Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

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Most Profitable Crypto-Currency Mining Companies

Are you looking for the most profitable crypto-currency trading/mining service on the internet? These companies are legitimately operating in this niche, and have proved that they can generate substantial profits to those who invest with them.

Note: You can sign up with any cloud mining service on this list.

Most Profitable Mining Service: IQ Mining!

Our RatingName of CompanyStatusChoose PoolCost of Cheapest Plan
#2.Amarkets imgPayingYes$10
#3.Amarkets imgPayingYes$10
$4. Amarkets imgPayingYesVariable
Our RatingName of CompanyStatusChoose PoolCost of Cheapest Plan

Important things to take note of:

Every new industry has to attract scam elements, and the Cryptocurrency industry is not an exception.

As we speak, there are different categories of scams in this industry. The inexperienced investor isn’t safe at all if they decide to venture on Cryptocurrency cloud mining without first seeking advice.

The scams range from phony coins (Tokens or ICOs that go nowhere) to mining rigs and contracts that will never make you any money.

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In short, there is a plethora of ways to steal your money on the internet.

And as with any industry, scammers have to stay on top of the game. That’s why it’s very difficult to recognise what is a scam and what is not a scam.

So here at, we conduct a thorough analysis of any company that claims to offer Cryptocurrency cloud mining contracts to their users.

If we have any reason to suspect that the company in question isn’t meeting our criteria, it won’t appear on the list above.

The same applies to mining farms and equipment. Most of these companies claim that they either own or rent mining hardware so as to facilitate their cloud mining operations.

When we learn that a Cryptocurrency cloud mining company is supposedly owning mining rigs at a physical place somewhere in the planet, our job is to investigate and ascertain whether or not that company owns mining rigs as claimed on their site.

In fact, this is quite easy to find out. We use a combination of tactics and tools to help us achieve this goal. And most of the time, we have found that these companies don’t even have mining rigs as claimed on their sites.

We’ve often discovered that the phony ones have nothing other than a website where they run their ponzi scheme operations from.

The same applies to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency cloud mining companies claiming that they rent mining hardware for the sake of their investors.

The phony ones simply do nothing to multiply their investors’ money. They don’t want to keep collecting money from members of the public and spending it to building or rent mining rigs. This is typical of websites that are here for a short term.

Also, the phony ones have a dubious track record. They often get bashed on social media and Cryptocurrency forums where victims claim that they invested and when they requested for a payout, the company in question simply ignored their request.

Others have also processed payouts successfully but for a limited period of time. Once the owner of the company realized that they could no longer afford to pay out members, they resorted to outright thievery where they accepted new deposits and ensured that no payout left their bank accounts.

Why you are at a high risk if you ignore our advice on this

In early 2014, individuals who wanted to mine Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency bought mining hardware and assembled them at home for their use.

Over time, it proved to be costly to mine Cryptocurrency at home. The cost of electricity and other shortcomings like excessive noise, overheating and hardware maintenance proved to be a challenge.

What happened next? Cloud mining companies came into the picture. These companies started promising individuals that they will eliminate the hustle and only request that you pay them a small fee to sustain their mining operations.

While companies like Genesis mining are some of the most notable pioneers in the industry, most of the companies that joined afterwards turned out to be scams.

Today, there are still very few legitimate Cryptocurrency cloud mining companies that own mining rigs. There are a few companies that actually pay their members.

What you can see on the list above is a collection of companies that have met our criteria and proved several times that they make payouts as a result of conducting mining operations.

1. R1OOK

R100K is not a cloud or crypto mining platform, it’s the best alternative. That’s why we have listed it under our cloud mining list at the very top due to the immense profit investors are getting. It’s the road to $100K that’s making it a success.

Everyone knows for a fact that Bitcoin will hit the $100K mark in the future. And this means we have to be better prepared in what’s to be done. And that’s where the R100K project comes into play.

You only need to get in early as the project commences to earn up to 794 percent in ROI. That’s the biggest profit margin expected in any crypto fund pool. And you now have a chance to join and become an instant crypto investor.

