rules and regulations. Some of the rules they don’t follow include segregation of funds. It means that your account and other members’ accounts are the same. Users may also be depositing money into the owners personal account number. Would you like to do that? Hell No!

Fake Promises.

ProCapital Trade Scam

One of the lamest promises we saw was that they offer over 350 ways to trade. What kind of trades are these? Why can’t they tell us about the types of trading before we sign up? Promises such as low commission and secure platforms are just promotional materials. Surely, they don’t expect us to believe all what they say. How about personal training, who will be responsible for that?

There are simply a lot of empty promises going around this Forex platform. What about the bonuses being promised? Note that any Forex broker that is offering bonuses is committing an offense. Regulatory bodies are against the issuance of bonuses and commissions. Why? Brokers have been known to take advantage of this by refusing to grant withdrawals. Members will never withdraw unless you payback these bonuses.

Slow Website.

One of the disturbing things we noticed with ProCapital Trade was the slow connection. It took minutes for a page to load which is frustrating. How do they expect members to make fast executions if their platform is slow? There’s no better way of saying this but, their connection sucks. Even the sign in process is as slow as it gets. Nowhere can you get a broker that has a slow website load time.

Account Types on Offer.

There are four different account types on offer. Users can choose from Standard, Classic, Premium, and Gold account. Problem with all these accounts is that there’s no visible difference with the accounts. Minimum acceptable deposit is $250 for standard account while $50,000 for gold account. When it comes to video tutorials, all people have access. It means you don’t need to start with a big account.

Accounts managers are also available for any account holder. Problem we have with this is that we are not sure these account managers are experts. From what we can gather, these account managers are simply hired goons. Nobody should heed what these scammers are trying to sell to us. It’s simply not going to happen. All investors are asked to steer clear from ProCapital Trade and look for other alternatives.

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Fake Platform used.

ProCapital Trade Fake Review

According to their website, one can trade Forex using their platform anywhere and at any time. Problem with this statement is that it’s a false statement. What we did was try to download this platform on various devices. Can this platform really work on mobile and desktop devices? It’s all what we wanted to find out. ProCapital Trade disappointed us from the word go. Platform could not download.

A platform that does not download simply means that it’s an unstable platform. No one can claim to be top class with an unstable platform. In fact, it means that the platform is vulnerable to attacks. Hackers can easily gain access to this platform and take away personal data. Some of the data that can be stolen include your personal credit card number. Never sign up with ProCapital Trade because you will be facing huge risks.

Fake Award Badge.

At the bottom of their homepage, one can easily see that they are using a fake badge. According to ProCapitalTrade, this is an award given to them on 2013. 2013 Top Broker award which is over five years ago. This badge has been duplicated in other Forex broker scams. We are sure that this is simply another one. Even the certifications on the page are fake. Trusting this broker is next to impossible for us.

Depositing and Withdrawing.

These scammers have covered all the aspects of depositing. One can easily deposit money within a blink of an eye. When it comes to withdrawing, that’s when problems start. Nobody has been able to withdraw money with ProCapital Trade. Never sign up with a broker who will make it impossible for you to sign up. ProCapital Trade is one such broker.

Is ProCapital Trade a Scam?

ProCapital Trade is without a doubt a scam in the making. From fake promises to not being properly registered, we are sure this is a Forex scam. Investors are asked to mark all email sent by ProCapital Trade as spam. Also, don’t click on any link sent by these fraudsters, it could be malware sent to steal data.

ProCapital Trade Final Verdict.

ProCapital Trade Scam Review

ProCapital Trade is nothing but a scam. Every trader in the community should get this message and stay away from it. Only thing lefty for us to do is blacklist ProCapitalTrade as a scam that should be avoided at all cost.

Go for Dependable and Real Forex brokers who are respected and backed by the trading community. This will ensure you trade safely and always get the desired results. Go for proven and tested Forex brokers and start making some real money today.

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  1. Scammed lost $500 very angry clocked some link on Facebook then phoned their website not v good but works

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