Revisão da CCXMarkets: Crummy Forex Broker Scam Expose

Revisão da CCXMarkets: Crummy Forex Broker Scam Expose

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CCXMarkets ( is a brutal Forex broker scam that should be shut down immediately. CCX Markets has swindled hundreds of Forex investors with their never ending lies of making people rich. Complaints have been sent to us via email by members who have lost a combined $50,000. This is why we dedicated our time to conduct a thorough review of Ccxmarkets. Read this entire review to find out the truth.

CCXMarkets Review

CCXMarkets Review:

As we always say in most of our reviews, it pays to read what experienced traders say about a broker. This is why reviews were invented for newbies to know more about a broker before investing. What these scammers have done is come up with an eye-catching website that easily entices users. Don’t let the homepage fool you as there’s more than meets the eye. Read the tricks used to scam Forex investors.

Claims and promises are what entices most investors into signing up with a fake broker. CCXMarkets has not been left behind in deploying this tactic. Claims of having the world’s largest asset base and a ton of professionals are some of the claims used. However, always ask yourself, is this all true? Could this broker actually be that good? And if so, why the negative chatter on the web?

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Who Owns CCXMarkets?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage, this website is owned by Online Media Solutions LTD. This company is located in Griffith Corporate Centre which is in Beachmont, Kingstown. By their own admission, they reveal that they are indeed an offshore brokerage firm. How can we deal with such a hideous broker who is offshore? Note that offshore brokers are notoriously known for flaunting rules and regulations.

Anonymity is a dangerous portrait to have as a broker. This is when an investor should stop signing up with the broker. Who are the people behind this company? What are the names of so-called experts on their team? If we had names of the people behind this website would have helped immensely. Verification would have been easier for us to know the legitimacy of the people involved.

Is CCXMarkets Licensed or Registered?

CCXMarkets Scam

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CCXMarkets is not licensed or registered anywhere on the face of the planet. In case you get any claims floating around, these are pure lies. Folks, scammers will do or say anything to make their platform appear legit. Why would an offshore broker bother to register themselves with relevant Forex authorities? This broker will want to go around the set rules so that they can defraud investors.

For all we know, regulation bodies worth mentioning have stayed clear of this platform. Most in fact, are on the verge of banning CCX Markets. This is due to the numerous complaints from investors who are being scammed. And this is another clear sign that we are dealing with an unregulated broker. Best thing to do is stay clear of this broker and trade with licensed entities. Thus, your funds will be safe at all times.

Depósito e retirada.

Only thing that CCX Markets got right was the deposit part. They got this area well covered. Investors are given a wide array of options to choose from. This includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UPayCard, and many more. It would seem that this broker wants investors to deposit money with any means necessary. This is not a sign or green light to sign up, wait and read about withdrawals.

When it comes to withdrawing money with this broker, all hell breaks loose. For all we know, there’s no investor who has been able to withdraw money with this broker. Why would they prohibit users from withdrawing their own money? What these scammers have done is use fake excuses to block withdrawals. Now you know better than to sign up with CCXMARKETS.

Conta de demonstração Rigged.

Another red flag that we must mention is that this broker has rigged the demo account. What do we mean by a rigged demo account? This means that they have crippled the demo account to make over 90%-win trades. Don’t think that this is a good thing, let’s us explain why. They do this in the hope that users will eventually open a real account with them. A real account is quite different from their demo account.

Alternatives to Forex brokers can be found in Approved and Genuine Forex Trading Robots. Forex Trading Robots that are Transparent and Trusted are known to make realistic Profit margins. Get Forex Trading Robots that have been tested and vetted by the trading community. Stay safe and trade with ease with Professional Forex Robots that experts and newbies use to make money.

Are Funds Safe with CCXMarkets?

CCXMarkets Fake Review

Dealing with an offshore broker means that your funds will never be safe with CCXMarkets. What this means is that CCX Markets will never safely guarantee fund protection. This can easily be testified to by the anonymity they have.

Another disturbing detail with CCX Markets is that the don’t participate in a compensatory scheme. Being an offshore broker, how could they follow this simple rule? This means that they don’t insure the funds of members. A good broker will always protect the interests of clients by insuring member funds. CCXMarkets does not do this, if they did, their wouldn’t be so many people complaining.

Não há suporte para chat ao vivo.

Folks, have you noticed that they claim to have 24/7 team of live support at the homepage? This is proof that we are dealing with a professional scam team. What they claim is that they have a team of professionals who speak our mother tongue. This is the actual words they use. Sounds offensive to us but hey, they claim to be the experts. Problem with this claim is that there’s no one on one talk.

Users have the option of leaving a message and expecting the professionals to get back soon. This is what we believe the crooks want, to remain anonymous. They fear the repercussions from victims and law enforcement agencies. This is one broker that we should all join hands to shame due to fraudulent practices. They simply are a fraud.

Is CCXMarkets a Scam?

CCXMarkets is a scam with loads of unseen negative commentary from users. This broker is merely here to entice users into depositing and signing up. Make sure you mark all their emails as spam and never click on any links sent by these fraudsters. Stay clear from joining this fictitious scam and warn your friends too.

CCXMarkets Final Verdict.

CCXMarkets Scam Review

What we do know for sure is that CCX Markets is indeed a worthless broker. They are simply out to spoil the good Forex trading name. Get the best out of Forex trading by getting the best brokers at your side. Only viable option we have is to blacklist CCXMarkets for the scam it is. You now know not to sign up with this broker. Do so at your own peril, you will never be able to recover the money deposited.

On all occasions, sign up with Real and Recognized Forex brokers who have years of trading experience. Sign up with Brokers who will GUARANTEE your safety when trading. Get brokers who are Available and Affordable to you. This is a Proven way of making Real profits with Forex trading.

This said, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience. Stay safe always!

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