Professional Binary Robot Scam (PRO): Professor In the School of Ripping You Off

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Professional Binary Robot Scam (PRO): Professor In the School of Ripping You Off

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Professional Binary Robot Scam

In our time as binary options specialists, we’ve seen pretty much all the claims you could ever imagine, and even more that you couldn’t. Unfortunately, most of the systems that we find out there that rise to fruition for a while and then fall off of the wagon end up being scams.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- people like to believe that they can magically make millions overnight, or turn a small sum of money (typically these types of scams ask for around $250 at a time) into thousands, virtually overnight- because they know something that NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD knows.

Does that SOUND logical to you?

It doesn’t to us, either. If there was a magical way to turn your money around that fast, don’t you think everyone would be doing it? And then, we’d all have Maserati’s and fancy luxury mansions out there somewhere. And while that would definitely be our choice of living, most of the time it just doesn’t work that way.


Our Motto Here At Valforex: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


The sad reality is that there are a myriad of sites out there trying to take money from you. If you’re an amateur, and you don’t know a lot about the market, then there’s a good chance you’re going to lose money, especially in a tumultuous environment like the ones that these types of trading of pips brings.

Sites like Professional Binary Robot are the scam sites that we’re talking about. Our researchers are always digging up dirt on sites like this that they don’t want to be exposed, and bring it back to you so that you can see the truth about these types of sites to save you money that you should be trading on reputable sites like the ones found here.

What we’ve found about Professional Binary Robot is that they’re going out of their way to appear to be a more trustworthy binary trader [called PRO Binary Robot (See the similarity?)]; at least one that mentions a disclaimer and legal information at the bottom- not just an expansive amount of sketchy web video testimonials on an extremely low quality website design- to gain themselves some phony credibility.

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Furthermore, their expert- George S., the only man in the world with a one letter last name to make him harder to search, has over 35 YEARS of expertise in a brand new area of trading? We Don’t Think So Immediately we started researching exactly what Professional Binary Robot was about- and we found several poignant examples that seem fishy to us.

  1. We always look for “Deals” that countdown at the top of the screen, and we weren’t disappointed. This SCAM uses limited “spots” to get you excited about their product Professional Binary Robot focuses on drawing people in with “limited offer” robots- 35 to be exact, and while you’re on the page, the number drops steadily.

Luckily for you, it never COMPLETELY reaches zero. You can sit and watch for hours if you want- it’ll never get there. Ironic, right? We did our research here too. If you enter a little bit of Dreamweaver JavaScript you can see the details- it rewrites itself constantly to deliver this pop-up to try to entice you.

Additionally, the “experience” is only available for a limited time. If it worked as well as it did, everyone would be involved, and they’d be selling their product for a much longer period of time.



BOTTOM LINE: Look to see these exclusive deals, and if they’re forcing you to make a quick, rash decision. Most all scam sites- like Professional Binary Robot, use these tactics to make amateurs feel like they either have to make a decision or they miss out.



It’s pretty ironic that they have just enough spots to fit you in to their limited program though.

  1. The site is purely based on testimonials, namely video testimonials and feeds that could be replicated by practically anyone- AND NOT A SINGLE ONE HAS TIME STAMPS Sites that are produced by SCAMMERS are typically pretty low quality. Why put a large amount of time in a website that could go down at any minute?

Professional Binary Robot Scam has a page that is literally NOTHING but testimonials. That might be a good thing if you’re selling food or cars, but we don’t buy it. They do these kinds of tricks to make it seem like everyone is doing it- but NONE of the feedback comments or videos have videos attached to them.

Why would a site do that? To intentionally make you believe that you’re silly for not trusting them?  To keep you from seeing the amount of time that these companies have been established? In hopes that you’ll be so overwhelmed with the “good” that you’ll completely neglect the bad?

We’re not COMPLETELY sure, but we find this to be one of the most common reasons that we don’t trust Professional Binary Robot, and you shouldn’t either.



BOTTOM LINE: Testimonials have power. Too many testimonials- especially video testimonials, is fishy. Why try so hard to sell a product that works so well? Their overall goal is to make you feel comfortable enough to jump on a sale. We recommend you NEVER do that. Take time to think about your choice before you get involved. That’s just common sense.



