Profit Booster App Scam: Don’t Buy Into the Hype, Read Our Review First!

Profit Booster App Scam: Don’t Buy Into the Hype, Read Our Review First!

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“If I had a million dollars, what would I do?”


Surely this is a question that everyone has asked themselves at one point or another. You’d probably go buy a boat, or spend the money on paying off your debts, buying a nice car, and maybe even a house with a yard and a view.

profit booster app review

Of course, we all want money. It’s ridiculous to think that it would just accrue overnight, however- unless you’ve hit the jackpot, and won the lottery. Take it from us here at Valforex- you probably haven’t. Not to be a cynic, but your odds of winning a multimillion dollar lottery are about one in 28 or 29 billion. We’re not talking about the lottery, though, we’re talking about the very new “Profit Booster App” that makes very bold promises right out of the gate. These “investors” promise to make you around $1,500 in just one hour! And you don’t have to do anything!

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If you’re feeling a little skeptical right now, we don’t blame you. If there were a legitimate way to make “millions” in a short, hectic period of time then nobody would be broke, and the one percent of the population that holds the majority of the wealth in the world wouldn’t exist. Be logical, be rational. The fact of the matter is that these phishing schemes and scam activities have MUCH more to gain from you than you do from them- and their offers are FAR too good to be true. We’re going to go behind all of the clever advertising and give you five solid reasons that you should stray away from Profit Booster App:


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  1. Claims of Making $1,500 in a Single Hour are Bogus, No Matter What they Say

Never invest your hard earned money on a site that promises you unreal returns. Why? They simply aren’t logical. We’ve been in the business for a long time, and NO ONE makes 300-500% right out of the gate, and if they’re promising it to you, it’s not realistic.

We’ve encountered a plethora of these types of sites- and they can offer you just about anything in the world, but when it comes down to it, they’re all just scams. A realistic binary company that is doing PERFECTLY will net you around 150-175%, and you’re bound to lose sometimes. Profit Booster App claims that it’s infallible. Look into our list of reputable binary options signal services to invest in, not a single one will offer you an unrealistic, bogus offer.

  1. Site Has Only Existed for Less than 4 Months, and is Only Expected to Be Around for About a Year

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, sites go up all the time to get information of people just like you, and go down just as quick. The plan is to gather data for their next hit, and they don’t want to be around long enough to get caught in the middle of their scam.

The goal is to create a huge stir with aggressive advertising and search engine tactics to make their information more apparent to those looking for “getting money quick” or “Inexperienced Binary Option Traders”, or even those looking for free services, but in reality, these kinds of programs only exist to take money from people who need it most.

Bottom Line: Phishing schemes rely on the user putting in their info and gaining huge databases to scour information with- and low and behold, they’re looking for emails, names and asking you to connect your accounts and spend around $250 right off the bat- RED FLAG

  1. Never Gives ANY Information About the Program, Just Promises to “Make You Money”

A usual tactic by these types of individuals is to promise you the world through “smoke and mirrors” so that you never actually understand what’s going on. Profit Booster App NEVER once mentions how it works, it just says things like “Change your life forever!” and “Fastest ever, better than you ever could!”

Even more sketchy is how they open their “broadcast” by promising you that they aren’t trying to sell you anything in a “limited time offer” while having a count-down bar directly underneath the video! Don’t believe what people tell you- especially in this business. They’re relying on a wide variety of phishing tactics to get you to buy into something while giving you the illusion that you’re not actually buying anything- but you still have to deposit money, give them all of your information. Sound fishy to you? It definitely does to us.

Bottom Line: If a product works, the sells man will show you, give you a demonstration, or lay out specifically how something works. A scalper or scam artist tries to draw you in with fancy words, confusing advertisements, and shiny offers that draw your attention away from what’s really going on.

