Revisão do Bitcoin Trade Robot: Comical Scam De fato

Revisão do Bitcoin Trade Robot: Comical Scam De fato

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Bitcoin TradeRobot cannot be trusted as it has all the markings of a money-losing robot. So this review of the Bitcoin Trade Robot will do one thing: confirm to you that this is yet another avenue for joining an unlicensed criptomoeda corretor.

This robot is introduced as one of the best Cryptocurrency trading robots on the internet right now. But we know very well that it cannot qualify to fit in our list of the most recommended trading robots for Cryptocurrencies.

While the site claims that Bitcoin Trade Robot was created by a team of professional Cryptocurrency traders, analysts and programmers, these people are anonymous. That means their experience in this job cannot be confirmed, let alone their professional qualifications.

There is a huge cloud of mystery that has engulfed these faceless developers and programmers. We want to believe that hiding their identities was a plan because this pattern is very consistent with other scam elements which we have seen on this website.

What is more, Bitcoin Trade Robot is allegedly free to use since the owner doesn’t see the need to make any money by selling it. They are creating the illusion that they are reach, and have no need to sell copies of the robot.

The claims and scam markings on this site got us curious. We performed an analysis of the so-called proprietary software to find out the truth. And we can tell you that this truth is really ugly. Here’s what we know at the moment.

bitcointraderobot review

Bitcoin Trade Robot review

Although there are no specific daily profit claims, we still feel that this website is presenting an illusion which will ultimately contribute to you losing some money.

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This is like a dream. Dreams in the area of making money in the Cryptocurrency market are highly elusive. If you thought you could make wealth with a shady trading robot like this one, you could be disappointed because the robot truly lacks what it takes to consistently make money.

We even have a profit table on this site which is allegedly showing how members are making money and not losing a single trade.

Not that we are negative about this product. But the fact that losing trades are part of the game yet this software isn’t showing a single loss is something we cannot take lightly.

Bitcoin Trade Robot cannot possibly win all trades. It cannot have a 100% win rate since this is practically an impossibility.

The sad truth is that no one is using Bitcoin Trade Robot to make any money. It has never been a profitable trading robot.

The end result of using this robot will always leave many victims crying foul because this robot just opened trades randomly and lost money in the process.

It takes a little bit of common sense to see that this is a scam. If the explanation is just too good to be true, then it often means that you’re dealing with a scam.

In this case, the story is too good to believe. To change your life financially, all you need is to sign up with their recommended corretor, then make a deposit and start earning money in your sleep. You don’t need to work more than 20 minutes a day since this software does the hard work for you.

Most importantly, all the alleged users who are active subscribers of this robot are making massive returns on investimentos as a result of using this robot. It is hard to believe. We need to do more investigations to determine if these people are real and actually making the money which they say they are making.

Depoimentos falsos

It cannot surprise you that Bitcoin Trade Robot is using fake testimonials to convince the naive trader. These testimonials are unreasonable and ridiculous. People making over 8k from a small investment of $250 is something we cannot believe. Moreover, these people claim that their win rate has been 75%.

bitcointraderobot testimonials

You do not need to look any further to confirm that their images are nothing but stock photos. Pick any image there and run the link on Google images. You will see that these folks are actually stock photos and not users of Bitcoin Trade Robot. There is no day these guys attempted any form of trading. And if they did, one thing is for sure: they are not users of Bitcoin Trade Robot.

Profit table

Instead of this profit table proving that Bitcoin Trade Robot is a ”high performance software”, it does the opposite by giving us more reasons as to why we should doubt the website.

The table is streaming fake trading results from people who are only mentioned using one name. Moreover, the table does not show any single loss. That is a confirmation that this robot is not real.

Details of the developer

The original developer of this software is someone who creates generic robots for trading. They specifically market them to scammers who then customize the software and sell them out as unique trading bots.

The point is, the crooks who are presenting Bitcoin Trade Robot did not create this robot. They paid someone to do it. The person who did it has no real trading experience. They are just programmers, and programmers cannot be traders. The vice versa is also true.

O que então?

It means this software is a generic app for trading Bitcoin and other altcoins. It simply uses a bunch of indicadores to trade the market. There is nothing special that was added into the algorithm to make signals more accurate. Therefore, it remains that Bitcoin Trade Robot is a collection of indicators. If you don’t know how to trade, you will essentially make losses, just the same way a newbie who uses freely available online indicators does make losses.

Another thing is that the domain of this website is privately registered on That means the owner did not wish to disclose their identity as it could prove to be disastrous.

Bitcoin Trade Robot is therefore owned by an anonymous person whose experience cannot be proved.

Remember that trust is important in this business. And one of the things that lead traders to cultivating trust is when a developer is open and honest with their dealings.

Do not trust someone who has never traded in their whole life to sell you any trading robot, indicator you name it. That could be a financial disaster which you do not want to go through.

What’s the real purpose of these crooks?

Thee crooks have nothing to offer. They are not traders by profession. They are not analysts either. But they are affiliate marketers who plan to earn commissions when you make a deposit with Capital Markets Banc.

Yes, that’s the broker which they are currently affiliated with. By offering a generic trading bot to you for free, they hope that you will make a deposit of $250 which will go straight to this broker’s account. Profits can be split later on while you cry foul that your money disappeared into thin air.

Nosso melhor conselho para você

The reason why Bitcoin Trade Robot did not make it into our list of recommended trading bots for altcoins is because it is a scam. That’s plain and simple.

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