ProuFX Review: Barred Forex Scam

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ProuFX Review: Barred Forex Scam

ProuFX ( is a brutal Forex scam platform targeting unsuspecting online investors. Prou FX is professing to be an innovative online broker with over 250+ assets to choose from. With such kind of big claims, investors have signed up without taking a second guess. Members who signed up a while back are now crying foul with this trading platform. Read this genuine and honest PROUFX Review and get more details.

ProuFX Review

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ProuFX Review

After complaints started flying in from all corners of the world, we knew trouble was brewing. With over twenty members complaining of access being blocked, we had to investigate. ProuFX is closing accounts which have a balance of over $500. With such a trading platform, it is clear members have fallen for another online trap. Scam artists have been known to clone trading websites and fool investors into signing up. Victims of this scam are posting their grievances in social media pages which is proof of a scam.

Professional scam artists will design a website and fool unsuspecting investors into signing up. What ProuFX is doing started long ago and we know exactly how to spot their tricks. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we can expose these scam artists for who they are. Investors are easily drawn by empty claims and promises used by scam artists. Most of these claims include the backing of so-called account managers who call potential victims. Get to know more in this detailed and honest ProuFX Review.

About ProuFX

A huge problem with this platform is no one knows where the platform originates from. Anonymity is a scammer’s best friend since it allows them to cheat without being traced. What we have done is try and get the exact location of their whereabouts with little to show for. Information posted at their contact page is not helpful as it only lists a UK phone number. Scam artists are now buying virtual phone numbers to try and fool investors. For all we know, they are practically based in China.

Another shocking revelation with this platform is in regards to who actually owns this platform. No one has come forwards and claimed ownership which is a bit odd. If this was a real trading platform, the founding members would want recognition. It means users are depositing funds to an unknown third party affiliate. Stay away from such anonymous websites as they could be money laundering websites. Who are the actual people running this website?

Is ProuFX licensed or registered?

With an anonymous website, license and registration is always a problem. After carefully checking with the website, it is clear ProuFX is not licensed by any official body. Claims of being based in the UK are cancelled by the UK regulatory body. The FCA has no results of any platform with this name. Scam artists will do or say anything to make their platforms appear regulated. It included posting fake address and contact details.

If Prou FX was a decent broker, they would have posted copies of their license claims. What this means is we are dealing with an illicit broker. How can a valid platform fail to give users their terms and conditions? Safety of funds is a huge problem as no regulatory body will be able to recover stolen funds.

Advantages of ProuFX

We could not find any advantage of trading with an anonymous and unlicensed online entity. You should ensure you stay away from any of their marketing campaigns. Video tutorials used are fake and don’t convey the actual results in the field. Scam artists are taking advantage of newbie investors with over the moon claims. We highly suggest you stay away from this illicit platform.

Disadvantages of ProuFX

Account offered

ProuFX Account Types

ProuFX is furnishing users with four different account types to choose from. Accounts are named Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. A problem with this account types is lack of proper information regarding deposits. What is the minimum deposit required to start trading with any of the accounts?

Demo Account

Another shocking revelation with this platform is having a rigged demo account.  With their rigged demo account, profits soar by 98% with each trade. Truth be told, such profit margins are not possible due to the market volatility. Due to boardroom wars, price changes, politics, and other factors, constant profit margins are impossible to achieve. It is why we are against the use of this illicit platform.

Deposit and withdrawal

Depositing funds with ProuFX is easy and fast. Depository channels include Bank transfer, MasterCard, and Visa. With such easy to access depository channels, members are depositing without a second thought. Withdrawing funds with Prou FX still remains to be the biggest problem. No member has come out with proof of ever withdrawing funds with this platform. Why invest with a platform where withdrawing is next to impossible? It is best to associate with other tested and trusted brokers.