  1. Looking Specifically for Inexperienced Traders- Niche Audience to Remain Undetected

There are a huge amount of these sites on the web- and sadly, we’d bet that around 80 percent of them are scams. Here at Valforex, our scam detectors are working around the clock to find all the latest scams and give you all the details, but when it comes down to it, all we can do is caution the inexperienced to read our blogs- and we’ll reiterate what we say there here- there is NO WAY to make ridiculous amounts of money in any industry if you haven’t got an integral understanding of how it all works so that you can make that money for yourself.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn’t start making millions and billions right away, and neither will you- it takes time, practice and understanding. Sure, there are tons of tools out there, and lots of people to help you- but don’t expect to get e-vited to make millions overnight- it’s a SCAM. There are no automated ways to make the kind of money that Profit Booster App suggests- or like we said earlier, we’d all be filthy rich.


Bottom Line: Forex and Binary options are confusing, and trading is equally confusing. Learning the lingo and getting involved takes time and experience, not get quick schemes- and experience makes this abundantly clear. An experienced trader wouldn’t hedge their bets on an untested “bot”. That’s why it’s “free”.


  1. Provides Character Back-Story Referencing Agents to Make You Feel Comfortable, When in Reality they have Nothing to do With the Issue at Hand.


One thing i found especially sketchy is how they referenced reputable companies like Google and Facebook- attempting to tie their reputability with their own product. This is called an “apples to oranges comparison” because:

-They have absolutely no proof tying them to the companies

-It doesn’t matter! Google and Facebook aren’t Forex companies!


Sure, his friends “Bill and George” have this awesome plan. Why would he share it with you? Why would he bring all this information to light, just for you? Because it’s a scam, and he’s trying to gain your trust with bogus information that catches you off guard just long enough for them to reel you in. Luckily we’re here to pull you back out and give you a fighting chance.


Bottom Line: Scalpers, Phishers and Scam Artists will do just about anything to get you drawn in, even referencing reputable companies, success stories, and common, believable names. Nothing is ever as cut and dry as it seems.


Don’t spend your money on services that promise you the world- do your research and figure out all the facts. Valforex is here to give you all the help you need.

We understand that there is a lot of muck and mire that surround the binary trading world, and it’s hard to find the help you need sometimes, because there’s a LOT of it out there. If you’re a beginner, or just wondering how to escape all of the scams and scalping associated with these types of businesses, you may want to use a genuine binary options robot or compare our most trusted binary options signal services to help you in any circumstance. You can find them all here. Stay tuned for more helpful facts and tips from Valforex!

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10 Replies to “Profit Booster App Scam: Don’t Buy Into the Hype, Read Our Review First!”

  1. It is so good to be informed about the scams that we people face especially when we tend to look for a way out of financial stress. It is always wise to read and get informed before signing up for various sites, but at the same time we must not be to quick to judge and say everyone of those trading centers are scam. So we also need to be mindful of that as well.

  2. Hi, I would like to find out if Yarna ever tried any of these apps . They look so truthful. The profit booster app explained how it works . I would like to have that one reviewed .

  3. It’s interesting how you judge these scame sites and say that they do not show you any prof of how it work (i have seen i video on how it works) and yet you have banners on you’r site to similar robots that say exactly the same thing without showing any prof

    1. It’s simple Aleks – Simply go to the Profit Booster app site, sign up, deposit and start to trade – I’m sure you’ll have a taste of what it means to lose your whole money in a matter of seconds. Besides, we don’t endorse or recommend the third party sites you see on the banners on this site as they’re sponsored adverts. Here’s a list of what we recommend.

    1. Pardonnez-moi parce que je ne suis pas parfait en français et je suis en utilisant un outil de traduction . Mon avis sur l’application de rappel de profit est qu’il est un logiciel d’ escroquerie et ne fonctionnera pas comme ils l’ont annoncé .
      Ne pas le commerce avec booster de profit plutôt quelconque de notre option binaire robots recommandé ici.

  4. Banks are the biggest scammers, and they are legalized. We are all scammers and get scammed at some point in our life. But if you are afraid of the storm, then you’ll never enjoy sunshine..

  5. i tried to sign up ….well I did once but ever deposits anything but then they called me up and try to explain everything but my point is that is this real since they called me or what…?

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