Crypto Owl Review: They are Scammers Beware

Crypto Owl Review: They are Scammers Beware

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Crypto owl is a cryptocurrency mining company that promises clients a 90%profit per month. Additionally, the company claims to trade cryptocurrencies, and this is a lie, and the profits guaranteed are unrealistically high. These figures are just meant to lure unsuspecting people onto their platform.

Crypto Owl is based in Hong Kong and is run by Cryptoowl World group. They claim to have a team of specialists who are always engaged in cryptocurrency mining using high-tech equipment.

However, this claim cannot be verified. No details about team members are provided. This lack of transparency is a worrying factor. Moreover, it is not just the names of the team members the company hides. It also fails to provide a secure trading performance.

Crypto owl group provides three certifications to show they are a registered company. However, this is not a guarantee that the company is running legal operations. They are just trying to fool you.

It is finding a trustworthy cryptocurrency mining company has proven to be a hard task. The space is jam-packed with illegitimate companies only after your money. The firm has many loopholes that contradict its legitimacy claim.

Ensure you only invest with the top cryptocurrency mining companies that have proven to be trustworthy. Only such companies can provide a safe environment to grow your account.

Crypto Owl Review

This company is based in Hong Kong. It was first launched in  September of 2019. They claim that they believe in transparency, professionalism, and precision. However, the owners have chosen to operate in full secrecy. They do not provide details about who they are or what their cryptocurrency trading history looks like.

Crypto Owl Review, Platform

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They guarantee 90% per month, which is unrealistic. No legitimate company can reproduce that kind of return in a month. Always be extra cautious with companies that promise you unrealistically high returns. They always end up being scam operations.

Furthermore, the market is very volatile, and this makes it hard to plan for these kinds of profits. These are not professionals, and they have no idea how the market operates. Otherwise, they would not be making these kinds of promises.

The website claims they aim to give users a chance to get high and stable income without the need to make enormous deposits. Their investment plans start from as low as 0.01 BTC.

Additionally, the company claims to cater to all ranges of traders, including novice traders. Even so, they fail to provide training materials to get beginners oriented to their products. The company does not care about the kind of services it offers you. These people are just after your money.

The firm claims it has experienced programmers who ensure the site is protected. However, the website seems to have been created from a template. No real professional programmer was involved in the creation of this website. It does not meet the standards for a financial company.

Planos de investimento

Crypto Owl group provides a unique self-developed Piggybank investment plan. This plan allegedly allows you to make a withdrawal at any time, excluding 20% of the deposit.

The start investment plan requires a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC or 0.3 ETH. Clients can also choose the Basic, Premium or VIP plans using a unique calculator and decide which solution fits them best.

While these plans are relatively cheap, it’s still a considerable price to pay and get nothing in return. The owners are not mining or trading cryptocurrencies. They don’t even reveal the strategies they use in crypto trading.

They don’t tell us what market setups they look for to open or close trades. Until they can tell you what they are doing with your money, consider this company a scam, and this is not a safe environment to grow your funds.

Hardware and Server Location

Cryptocurrency mining requires specialized hardware and dedicated servers. As a result, companies that are involved in mining will always reveal what kind of device they are using. It enables the clients to speculate on the type of mining power they should expect.

Unfortunately, Crypto Owl does not say what kind of hardware they use for their mining operations. Additionally, they do not reveal the location of their servers. We suspect they don’t have servers dedicated to mining, and this means they cannot provide mining services effectively.

This company needs to reveal these critical details. They expect clients to trust them without knowing how the company operates blindly.

Its why you need to do thorough research before investing in a company. Scam operations will always have loopholes that cannot be explained. Itis yet another scam pretending to be a cryptocurrency mining firm.

Trusting this firm would be unwise. You will end up losing all your money and have no one to turn to. Steer clear of this firm and save yourself some trouble.

Segurança e segurança do fundo

Crypto Owl claims they have employed multilevel security systems developed by experts to protect users from both DDoS and any other attacks. However, the company does not provide a valid SSL certification to show that their systems are encrypted.

It means hackers can access your data and use it to steal your money. Additionally, your funds are not safe with these people.

Moreover, it is a requirement that the company’s bank account be different from the owner’s bank account. Crypto Owl has ignored this requirement and uses unsegregated accounts.

These are crooks who don’t care about the law. They have failed to provide a safe environment. You will lose your money if you choose to trust them.

Desempenho da negociação 

Crypto Owl does not provide any records of their trading history. Every investor wants to know that they are buying into a profitable company. The only way to know this is through a strong trading performance record.

The only thing this company provides is some vague statements that prove nothing. They say they are glad to provide all their client’s professional cryptocurrency trading at the world’s most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges.

In as much as they say this, one begs to question, where is the proof? Professional firms will always provide you with their trading history, and this is the only way to foster trust with their clients.

Depoimentos de clientes

The website features several customer testimonials. Unfortunately, it seems like this site has not been updated since they created the software. The section still uses generic testimonials. The testimonials came with the template, and the company did not care enough to update them.

This is not a professional firm. There are better companies that will offer you better services.

Moreover, the company has several negative reviews from those who have used it. It shows that the company cannot be trusted.

Veredicto final

Crypto Owl is a scam. They are not performing any cryptocurrency mining nor trading. Additionally, they have not revealed what they plan to do with your money. Moreover, they have not provided a trading performance record to support their legitimacy claim. Even worse, the owners of this firm operate in full secrecy. They cannot be tracked down, and their trading history is unverifiable.

Always do thorough research to ensure their platform has proper security protection. Invest only in the best cryptocurrency mining companies for consistent profitability. You only need to be patient and consistent.

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