Thanks to cutting edge technology and proprietary trading software, R100K has found a better way of investing with altcoins. The platform uses the rebalancing approach to ensure investors get ahead of the pack.

Advantages of R100K

There are several advantages that come with signing up with R100K, and transparency is one of them. The platform uses Binance for real-time data on how the pool performs thereby letting everyone know of the progress.

With a prop trading algorithm, the software manages to identify the market’s most promising altcoins. It helps the pool invest in these altcoins and making huge profit margins. Hailed for optimizing your portfolio, it’s the best way to engage in Crypto.

Features of the R100K

Now you have to join this platform to enjoy the full benefits of using the rebalancing approach. Apart from transparency, security of funds is guaranteed. With the rebalancing approach your portfolio gets to increase without the risk of liquidation. Also, check out our partner online pokies.

That’s why you have to sign up today and watch as the Bitcoin price hits the $100K mark and increase your ROI.

#2. HappyMiner


HappyMiner is a unique mining company using a modern electricity approach to help mine cryptocurrency efficiently.

There are over 2,800 users with over $360M in withdrawals and thanks to its transparency, the platform is growing in leaps and bounds.

The platform deployed several mining data in Crypto-friendly regions such as Canada, Iceland, and Norway.

All the data centers utilize emerging air and immersion cooling technology to help run the data centers.

You too can join the crypto mining revolution by signing up with HappyMiner today


#3. Binance

Binance Crypto Exchange Platform

Binance Crypto and digital asset trading platform is taking your investment to new levels. The platform is renowned for providing fast and reliable crypto exchange services. Not only are they in the exchange arena, but they now provide several crypto services, which include mining. You can mine, trade, save, and stake your coins all under one roof.

Binance Mining Pool

Binance Mining pool is a platform dedicated to improving the income of miners. The hashrate of all pools is on display in real-time with the Binance security team safeguarding your assets.

Members earn steady earnings thanks to the FPPS, PPS+, and PPS model and instant settlements that help avoid fluctuations in earnings.

And that makes Binance Mining Pool unique from others.

Binance Smart Pool is a new service enabling users to get higher profit by auto-switching hashrate to mine different currencies with the same algorithm.

You can now automatically mine BTC, BCH, and BSV and the final income gets settled in BTC.

Earn crypto with Binance Cloud Mining Pool

Users can now earn mining rewards from Binance’s Cryptocurrency mining pool without purchasing or running crypto hardware.

You pay for hashrate (mining power) via Binance Cloud Mining’s products, and mining rewards are sent to you IMMEDIATELY.

The platform is also enabling users to set up their tokens for distribution. Imagine getting the exposure you need for your tokens. With over a million users, you will get attention from selling your tokens via Binance.

Advantage of Binance

There are several advantages of having this trading platform by your side. Innovation is one as you get to use their services to sell your product. You also get to trade most Crypto assets under one roof. Their trading platform is compatible with every device making it safe and secure

Sign up process

The signup process takes less than five minutes to complete. You need to signup using your email and phone number. Privacy is also key as you get a verification link sent to your email or phone number.

Most clients are satisfied with the creativity that Binance brings to the table. It’s high time that you also start using it as your Crypto investment platform.

#4. IQ Mining (Most Profitable Bitcoin Cloud Mining Service)

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Promo Code:  IQ24XMNY


This Seychelles-based cloud mining company offers affordable cloud mining for all altcoins before trading them into Bitcoin and back to your wallet for profit.


Payouts are issued on the same day at the end of every mining cycle.

There are a number of advantages as to why investors should mine with IQ Mining. One of them is that the company has since adapted bitcoin mining 2.0 technology which generates more Gh/s using less energy. This automatically converts to less cost of electricity and high mining efficiency.

The automated altcoins mining switch technology will always work to your advantage as this setup aims to produce 3 times more power for a very low cost.

IQ mining has put in place several deposits and cashing out methods which should be very convenient for the investor. We advise you to try IQ Mining and see how it works. You’ll be surprised!

Our best advice for you

Sign up with any one of the Cryptocurrency cloud mining services above because all of these companies are legitimate.

