PSS FX Review: Another Shameful Scam Broker!

PSS FX Review: Another Shameful Scam Broker!

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Pss FX ( is another forex and CFD scam broker site under investigation. We have been receiving complaints from individuals who claim to have lost money with PssFX. One such victim is Robert Koby from New Hampshire. He claims to have deposited with this fake scam broker only to be swindled. Losing money is never a good feeling. We decided to do a thorough investigation and our findings will shock you.

PSS FX Review

Pss FX Review:

This Forex and CFD broker claim to offer members products and services that meets their needs. You should note that they claim PSSFX is an investment bank. During our investigations, a lot of red flags popped up making us question the legitimacy of this website. One of the lies they are spreading is that PSS Group controls the network of PSS subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are not mentioned only that they include affiliate programs.

We are told that PSS Group has several headquarters and none of them is mentioned. Yes, they just claim to have several headquarters whose location remains a mystery. Some of the claims PSS Group does include developing strategies for the group optimization and commercialization of new technologies. They claim their management team has extensive experience in research and brokerage.

Fake Management Team.

Although they claim to have a management team that has a good reputation, no one knows about them. They simply don’t give us details regarding who or where these people are. Don’t you think that this is odd? Why wouldn`t they disclose the names of their expert team members? Simply because none of these so-called expert members exists. They make this claim to simply let us believe PSS FX is legit, which it isn`t.

Who is in their management team?

Another claim is the expert team combines traditional financial center with the competence of an international institution. They also claim to take pride in setting the standards to do business. All these can be found under their management team dashboard. We tried getting a hold of the website to find out more about the expert team members. No response has been received from PSS FX making us question their intentions.

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Is the Client’s Funds Safe?


No, once you deposit your money with PSS FX, you will never get the chance to withdraw it. These people are not following the industry’s rules and regulations. It makes them a dangerous entity that should be wiped out of the face of the earth.

Are Funds Segregated?

Why would they not be part and parcel of the legit Forex trading world? They simply want you to invest your hard-earned money. Once you do so, they will take it and you will never hear from them again.

Segregation of funds is one trading principle that must be adhered to. Since Pss FX is not regulated, there`s no way of proving your funds are segregated. This means your investment is not separated from the company’s bank account. Problem with this is that, once PSS FX goes under, they will take your money with them.

Where are PSSFX Funds Kept?

One of the biggest claims they boast with is that your funds are kept in top-rated banks. They claim that both client and company funds are deposited on separate top-rated international banks. According to their website, these banks enjoy the highest rating from all major credit card routing agencies. Why are they failing to mention the name or names of these international banks?

The simplest reason is this, they don’t keep money in international banks. They keep the money in their own personal accounts. What this also means is that when depositing with them, you are opening yourself up to credit risk. Why? You will be sending money to an unknown entity by giving them your bank account details. This is what scammers are known for.

Fake Additional Protection Incentives.

These scammers have come up with a new way of enticing clients. They claim that they have been issuing guarantee notes to pay clients. One of the companies mentioned is obviously one of them. PSS Trust and Credit Corp. PSS FX promises to guarantee clients up to $50,000 in case of insolvency. Why are they just mentioning their own companies as guarantors? It’s because they know there is no way of contacting them.

Another fake claim PSSFX forex is making is that they offer clients a zero or negative balance protection. If this was the case, people like Robert Koby would still have money in their accounts. All this is promotional material whose intent is to try and legitimize Pss FX as a legit brokerage. Which is far from the truth.


Best advice you can get is to always deal with reliable and trusted Forex brokers. You will never have to worry about losing your investments. Your money is always protected and you’ll never have to worry. Plus, you stand a chance of making real profits with Forex trading. This is the best way for newbies and expert traders who are interested in Forex trading.

Sham Mission Statement.

Claims of offering transparent and reliable execution services are all bull. This scam forex brokerage does not follow strict regulations and trading procedures set. This is why we are publicly denouncing PSS FX as a forex scam. If they are not regulated, no contact details, how then can we trust them?

Another fake mission statement is that they are offering the best executable market prices at all times. This is one lie that is easy to expose. One, market prices are determined by the market, not brokers. Two, market prices can fluctuate at any given time, hence their pricing can be wrong. The promise of making a guaranteed profit due to best prices they offer will never going to happen.

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedure.

From what we have learned, depositing is as fast as blinking an eye. When it comes to withdrawing, this is where crazy things start to happen. We are not told how or where to withdraw money from. Their platform does not offer a withdrawal menu. This is simply a scam that is taking investors money easily.

What we know is that they accept deposits from PayPal, Wire Transfer, and credit cards. This is why we cannot trust PSS FX.

Is PSS FX a Scam?

Yes, PssFX is a scam that you should avoid. We know this to be the case since no one has made any profits with it. All we have received are numerous complaints from people all over the world who have lost money with PSS FX. Plus, the evidence we have produced is proof that we are dealing with professional scammers.

PSS FX Final Verdict.

PSS FX Scam Review

Due to the investigation conducted, we have no other option but to blacklist PSS FX. We urge all newbie and experienced traders to stay away from this fake broker. You will never win any money using this broker. All you are guaranteed to do is lose your hard-earned cash.

We recommend that you use trusted and tested trading robots in exchange for fake brokers. With Forex robots, there’s no intermediary and you stand a chance of making some real money. Always go for reputable Forex trading robots in order to stay safe while trading Forex.

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  1. I do not know how to rate Forex or Bitcoin companies anymore. But I have work with PSSFOREX as an IB over ten year and I have not had any issue. Robert Koby from New Hampshire should write his own story.

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