  1. The information regarding their trades simply repeats- all of the information is the same, with the same investors, page after page after page We had our researchers digging deeper and deeper into this one, and as they delved into their financial scoring, they noticed something fishy- their Forex/Binary statistics are ALL THE SAME page after page after page. The dates never change, the companies never change, and neither do the numbers- it’s like they didn’t expect their guests to fact check their statistics- and most wouldn’t.

Realistically they know the audience that they’re looking for- and that audience wouldn’t think to check this detail, but we definitely do. Additionally, all of their statistics were labeled as “WINS”- even when they were portrayed in Norwegian dollars- and any skilled binary trader knows that that’s just not how it works. Of course, these wins look promising, but don’t expect the program to deliver on these funds.



BOTTOM LINE: Again, it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people miss the little details that really show us how Professional (PRO) Binary Robot is a scam. We do our research and check all the facts- and so should you. While we have a list of completely worry free binary traders that are the best out there, if you aren’t following our advice, the best thing to do is completely review the website, like we do. No matter how “good” a deal seems, you’ve got to check the numbers, or find someone that will.



  1. Claims his service is completely free, but requires a download that eventually requires you to spend money to get involved. Be leery of sites that claim that their services are free, but you’ll need to download something, or input your information to get the “full package”. We know it sounds cliche and we also know we sound like a broken record, but you have to understand exactly how valuable your information is.

Phishers like this particular site (Your friend, George S.) use this site to build a customer base for their next attack. We know that it’s unfair, and we know that it’s a sneaky tactic, but it’s how they plan their next scam, because you bought into their first one. After that, you download the product and are prompted to deposit money- and then, the unthinkable happens, the “robot” loses your money, and you’re out whatever you put in while the Scammer walks away Scott-Free because of lack of regulation.

You CAN’T let this happen to you. Since they’re not “selling you anything” they don’t have to worry about regulation, right? WRONG. These types of programs link you directly to whatever brokers they use, and brokers can be just as crooked as these types of sites.



BOTTOM LINE: If a site claims that their product is free, but requires you to give up something, then it’s not really FREE. Scams understand that amateurs don’t understand the system, and don’t understand how valuable their information is- and take advantage of that fact with amazing “offers” that simply don’t add up.



  1. “George S.” claims to have built his site years ago- but in fact, the site he’s referencing is just about a year old. Our researchers dig up some pretty valuable stuff, and one of the things that they’ve found will tell you that this site was created February 13, 2014- meaning that it’s literally been around for a year.

How could George S have been working on this project as long as he says he has when his site is only a year old? Something is a little fishy here. Is it possible that maybe he’s trying to make himself seem more credible than he really is? Maybe his 35+ years of experience isn’t as much experience as he thought?

Maybe he’s just another online marketer, trying to make a few bucks off of novices and amateurs who get excited at the idea of making ABSURD profits.

Take it from us folks, if they sound absurd, then they probably are. Typically speaking, the most reputable binary options brokers will tell you that you should average profits around 75 percent- and that’s still pretty good, making 75 percent on your investment.

Professional Binary Robot instead claims that you can make as much as a whopping five hundred percent on your investment, which is simply unreal and an attempt to scam those who don’t know any better. If you’ve read some of our literature and have done your homework, you’ll see that this particular trait is a hallmark of a get-rich quick scam.



BOTTOM LINE: Too good to be true means just that- so don’t get fooled by a deal that looks amazing, unless you KNOW it’s refutable. No matter what a site promises you, never put down more money than you can afford to lose, and never spend more than you need to pay your bills and take your lady friend out to dinner- that’s just good manners.



Additionally, Professional Binary Robot has NO security for it’s clients- which is fishy in itself.

Why would a company not protect their customers? We notice the age of a website pretty much immediately. Why? Because we believe that only established clients really know what’s going on- and we’ve been online for over 4 years.