Of course you shouldn’t expect to be millionaire overnight. Your profits depend with how much you’re willing to invest and many other factors too.

So if you can do your part, the rest shall fall in place because your investments are in the hands of legitimate companies that actually mine altcoins.

Drop a comment or email us if you need anything.

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  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
      1. They scamed me twice .1 When they change all my life contracts to 1 year contracts and second time when they stop ZEC mining and put minimal Withdraw on that lv that i can hit in 2039

  2. This is a great site.The company has since adapted bitcoin mining 2.0 technology which generates more Gh/s using less energy. This automatically converts to less cost of electricity and high mining efficiency.So I loved this company…

  3. IQ Mining is one of the best cryptocurrency mining services I had experienced. I enjoyed my mining experience here. I purchased one of their plans and my profit really increased! Thanks to this mining service. Best cloud mining company to be trusted.
    I highly recommend this mining company for everyone.

  4. provides the best service ever i had known it very well interms of mining services. I have really got satisfied with the lot of experiences and knowledge found here. I have purchased some plans also . Really a good site to visit and experience .. I suggest everyone to try this forever. Its trustworthy.

  5. Hash Power Factory is best cloud mining company available till date.Its has best features like, we can add transaction records to Bitcoin’s public ledger of past transactions. This ledger of past transactions is called the block chain as it is a chain of blocks. Bitcoin transactions from attempts to re-spend coins that have already been spent elsewhere. I am totally love with this company’s mining features and their amazing plans.
    I suggest other miners to use this company for long term investment.

  6. BEST THING EVER!I found this best cloud mining company. In Super Simple Mining, first bought a small plan and i got some money off it. then i switched to a large plan and i started to make some cold hard cash! if you dont believe just try the small package first! this is the best!
    Highly recommend for everyone!!!!`

  7. IQ Mining is a legit bitcoin mining company.I am so happy as I am a qualified member with a medium plan.I am daily earning about 0.0012 bitcoins from this company and you could earn more too . A trusted company with speedy withdrawal system and a faucet. Thank you IQ Mining.

  8. This is one great cloud mining company.I suggest my friends and my family to do this. I first had some doubts about all the reviews given above,but now I am crystal clear that cloud mining company is absolutely genuine and profitable.I just bought a medium plan and they gave a large profit

  9. I am an small plan customer and now felling proud for the investment. I’m getting paid about 0.0022 btc daily and cash out monthly. Feeling very happy, I suggesting to all my friends to invest at Hashpowerfactory; earn more

  10. This site is one of the trusted mining sites for bitcoin mining, I strongly recommend you people come and join Hash Power Factory to boost up your earnings. I have invested in the small plan of this company initially & now in return I am getting return daily BTC 0.003400 which of course is a big profit.

  11. Trustable cloud mining company which is legit and actually works properly without any flaws.I am a big plan customer and now felling proud for the investment.I’m getting payed daily and cashout as I like. I am totally satisfied with Hashpowerfactory features, plans and everything. Highly recommendable.

  12. I’ve tried using many platforms, but none like It is a very easy to use platform. Super fast in the administration and use of its features. The best thing about Hashpowerfactory is its reliability, it is a page that you can buy from small plans to ones with higher investment, but with big profits.

  13. 5 STARS. I bought medium plans from Super Simple Mining and i’m amazed how it worked for me,i’m still mining like crazy and i’m making myself rich,really great company,i almost got 1 bitcoin,im close to it,try this like i did,god bless

  14. Highly recommendable cloud mining company for everyone. Super Simple Mining is the best mining company till now. So, it is much trustable and legit to invest your money. Enjoy your high profit with this mining company.

  15. IQ Mining site is absolutely perfect cloud mining site and I think this is best-rated mining site. I’m a large plan customer on this site and now I’m earning on daily basis with a profit of daily 0.003564BTC by cloud mining. And I’m feeling really proud that I invested on this cloud mining company.

  16. Was skeptical at first, but after using Hashpowerfactory for a little over a week I can say they’re honestly the best cloud mining service out there. Was really surprised how much my margins increased, would definitely recommend and use again.

