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Project Regain is a typical Ponzi scheme that claims to be an ICO company. The platform claim they have a method that can resolve the problems that small mining industry experience while undertaking their investment venture. The company seems not genuine, and it is only after investors’ money.

Instead of helping, they are defrauding as many people as they can. However, their website does not seem professional, and it has inadequate information. The only thing we could find is marketing content all over their webpage.

It is easy-to-navigate as they have portioned the platform. The company seems to have disappeared from the market as we attempted to check for any traces we were not successful. It is another waste of cyberspace.

In this review, we will discuss in detail their shady operations. The coin that they intend to sell to investors is not listed on their platform. Project Regain is bragging that they want to regain the BTC market by ensuring investors realize and utilized the market.

Project Regain Review

The company allegedly wants to provide an opportunity for all clients to enter the industry and become part of Bitcoin investors. Many scammers are making a good Fortune by enticing innocent, naive investors into believing they are legit while, in reality, they only want to steal their money. only trust legit mining companies that has a mining history.

If you are considering buying tokens from Project Regain, we would advise you not to waste your time. The company is another Ponzi scheme that doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. All their claims are vague.

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“etbot" Review, Project Regain Platform

The shady platform believes that the reason that Bitcoin is not acquiring as many investors as they should it is due to its volatility nature. Nonetheless, this is not correct, as, in the past few years, we have seen a revolution in the cryptocurrency sector.

An infinite number of clients are joining the industry. Despite the mining sector not being profitable as it used to be, we can still see the mass adoption. Several legit cloud mining companies have been in the market for the most extended period possible.

They do not promise investors outrageous profits, and the quality of services that the platforms are offering is top-notch. The investment platforms will see you through in your venture. Regardless of Project Regain claims to provide equal grounds for small scale investors to be able to compete with the big fish in the market, they haven’t made any effort to prove the allegation.

The company markets itself as an entity that will resolve all the problems in the industry. The platform believes that when many people embrace the digital currency, the prices will be stable. Their main goal is to increase the amount of Bitcoin by eliminating volatility.

How does Project Regain Operates?

With their ambitious claims, it would be wise to ask yourself how does the website work? The company state that they will sell their tokens REG to their clients. Hence, by doing this, they will create an opportunity for all customers to enjoy their mining rewards.

Project Regain additionally claims the money it collects from investors will be used to purchase mining hardware as well as cater to the maintenance cost. They promise that when the contract ends, it will share the profit with their customers.

The company has an attractive marketing strategy. It guarantees that they will only use 40% of the total investment as a retain, while 60% will be distributed to their customers. Unfortunately, when you trust them with your money, the only thing you will get is significant losses.

The question that we have is, what guarantee does Project Regain provide? In the past, we have seen ICO companies that sell useless tokens to investors. It does not cost anything to generate fake coins. However, you cannot exchange the currency for real money or with other cryptos like Bitcoin.

That being said, you will realize that you have wasted your money. The tokens that you buy will not be backed by anything. The company failed to disclose its mining activities. The location and mining gadgets are not discussed anywhere on their website.

Lack of transparency is an indicator that you are dealing with a Ponzi scheme. The investment venture is destined to fail, and the likelihood of them being in the market shortly is very minimal.

Customer Support and Regulation

The platform is accepting funds from investors across the world. However, for any investment company to operate legally, they need to acquire several regulatory documents from relevant bodies. Project Regain does not showcase any license on the website.

Surprisingly even the location they are operating from is hidden from investors. The company is operating in a murky manner and only cause more distrust. The platform does not feature any contact details that you can use when you need to enquire.

A platform that does not has excellent customer support services should not be your first choice. Moreover, we checked with the various financial watchdog in the market to see if the company is licensed; unfortunately, Project Regain is not in their database. Refrain from depositing funds in their system.

Is Project-regain Legit or scam?

The ICO company is not transparent, and there are many things it has not clearly outlined. The rundown chargers they subject to their clients is not stated. Investors need a guarantee that they will receive an earning after venturing in any company.

Project Regain does not build trust with members of the public. Clients need to know what they are getting themselves into before depositing funds in any system. The company is also not reputable in the industry despite its handsome promises.

No matter how you see them, facts remain, the platform is not trustworthy. Every investment venture must encounter losses, and what most of the companies are doing is diversifying investors’ money to reduce the risks.

The current price of crypto will affect the total return that you will receive. Moreover, there is a stiff competition in the mining sector. The only people who seem to be making most of the profits is the large-scale companies. Retail investors have to wait for a more extended period to make decent earnings.

Project Regain is nothing but a pure Ponzi scheme that is being operated 100% anonymously. If the company exit the market, no one will be able to trace them. The reason why the majority of this investment platform fails to disclose the people behind the operation is to avoid being put behind bars.

No one will take up the responsibility for the losses that investors will make. The company has over five people who claim to be the founders. Unfortunately, when we searched for their way about, we couldn’t find any tangible evidence that they exist.

Final verdict

Project Regain is a messy ICO investment entity that wants to steal funds from investors. It will not survive the market for an extended period. It does not make any attempt to gain the trust of their customers. The company is anonymous and does not have any contact detail that can be used to reach them, always investment with legit mining companies that has a mining history. The firms will offer you better services.

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