In our honest opinion, Professional Binary Robot is nothing but a name for a scam. The product is fake and you should never hedge bets on automated systems. People make the best trades, with proper understanding. Especially if you’re new to the program, take the time to get involved with how everything works. After that, it’s off to the races. We’ve found at least 5 problems with this particular Pro Binary Robot website, which makes it all the more important to do the right thing and get all the facts before you jump in the metaphorical trading waters.


7 Replies to “Professional Binary Robot Scam (PRO): Professor In the School of Ripping You Off”

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    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company or broker?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?
    It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company

  2. Thanks for this review. Being involved in the forex and associated industries affiliate programs, scams like these come along too often. I hope that more people learn to spot these ones and articles like yours will help people be more aware.

  3. professional binary robot is a complete SCAM .The first 10 trades i done with this load of rubish i lost 7 trades and won 3 . Itraded on the BIG OPTION PLATFORM and they switched the robot on without me telling them to . DO NOT TRADE WITH BIG OPTION THEY WILL SCAM YOU. When you ask for refund you will not get your money back. Warning DO NOT TRADE WITH THEM .

  4. Well, well, well I have learnt a lot just from reading this, especially after falling victim of such a few months ago. Nothing comes easy, lesson taken home.

  5. I did tons of research of these companies and the best I could come up with was pro binary robot after eliminating all he other scams. I saved up my money to buy it but did more research. I later went to download the softwear and it doesn’t give it to you until you send in your money, if even after that. Well shortly after that as I didn’t deposit but signed up, I start getting emails like
    “George BinaryProfessor via icontactmail2 dot com
    Jun 12 (1 day ago)”
    “You are receiving this email because you signed up to receive email updates from George BinaryProfessor. If you do not want to receive these emails anymore, please unsubscribe.
    We have recently received a pending profits claim of the funds
    in the amount of $14,293.28 to your member’s account

    The verified sender is a trusted software system named Fisher Method. You need to
    login to your account to activate the software to claim it:

    => Click here to claim

    In case you missed, who is Jacob and his Fisher Method?

    My good old friend and partner Jacob Clark is releasing his new revolutionary system called Fisher Method.

    Jacob is not new to the trading arena.. Professor or Statistics and honorary Professor of Mathematics he’s have over 100 published research articles on the topic of successful trading patterns.

    But he not only teaches statistics, but also used it to earn over $5M trading over the last 3 years. Now its time to make my Fisher APP™ available to the public” etc

    I was skeptical as if his program was so good, why do you need more? I first got emails about profit with cindi, then next was api trader, then apple bot, then fisher method, then intelligence bot. Every one of these emails I get from him promote another scam, then he messages from another account saying how his product is so good and to click here to download it if I haven’t already. Well link doesn’t download it, instead it goes to his sales page then that button after you enter your email addresse allows you to deposit money with some broker. These scams remind me about back in 2002 where I would read say 38 page sales articles about how you were going to have so much money in the next days etc that you would never have to work again. Well I tried most of them all them at that time and lost about $4k then the following years lost about $20k investing in these so called programs. How do these people get away with all the l**s and stealing? If it says I am going to make money, I better instead of loose it. I surely hope there is a special place in h**l for these criminals who lie and steal and cheat the way they do. These are terrible people who pray and use bait and switch and rather than robbing banks, they rob people with l**s and trickery. I really hope every single one of these criminals are held accountable for their actions and only real working stuff is left. It seems these crooks are in a race to get to h**l by l***g, stealing, cheating, and manipulating people. God is really wierd to allow all the bad things to happen in the world, and doesn’t put an end to all of it. I think the bible says he allows both good and bad to keep going on, just to sit back and watch it as he keeps a hands off approach till the end. What a very strange thing to do for someone in supposedly control.

    1. Hi John,

      It’s really a pity you’ve fallen for one of their l**s and tricks – oh! Did I say one, you actually mentioned you’ve been losing money to these type of systems since 2002!
      As you would have seen, people who build and launch these scam products are the same set of guys and unfortunately they get away with their l**s and tricks each time they deceive people to buy their fake products.

      Yes, I know the world is corrupt and instead of robbing banks, these people sell l**s to naive people. As you’ve said, I really hope there’s a special place in h**l meant for only them since no one is willing to prosecute them even when reported.

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