  17. Is is a very good company. Its job is to investigate and ascertain whether or not that company owns mining rigs as claimed on their site. This is typical of websites that are here for a short term. It is the best cloud mining company. I have purchased some of the plans at

  18. Gracias por su valoracion de todas las empresas que minan, ha sido de gran ayuda; quiero saber si tienen referencia de Bits2u, empresa peruana la cual manifiesta esatar legalmente constituida en ese pais, graias

  19. Once we buy hashing power from Supersimplemining, we also have the option of withdrawing your coins and investing in other smart mining contracts when we want to. It is a very good site. I highly recommend all of u people. This is one of the best site that I have visited.

  20. I strongly recommend as an alternative way to earn money other than my boring 9-5 office job. I have only bought multiple small plans but I have been earning on average 0.083 bitcoin per day. I am planning to upgrade to the medium plan in the near future as it’s just simply wonderful!

  21. In today’s world of crypto-currency, IQ Mining is one of the best of best online company for mining cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH and other as well. at very affordable package rate. And their customer support is very reliable and replies in no time. Overall great trusted company. I would Highly Recommended This Cloud Mining Company.

    1. hi Martins,

      you just need to create an account with them at, buy any hash power plan of your choice and activate your plan. if you experience any issues, their support is always available to assist.

  22. Hola, alguien sería tan amable de explicarme cómo se hace para transferir las ganancias desde Cpuwin a Blockchain, soy nuevo en esto y he estado minando desde mi teléfono por más de un mes, ahora no se como transferir las ganancias, gracias por toda la ayuda posible.

  23. buenas que opinan de que veo que no lo mencionan y en youtube hay mucha gente trabajando con esta plataforma?

  24. warning, supersimplemining does not pay me.
    I bought a STANDARD PLAN that did not register in the back office.
    Since 3 weeks I ask for the refund.
    I have no answer.

  25. no tengo idea poder entrar en IQ Mining y poder invertir la empresa viene en ingles…al principio puede escoger hablar en español…. pero al registrarte me lleva a un sitio donde no puedo hablar español¡ que puedo hacer quien puede ayudarme?? gracias espero tu ayuda¡¡ sr.nicolas

  26. Buenas tardes, estoy interesada en invertir en bitcoin, minería pero estoy dudando de cual es la más confiable y de como tengo que hacer, muchas gracias

  27. Me parece muy interesante, estoy interesado a invertir; pero cuanto es el mínimo para empezar? tambien quisiera saber si la empresa asigna un asesor para hacer minería o es que la empresa realiza todo el trabajo

  28. laquelle de ces societes mineures des cryptomonnaies { Hashpowerfactory et IQ mining } est la plus recommandee en fonction ses plans d’investissements? merci pour la reponse

      1. oui, j’y suis inscrit, mais je n’arrive pas à retirer mes mes premiers bénéfice pour pouvoir commencer l’affiliation avec preuve à l’appuis.

  29. Thank you for this info,I have been scammed through out the year,I will definitely choose one or two of the mining platforms,thank you.

  30. Finora sono soddisfatto delle condizioni fornite dallo scambio Un ringraziamento speciale al supporto per le raccomandazioni e i consigli.

  31. Have you heard of a company called cryptomineoption?? They were trying to get me to invest with them but I don’t think it’s legit. Someone messaged me on IG and they were promising big numbers, like give $200 get back $3,000 in 48 hours. I’m new to this but I don’t think that it’s legit. Any idea?

    1. But do you realize that this is a 1500% return in 48 hours…how in the world can you think that is legitimate?

  32. I opened an account on IQMining, the income is very good, but the fee maintenance is equal or higher than the income, the answer IQMining gave me is, the effect of bitcoin price and the hashrate difficulty, only if bitcoin rises you’ll get an income

  33. hashpoweredfactory changed its name to crypto tech group ltd and has been struck off in the UK on the 20th October.

  34. good list of profitable services, but let me introduce one more service from my top. Hashmart ( promising cloud mining service. just try and make a fair review about your experience there.

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