Profits Run Review: Get-Rich-Quick Forex School With No Proven Track Record!

Profits Run Review: Get-Rich-Quick Forex School With No Proven Track Record!

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Have you heard of this Forex school called Profits Run Inc? It’s on Google. Just type its name and it will show up together with the location of their headquarter, address and even contact info.

Now, this review is very important for those who know Profits Run but haven’t tried the school yet.

Let’s be honest, we are here to make money off the Forex market. If it’s a zero sum game, then you better be on the safe side to make money.

However, signing up to a Forex school like Profits Run Inc is not the best thing you can do to be on the safe side.

We also understand that these sentiments are controversial, and we know that one of their representative will comment on this article sooner or later.

Nevertheless, we will get down to opinions that are supported by nothing but facts on this school.

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Profits Run Inc: The truth about this Forex school

This virtual smorgasbord is operated by none other than Bill Poulos. It’s a get-rich quick scheme which sells education programs on Forex futures.

The first impression you will get on their website is that they have something for everyone.

If you want to scalp Forex and become rich, they are there for you. You can even ”grow richer” by learning how to trade stock options.

Finally, Profits Run can make you ”fabulously wealthy” by using their super-accurate trade indicator in the Forex market.

Now, here’s an overview of who Bill Poulos is.

Don’t be fooled by his flamboyant profile. However, for the sake of reinforcing what he said, we will just describe him as follows:

He is a true carnival barker, ”commanding” the world of Forex trading with over ”17 years of experience” on his back.

His job is to target and hustle the naive and desperate in making Forex money. He targets both young, old, retired you name it.

The school is so ”successful”, thanks to the fact that Mr. Bill is well equipped with boiler room salespeople who employ aggressive marketing tactics to help achieve his end.

These salesmen will not hesitate to promise you easy riches. They claim to have a simple copy-paste Forex trading system that will help you recoup the cost of your education at their school, and so you don’t need to worry because you’re in the right path already.

What surprises us is that these guys don’t even have a track record of ever trading the markets successfully.

Apparently, this has not gone well with the public. As a result, Mr. Bill has earned the title of a con man and a charlatan who doesn’t have the slightest amount of integrity.profits run owner

What is Profits Run?

It’s a school that offers trading educational courses. It’s run out of Wixom, Michigan and headed by Bill Poulos.

A website called Archive.Org reported that this school had appeared on trading educational scenes back in the year 2001.

This school is offering a wide range of ”Forex products and services” which can be virtually accessed.

According to Profits Run, there is always something for everyone. And guess what, their courses are very expensive — and always having odd numbers for their fees.

They offer Market Mastery Course 2.0 which goes for $1997. That’s an odd figure.

They have Portfolio Prophet Course. It goes for the same price as Market Mastery Course 2.0.

They have ETF Income Engine, a copy-paste trading system that claims to earn 457.5% return for the capital invested.

Options Income Engine earns you 5% return each month. It’s still a copy-paste trading system.

Forex Profit Caster is another revolutionary system that delivers massive FX profits on a daily basis, and this is ”guaranteed”.

Each one of these courses cost $1,997 to learn. However, this is just a brief list as they purport to offer many more courses which we have not mentioned here.

Ultimately, those who want to learn the secrets of Mr. Bill Poulos himself should pay $16,000 which will get them the ultimate Profits Running coaching.

This package is supposed to guide you every step of the way so that you won’t be alone anymore.

Profits Run is also marketed on social media as well. It is operated on YouTube (, on Facebook ( and on Twitter (

Their Facebook updates have a few likes. But you will never see any comments there, which makes us suspect that they are involved in buying likes.

How are they marketing Profits Run?

Do not make a mistake of describing Profits Run as a company that offers trading educational course and resources.

Otherwise, that would be like describing Coca Cola as a company that only sells bottled water.

On the other hand, we could state that this is a massive sales and promotion franchise, and they do have a budget to fund these activities as well.

First off, this website is nothing other than an internet marketing scheme. They just happened to offer trading educational courses along the way.

They have lots of products and services by the way. These cannot be counted, literally.