New Generation Trading platform

A problem with their new generation trading platform remains to be testing. Members are signing up to a platform without testing it first. With a rigged demo account, investors are led to believe this is a true and working platform. We have issues with security as well as stability of their custom made platform. With no proof of being stable, we are sure hackers can easily gain access to this platform. .

Are funds safe with ProuFX?

Funds are never safe with an anonymous and unregistered online investment platform. Your chances of being scammed are high with a platform whose owners remain a mystery. Segregation of accounts is also a huge problem as ProuFX is merging assets in one account. Who is in charge of handling funds? Is it possible members are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account? With such unclear details, staying away from this platform is the best option to take.

Is ProuFX a scam?

ProuFX Trading Platform

Evidence clearly point to ProuFX being a scam. It is best to stay away from their marketing gimmicks.

Winding up

Adding this platform will greatly protect our readers from falling into their traps.

Wishing you a safe trading experience.

12 Replies to “ProuFX Review: Barred Forex Scam”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. ProuFX son los mismos que KontoFX, los que me deben 1043€, mientras tanto invito a ver o

  3. Proufx is indeed are not who they say they are. They sold from me over £6000 and interest of another £5000
    You have many different people calling and no one really care. Everything is fake. When I told them I need no interest just what I had put in ….they blocked me. Then gave me a new password and then took out all the money. How do I get back my money?

  4. proufx or uprofx they are the same company i start trading with them in auto-trade on 20/07/2019 i deposit minimum value of 900 eur
    they keep asking me to increase my deposit to benefit from the market opportunity but i did not take any risk and i ask for withdraw to see if they are eligible and i can invest with them larger amount ,on 19/09/2019 i request 500 eur they call me and they ask me to cancel the request as i have open trade so i cancel it , then on 05/11/2019 my account value is 1373 eur i request 1250 ,i dont have any open or pending trade so no excuse my request still pending till now i send my request to customer service and to my account manager still no proper replay , i think they will not send back the money
    am sending this massage now to inform you all that don’t tack a risk with this trading company i did not mention any names because it is not important name will change but the real thing that you will lose your money with them , later on i will write my review in arabic and french for all Arab and french people .
    my name is rabih darghouth, e-mail [email protected]
    hope my review will help you .

  5. Die Handelsplattform UproFX bzw. ProuFX wie sie sich jetzt nennt, ist eine Betrugsplattform der allerschlimmsten Sorte. Ich habe dort seit August 2019 ein Handelskonto auf dem ich in den letzten 5 Monaten 3600 Euro eingezahlt habe. Ende Dezember 2019 hatte ich mehr als 5900 Euro durch angebliche Handelsgewinne gemacht. Dann habe ich das Konto per Email und Einschreiben gekündigt.Seit diesem Tag befindet sich mein Konto durch Manipulationen auf der Website im Sturzflug und wird in wenigen Tagen auf 0 Euro sein. Die Plattform ist eine 100 Prozentige Tochterfirma einer Estnischen Softwareprogrammierfirma mit Sitz in Tallin.Ich habe herausgefunden das die Adresse der Mutterfirma folgende ist:Yield Enterprise Currency Software
    Tallin, Kessklinna Linnaosa, Parda tn 4,10151
    Estland. Ich Persönlich werde, da ich ja die Kontokündigung per Einschreiben gemacht habe, mit einem Rechtsanwalt offiziell gegen die Plattform und ihre Mutter Firma vorgehen. Ich rate euch allen dasselbe zu versuchen. Viel Erfolg !

    1. Hallo Sven Wald,
      Vielen Dank für Ihr Kommentar. Könnten Sie den Namen Ihres Anwalts verraten, denn ich würde mich gern Ihnen anschließen. Danke & beste Grüße

      1. Hallo Ich habe 250€ Einbezahlt hatte Gewinn 450 wollte eine Auszahlung habe kein Geld ausbezahlt bekommend .Betrüger sind das. Mit freundlichen Grüßen D.B

    2. Hallo Herr Wald
      Ich wurde auch massiv betrogen. Können Sie mir Ihren Rechtsanwalt nennen. Würde mich gerne Ihrer Klage anschliessen.

