Profits Oracle Review: Don’t Get Involved in this Scam

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Profits Oracle Review: Don’t Get Involved in this Scam

Profits Oracle 2023 Review Update: Sadly, the website went offline with member funds. Everyone lost funds with the platform.

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We’ve discovered yet another shady money-making system called Profits Oracle. Profits Oracle is supposed to be a Cryptocurrency trading system. It was allegedly invented by someone called William Foster. Of course it’s hard to trust that such a person even exists in the first place. Scammers simply come up with imaginary characters who can be used in the promotion video to mislead traders. Therefore, we do not want to believe for a second that William Foster is the real person behind this software.

However, his story doesn’t end here yet. There are more interesting things to say about this character. He claims to be a MIT graduate and also a former Citi employee who happened to have the brains to devise a winning trading system that targets Cryptocurrency price changes.

We cannot confirm his real identity yet. And that means his academic and professional background cannot be verified as well. Possibly this is just a hoax. It seems that all scammers are coming from MIT these days. Everyone wanting to snatch money from you on the internet will claim that they went to MIT for their graduate studies.

Moving forward, this mysterious character claims that their trading system never losses a single trade. It supposedly opens trades when they have a 96.8% chance of ending in the money.

Unfortunately, this statement is mathematically incorrect. If this software has never lost money, then it should only open trades that have 100% chance of winning.

Also, that win rate is so high and ridiculous. Even if we believed this story, it would still not make sense because such win rate in trading systems simply do not exist.

Profits Oracle review

There is a rule of thumb that we have always taught our readers here. Each time you come across a web page supposedly put together by a self-made millionaire who begs to make others rich for a small amount of money, you should ignore them completely. This is clearly a scammer. Why can’t they use their knowledge to generate money for themselves? Do they have to involve anyone? Does it mean the market won’t work for them if they don’t involve people who will use the so-called Cryptocurrency trading system. We highly doubt this.

Profits Oracle

The other thing that did not make sense was the 96.8% winning probability and at the same time the software doesn’t lose any trade.

You see, if this fake guy can come up with a certain figure suggesting that Profits Oracle has a certain winning rate, then he can only do so based on the past performance of the trading system in question.

Is there any evidence to suggest that Profits Oracle trading system has been tested in the past? Absolutely no. The website does not give us any trading results as far as this software is concerned. Therefore, we can only wonder where this win rate came from. Lack of transparency is our biggest concern when it comes to reviewing trading systems like Profits Oracle.

Also, we have said time and again that such high win rates don’t exist in trading software. If you come across a self-made millionaire peddling a trading system that supposedly has a 96.8% win rate, you should ignore them because the truth is the exact opposite of what they are telling you. If you do not want to be disappointed later on, your best bet would be to avoid getting into such deals. They cost money, they lose money.

The point here is, you cannot have a robot that wins all trades. The world has never seen such a robot, and Profits Oracle is definitely not the invention.

The person behind this operation

Well, this Foster guy is a character. The person behind this character is the scammer. They have used the name of a character to push their evil agenda forward.

As you might have suspected, the owner of this website is not called Foster. In fact, his details are completely hidden from the public. Even a check will not help us identify him.

But it’s quite ironical that he is willing to introduce himself on his website. This is definitely a fake name. No one can trust Profits Oracle or any of the things that the anonymous presenter is talking about. We can’t be so gullible.

This software is illegal

Now, this probably caught you by surprise because people are free to use any software they want. But to protect yourself against scammers who want to exploit you, you should know that anyone claiming that they can make you money with Cryptocurrencies should seek a license and start operating an official investment advisory company.

If that license is not available and the entity is still insisting on offering investment services to the masses, the entity is clearly breaking the law.

The question we should be asking is this: where is this man’s license? We are afraid that ”Foster” doesn’t have it. Even if they applied for one, they wouldn’t get it. Scammers simply don’t bother seeking a license because that’s not what they are hosting this website for.

The other thing is that Profits Oracle is being sold for about $80 and there is a 60-day refund period. This guy is simply giving you a huge window period to make you reluctant so that by the time you ask your money back, they will have withdrawn it and disappeared. Also, the payment system which they could be using may not have a feature for holding funds until everything clears and both parties are satisfied.

Generally, Profits Oracle is a risk. Given the red flags above, we can’t pay the amount to get it. It’s not worth wasting money, and definitely our time is precious.

Our best advice for you

You want to trade Cryptocurrencies profitably? Just make use of these trading robots instead. We are recommending them here because they have been proven to work. But with Profits Oracle, nothing has been proven. In fact, the only thing we have proven is that it has a fake owner.

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