ProfitFarmers Review: A Genuine Crypto Copy Trader?

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ProfitFarmers Review: A Genuine Crypto Copy Trader?

A new Crypto copy trader tool is here, and the results are impressive, to say the least. ProfitFarmers is what’s buzzing in the Crypto trading world. From the onset, traders have started falling in love with this crypto trader. For those who are new to digital currency trading, worry no more. The amazing tool will help both expert and newbie digital currency traders to reach their profit goals. Read this detailed and thorough Profit Farmers review for more information.

ProfitFarmers Team/ Review

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UPDATE: ProfitFarmers is FREE! Sign up today!

About ProfitFarmers

Developers of the platform wanted to create a hassle-free profitable trading experience for crypto traders. What better way to do so than by using an advanced tool that massively cuts out the time, confusion, and hassle. With this platform, users get to copy trading signals with a 78% historic win rate, produced by their algorithms and experts. Users are saving hours while setting up their trades thanks to ProfitFarmers copy-trade integration with

Stop trading around the clock! The platform tracks prices 24/7, waiting to place your even when you’re not around.

Once you land on their homepage, it’s easy to see why the platform is legit. The entire presentation of information is available for everyone. Users can easily navigate the website thanks to the aesthetically appealing homepage. Information is straightforward and there is a video to help with the information. From the look of things, we can tell that this is a legit trading platform. Ensure you read through the entire information to get a better understanding of what the platform offers. 

Binance and Profit Farmers

When it comes to the safety of funds, this is a priority for all traders. The team behind this knows and has partnered with Binance to ensure member’s funds are well protected. All the trade on this platform takes place on the Binance exchange. It shows the level of transparency with this platform, which is impressive. Members have full control of their money as the money piles up in their wallets. Profit Farmers is designed to keep the system honest and transparent with every trade. No one will be able to fake their results using the Binance Wallet.

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There’s API integration with Binance, which allows members to follow trading signals. Members don’t need to worry about the transfer or withdrawal of funds. API integration does not have the capability of having access to your Binance wallet. Thanks to API technology, both the platforms track prices of crypto coins and exchange data. The platform will view your wallet balance and create trade orders on your behalf. It is imperative to note that ProfitFarmers does not have access to your secret keys. The crypto copy trader tool will not be able to transfer or withdraw funds without your approval.

Comments from users

Profit Farmers Comments and Feedback

Profit-Farming success has been felt all over the world thanks to world-class copy trading services. Most claim the system does a great job in cutting losses and offers accurate crypto signals. And this is not the end of it; most crypto trading forum groups are also heaping praise on the system. Steward Townsend and Mads Singers even gave a video detailing their success with the platform. Take a look as these are real users who have won big with the system. It could as well be you after signing up and testing the platform.

Developer of the app

Mathew Tansley is the brains behind this wonder Crypto copy trader system. There is a group of professional Crypto traders who are behind this platform. Mathew and his team have over a combined ten years of Crypto trading. The reason behind this platform was to make newbie investors get involved in the lucrative Crypto market. We give kudos to his team for coming up with a near-perfect copy trader platform.

Discover money-making opportunities with Profit Farmers

With their accurate trading signals, this is another way of making money with Crypto trading. They are called ‘seed signals.’ Users get detailed instructions of what crypto coins to buy and when to sell them. Users also get the chance to use ProfitFarmers Signal Copy-Trading. This enables their software to place buy and sell trade orders for you based on the signals’ data. This even includes a stop-loss function, which will automatically sell your coins if the price starts going too far in the wrong direction.

Extra tools with the copy trader

Users don’t need to conduct heavy research on the crypto market; the platform does it for them. Price Action Scanners (PAS) quantifies 100 percent of Crypto values into easy to comprehend data. Instead of spending hours flipping through trading charts, members get a colored coded view displaying which coins show profitable price trends. There are also warning signals which means members should stay away from them. Relative Strength Index Scanner (RSI) helps show overbought and oversold assets. It helps members get in on the action before the entire market is aware.

Signal rate with the Crypto copy trader

Once again, the platform has done an amazing job in backing up its claims. ProfitFarmers offers a money-back guarantee if their signals don’t win 60 percent of the time during your first 30 days as a member. With the Crypto trading world seeing immense growth, this is really good proof of profitability to give you that peace of mind when joining the platform.


Features of ProfitFarmers

Their algorithms identify high-the highest probability trade opportunities and place them on the dashboard as trading signals. Members get access to an entire library of videos and guides providing detailed trading instructions and education about how to act on this data. Crypto copy trading is a new breakthrough in the digital currency trading world. Only a few competitors do so and ProfitFarmers accuracy level is wanting. Over the past year, they’ve achieved a 78% signal win rate, meaning an average of 78/100 signals hit one or more of their take-profit targets.

Pros of ProfitFarmers

Available Pricing

UPDATE: ProfitFarmers is NOW FREE

ProfitFarmers is offering users three plans to choose from. The plans are divided into monthly, quarterly, and yearly and all have enticing benefits. For the monthly plan, users pay $299 per month. The quarterly plan comes with 33 percent savings, as users would get $1192 in annual savings. The price of the quarterly plan is set at $200. With the yearly plan, membership costs $167 a month, saving $1589 over a year. Remember that the platform offers a money-back guarantee with all the plans.

Contact and support

Help is available thanks to the professional service the platform offers. Users can get in touch with the help desk using various mediums such as live chat and email. For those looking to make contact via social media handles, ProfitFarmers is available on all major platforms. The platform ensures that users get a response within one business day. There are many reviews explaining that users have been happy with the feedback and help they have received from support, even helping them to make more profitable trades with the software!

ProfitFarmers Plans and Pricing


Mobile app available

The vendor has ensured that traders who prefer to trade on the go are fully covered. The android mobile app is available for all smartphones, and a full-functioning version of their web app works on any mobile browser. It goes in line with the view to make the platform compatible with all devices. Thanks to the mobile version, millions of traders can now get access to this system.

Results and Performance with ProfitFarmers

Profit Farmers Trading Performance and Results

Thanks to their transparency, the platform does update its results and performance. A closer look at their result’s page reveals the success of this platform. There have been over 1300 completed trades with over 1,000 of them being profitable trades. The platform does indicate that there have been 300 losers which is a small number. With every investment comes a risk only that their risk is small and covered in the first 30 days. Users can look at their results page and see how impressive the copy trader system performs.

Should traders use ProfitFarmers?

After all said and done, the results speak for themselves. ProfitFarmers is an ideal and reliable Crypto trading platform. Traders are lucky to have a platform that fully commits to helping them make a profit. It’s a great system that Mathew and his team have developed to make Crypto trading easier.

Bottom line

We highly recommend using this Crypto trading platform as it’s a proven platform. Make sure to sign up with it and start enjoying the benefits of a genuine platform designed to make you more profitable!

Visit ProfitFarmers Here

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Our entire team wishes everyone a happy and prosperous trading experience. 

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    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds

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