  6. Stop! Finger weg!
    Lassen Sie sich nicht
    von vielversprechenden Online-Artikeln (u. a. Facebook) oder vermeintlich positiven Bewertungen oder freundlichen Brokern mit rein deutschen Namen und starkem osteuropäischen Akzent (!) wie u. a. Christian Kaufmann, Sophie Kettler oder Tobias Schmidt dazu verleiten bei ProuFX vormals UproFX ihr sauer verdientes oder erspartes Geld zu investieren. Es ist dann schlichtweg FUTSCH!! Genauso gut könnte Sie es in den nächsten Gulli werfen!!! Sowohl die professionell aussehende Online-Seite als auch die angeblichen Trades oder der rasante Kapitalzuwachs, den man angeblich live mitverfolgen kann und der sich täglich wie von Zauberhand zu vermehren scheint, sind schlichtweg LUG und TRUG!!! Die Einzahlung geht noch einfach, ob per Kreditkarte oder via Kriptomat, aber das war’s dann auch. Nach ganz viel Süßholzraspeln und netten Telefongesprächen, in denen mein sog. Fibanzberater Christian Kaufmann Vetrauen aufgebaut hatte, habe ich eine noch überschaubare Geldsumme angelegt, die sich innerhalb von 3 Monaten angeblich mehr als verdoppelt hat. Nun wollte ich mir einen Teil des Geldes auszahlen lassen und damit begann der Stress und Ärger. Unverschämte, fast tägliche Anrufe (von einer Frau Anna Wolf und einem Klaus), welche angeblich vom Financial Depatment seien, die zu nichts führten. Mein Finanzberater dagegen war für mich leider nicht mehr zu sprechen. Ich habe nun meinen Account schriftlich und mit sofortiger Wirkung gekündigt (was lediglich per E-Mail möglich ist, da im Impressum keine Adresse angegeben ist), Anzeige bei der Polizei und der BaFin erstattet und werde mich jetzt an die Presse wenden und gerichtliche Schritte gegen die Eigentümerin dieses äußerst unseriösen Portals einleiten. Das soll angeblich Yield Enterprise Currency Software OÜ sein, die ihre Geschäftsanschrift in Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Parda tn 4, 10151 Estonia (Estland) hat. Ich bin gespannt, ob ich je einen Cent wiedersehe, aber die Hoffnung stirbt ja bekanntlich zuletzt! Seien Sie also nicht derart blöd und gierig wie ich es war und meiden Sie ProuFX oder ähnliche Seiten wie z. B. Libra Markets.

  7. ProuFx ist der Nachfolger von Kontofx die seit Ende 2019 ihre Seite gelöscht haben. Die Seite von ProuFx hat die gleichen Merkmale wie KontoFx und auch die gleichen Betrüger sind hier am Werk. Sie wollen das man immer mehr einzahlt, wenn man sein Geld zurückhaben will, wird das Guthaben auf Null gestellt. Ich habe bereits Anzeige bei der Staasanwltschaft gestellt und versuche mein eingezahltes Geld zu retten. Auch KontoFX war in Estland, Tallin zu Hause. Bei ProuFx haben sich nur die Nachnahmen der Berater geändert, ansonsten ist das ganze Geschäftsgebaren wie bei KontoFx man konnte nur über E-Mail mit ihnen verkehren, die Anrufe kamen immer unter von unterdrückten Nummern, Rückrufe waren nicht möglich. Ich möchte jeden warnen bei ProuFX zu investieren. Geld ist weg.

  8. ProuFX är en j*vl* bluff o båg .gå inte på vad de säger ,de bara lurar dig.
    Sätt inte in några pengar hos dem .du blir bara blåst på allt.???
    J*vl* idioter att de får hålla på

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