Profit Protection Scam: The Trading Bot That Will Never Protect Your Profits

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Profit Protection Scam: The Trading Bot That Will Never Protect Your Profits

Binary option trading is a technical form of trading. You need to understand the basic concepts and only then you can try your hands in trading. However, some traders try to opt for the shortcut. The result is that they end up trading using trading bots like Profit Protection.

Note: A good alternative to this Safe Profit Protection Scam is the Super Simple Bot.

Well this one of the new scams and rest assured it is after your profits and not protecting them for sure.  Now if you want to get to know the real facts about this system then read the complete review and you will get the answers that you need.

 Profit Protection: A detailed insight about the scam

Well the investor will not find any useful information on the website except the video. When the user starts the video it misguides the trader from the very start. The trader is given the perception that he can earn a lot on complete autopilot. It is a misconception. Even when the trader trades using trading bots he needs to understand the trading world to excel. It is not possible to earn a lot when the trader lacks the vision about binary option trading.

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Next the video moves on to another lie and that is Profit Protection promises a win rate of about 84 percent. There is no success percentage of scam robots. This is just utter deception and an attempt to fool the trader.

Profit Protection

Note: Keep an eye on the scam trading bots and choose genuine systems.

Next the presenter of the video tries to show his own profits to convince the trader that Profit Protection makes real money though it is not the case. This system is just trying to bluff the trader to believe this lie.

Profit Protection Scam

The maker of this system Aaron Youngst has further statements to make in favour of his trading bot Profit Protection. He says that most people out there are losing trading binary options, the reasons is that corporations have huge servers implemented that can place trades faster than a normal trader. He says that binary options trading is all about the timing. He says that in just a matter of a split second profit can turn to loss.

He says that when the trader places a trade from his computer a signal is sent to the broker. The broker then sends a signal to the exchange. When the trade is completed then again a signal is sent from the exchange to the broker and finally the broker sends a signal to the trader. This happens quite fast.  As per the presenter the corporations that trade in binary options have faster servers. The signal exchange between the broker and the exchange is what causes a delay as per the presenter. He says the scam billionaires are the one who intercept the signals of a genuine trader.

He says that the scam corporations copy the trades of the investor during the delay time frame. When they delay the signals, this can affect the outcome of a trader’s trade. It reverses the winning opportunity in favour of the scam corporations as per the Profit Protection video presenter. The scam corporations use the HFT servers for carrying out the trades fast.

He says the way out was to reroute every signal manually whether it is a signal for a currency, stocks, commodity or indices. He says the signals need to be sent through different routes to the broker and this way the signals will not be caught up by the HFT servers. This is prime concept on which Profit Protection has been designed. Though the presenter has given a long theory, but it does not sound convincing at all.

He says that Profit Protection sends the signal twice to the exchange. This way it is ensured that the trade ends with a profit. The presenter has not given any convincing and reasonable approach. His logic sounds hard to believe. The list of lies does not end here. The presenter of the video further states that the Profit Protection system is available to the trader completely free of cost.

The scam systems like Profit Protection are never free. First of all the trader has to pay fixed deposit amount to the associated brokers. The entire video does not mention the names of the brokers as well so it increases the element of doubt. Apart from this the trader has to pay Profit Protection from his monthly income.

Profit Protection Scam Review

Note: Never choose the scam systems and only choose the reliable ones.

The trader has to reach a monthly profit target of about $25,000. This is a huge amount and it is not possible to earn so much with a scam system like Profit Protection. The presenter says that if the trader does not reach the target then he does not have to pay although the trader is making a deposit already. If the trader shares his earning as well so he is paying extra to platform. Profit Protection charges the trader about $275 if the trader reaches a profit figure of $25,000. This means the total amount the trader will have to pay is deposit plus a share of the profits earned. The worst part is that at the end of the day there is no guarantee whether Profit Protection will be able to make any money for the trader or not.

Profit Protection website looks suspicious

When a professional trader will set his eyes on the website of Profit Protection he will be able to identify that it is a scam because the website lacks a proper design. There are no proper tabs. The website looks incomplete. There is no proper FAQ section so that the trader can get the answers to the commonly asked questions. The about us page is missing so the trader cannot get detailed insight about the maker of the system as well so this increases the doubt.

When the trader clicks on the support option he can only send an email to the system. There is no guarantee whether the trader’s email will ever be answered at all. Usually the scammers are not responsive to emails at all because they never have the answers to the trader’s questions. The live chat option is also not available.

The website of Profit Protection does not offer a trial as well. If the trader decides to sign up with this trading bot without using the demo then there are chances that the trader will end up losing a lot of money. It is important to experience the look and feel of a trading system before deciding to trade using this system. The absence of a demo is a proof of the fact that Profit Protection is nothing, but a lie. A new investor can get pretty frustrated if he signs up for this scam so he needs to be careful.

The conclusion is that the trader has to avoid Profit Protection. It is just a smartly designed scam that comes up with its own theory to fool the traders. The trader should not get caught in the trap and needs to use his discretion if he does not want to end up with a loss. The trader should opt for reliable trading bots that are credible and have a sound reputation. This will be the right decision on the part of the trader and this way he will not end up losing money. Say no to Profit Protection and choose the credible binary bots from our list.

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