If statements are anything to go by, then we can say that indeed Profits Run first appeared on the trading educational scenes back in 2001.

According to reliable sources on the web, this ”school” has an ”infinite” number of products that is hard to list down.

Those who have attempted to list them down have often noticed that some of those products don’t exist anymore.

It’s like this: you build a list of their products and services today. However, when you revise this list several months down the line, you realize that you can’t account for certain products which disappeared on the company’s portfolio of products.

It has therefore come to our notice that Profits Run is good at coming up with creative ways of marketing their products and services.

They use Google ads spruced up with keywords related to trading and making money at home opportunities.

Of course Google won’t refuse to take their money. Secondly, they use Money show seminars/traders expo to raise awareness. Lastly, they purchase email subscribers. They co-promote with others who are in this industry as well.

We don’t have proof of verified performance yet

To promote their investment products, they resort to making bold statements with promises that make users think that Profits Run will be their ultimate ticket to quick financial freedom.

We were able to watch one of Bill Poulos’ webinar where he stated that his school has already helped some 1,700 students trade the markets successfully as a means of earning a living.

He also claims that multiple other users are simply copy-pasting trades from their snake oil master software, and they are reaping success a big time.

So, does this man has proven success record in trading? The disappointing answer is No, he doesn’t.

We tried contacting him on multiple occasions about this matter. He ignored our probing questions but finally replied with one brief answer.

He said that his website was out there for ”educational purpose only”.

Our Best Advice for You

As you can see, Profits Run is not a profitable school for teaching you how to trade FX.

It’s one of the worst schools that we ever encountered while doing reviews on Forex schools.

On the same note, we are recommending a good Forex school for you if you want to really learn in an authentic environment. Do not be fooled by Profits Run boiler room salesmen.

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2 Replies to “Profits Run Review: Get-Rich-Quick Forex School With No Proven Track Record!”

  1. DONT BUY THE COURSE!!!! Its an an easy download from CBOE. just copy the stock names from excel and paste them into finviz. sort the stocks to your preference on finviz and you have the same thing bill is doing for you.

  2. Bill Poulos Profits Run/Instant Options Income
    This is my personal experience with the weekly options trading platform only.
    I am an inexperienced options trader that purchased the program after listening to Mr. Poulos explain the program. He told me exactly what I wanted to hear, and I was very excited to purchase the program and begin using it. I am profoundly disappointed to report that it does not work as Mr. Poulos presents it.
    The time frame is August 10th through December 22nd, (4 ½ months). I funded my account with TD Ameritrade with $8000 and followed his directions explicitly. The guarantee is that you may get a refund for any reason within 60 days. You can also get a refund after trading for one year if you send him all of your trading confirmations and your Welcome Packet. First off, 60 days isn’t long enough to know if the program works so I ignored that deadline. Secondly, I did not open my welcome packet for almost a month, and when I did open it the box was empty.
    He does not do any business on the phone. Everything is done on email. There are a lot of different trading platforms and you must figure it out for yourself how to translate his recommendations into actual trades.
    So what happens when you follow his recommendations? Mostly frustration. Your trades will not fill. He may very well have a track record of winning trades that is over 70% but you don’t make any money if your trade doesn’t fill. He occasionally addresses this online by telling you to be patient. He says that about half of your orders will fill over a period of a year. This week there were four options recommended and I had two of the four options fill, both lost money and to date I am over $4000 down. Add that to the $2500 I have given to Mr. Poulson and I have a $6500 deficit after only 4 1/2 months.
    What he tells you in his sales pitch is not an out right lie. He is guilty of omission. He doesn’t give you all the facts.
    What you get on a regular basis are more sales pitches to buy more of his other programs. He uses the same sales pitch to sell more programs. He tells you how tired you must be of using the same old program that just doesn’t work. He is correct. But the problem is that it’s the program I purchased from him that doesn’t work.
    Being an incurable optimist, I still think there may be a way to make money with the weekly options by buying spreads. I wanted what he was selling, simplicity and very little time expense. Not happening.

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