Revisão de ativos da Exp: é real ou farsa?

Revisão de ativos da Exp: é real ou farsa?

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EXP Asset is a crypto trading scam that was launched in March 2017. The platform seems to have disappeared in the thin air. The company has not featured any information about its founder. Hence, you cannot know who is running the operation of this Ponzi scheme.

The company is targeting investors from Korea, China, and the USA. According to the content on their website, the owner of the firm is someone by the name Patryk Krupinski. He allegedly has 12 years of experience in trading.

However, it is essential to note that; he does not qualify for any of the sectors that he is running. EXP Asset is being run anonymously, considering that they are operating an illegal business.

The company has nothing to offer, and it relies on its referral program. The platform promises investors a daily profit of 1% for a period of four months. It accepts deposit via Bitcoin, and the minimal amount that you can cash in is $100.

EXP Asset requires investors to deposit a large amount of money for the clients to earn more. It claims that it is dealing with crypto trading activities. Additionally, investors can purchase trading signals, trading tools, as well as webinars.

The product and services price is $25. The company promise investors quick rich by the strategy that they use is shady. The platform is an MLM, and the only way you can earn money is by referring other people to the website.

EXP Asset Review

The company does not undertake any digital currency investment service. They are hiding their fraudulent activities by pretending to be a legit firm. MLM is not a legal venture; most of them do not survive long in the industry.

EXP Asset claim that it provides trading signal and digital currency education resources to investors. However, no enough evidence supports the allegation. Investors who trust this venture will end up regretting the decision.

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Exp Asset Review, Platform

The pyramid scheme will not make you money. The company only subject their existing clients to drive as much traffic as thy can I the website through an affiliate program. We did encounter content promoting EXP Asset online.

The information is probably from their marketers who will get a fat commission by presenting misleading information. The data indicate that investors can earn using numerous methods. The company allegedly stated that they had been hacked in mid-2019.

EXP Asset customers’ info was additionally leaked. However, this raised many questions. There is a possibility the website was not even hacked, and it might be a strategy they are utilizing to disappear from the market. Always Invest with trustworthy crypto trading companies that will give you reasonable returns.A

When did the company not consider putting up precaution measures to protect their clients? If the firm is legit at all, the security of their customers should come first. Additionally, EXP Asset claims that thieves have been trying to steal their info by attacking their database severally.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of investors recovering their money is fruitless. The social media platform of the company is dormant. They haven’t shared anything, even updating clients on the way forward. The platform is not professional, and members do not know what personal data was stolen.

EXP Asset Services and Products

The platform markets itself as a one-stop investment entity. EXP Asset has multiple services and products they allegedly offering. It is an arbitrage firm that deals with crypto and other financial markets.

Additionally, the company is also allegedly dealing with digital currency mining. They do not specialize, and it wants to target investors from all niche. The platform is also offering education trading services on how you can invest in crypto and capital markets.

The information that the firm present is inadequate. There is no enough evidence to support its involvement in any investment services. Considering all the services that EXP Asset is offering, it should avail all the info that potential investors need to trust them.

The firm is not transparent; their character shows that the company is a scam. The educational package starting price is $100. However, the quality of the service is not known. There is no guarantee that you will have successful trades after completing the course.

The company furthermore assures their clients that they will earn 1% daily profits. We did not come across any successful trader who has received the earnings.

Retirada e Depósitos

The company has different minimum deposit requirements depending on what you invest. However, the least amount of money that you can cash out from EXP Assets is $50. However, withdrawal on affiliate commission varies. The company charges a fee of $5. The company has various affiliate levels as well.

Company Detail and Regulation

The company claims to be a legal entity that is incorporated in Nevis. However, this is a Ponzi scheme that you should not give a chance to defraud you. The operation that oversees the operation of this shady entity is Silesia Capital Management.

It would be best if you did not trust anything that this company claims. EXP Asset will say anything to gain your trust. The initials location of this scam is not known. Any government does not regulate the company.

If anyone did oversee their operation, clients who had earlier trusted the firm would be compensated. It is always good that you deal with the licensed venture as they are safer. The company is anonymous, and it is hard for the authority to go after the Ponzi scheme.

Red Flags with EXP Asset

The company has several loopholes, and much information does not make sense. They assured investors that the recovery process of the lost data would take less than a week. Unfortunately, this took more than the timeline the platform speculated.

It is almost over a year, and EXP Asset have not communicated with their customers. The problem if dealing with unregulated investment companies is that they do not set up a compensation scheme. Hence, when the firm suffers from hackers’ attack or insolvency, investors will be compensated.

Members of this platform will never recover their funds. The company has proven that they do not care. The website is not functional, and the chances of the firm resuming business are very minimal. It also did state that they are working on a new product.

We have doubts about the activities of this company that all indicators show it is a Ponzi scheme. How can they be considering launching a new product while their former clients cannot access their accounts?

The company should be discussing how its plan to compensate investors who made losses. The information of the alleged founder is inadequate.

Veredicto final

EXP Asset is a company that has proven it is not legit. The firm is a Ponzi scheme that has already stolen the money from its clients, and there is no hope of investors recovering their funds back. Since the time the company proclaimed it had been hacked, they have not shared their progress.

Você deveria Invest with legit crypto trading platforms that have an excellent trading history. It would be helpful if you did not waste time on a platform that is not transparent. With all the red flags that we have indicated, it is clear that EXP Asset are not worthy of anyone’s trust.

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7 Replies to “Exp Asset Review: Is Real or Scam?”

  1. Terimah kasih ulasannya. Menarik untuk diviralkan kepada seluruh masyarakat. Investasi EXP A**ET ini telah merambah hingga ke pelosok negeri termasuk di daerah saya. Begitu meyakinkan sebagai investasi yang berprospek di masa depan sehingga begitu mudahnya orang untuk menginvestasikan uangnya, tidak mengenal status pejabat, intelektual, masyarakat umum. Mereka telah terhipnotis untuk bergabung dan mengabaikan peringatan kewaspadaan dari OJK. Pengaruh mereka telah menjadi ma**ive.

  2. I had a friend who was religously following this company and even asked family members to invest with him. I warned him but he said I was killing his dream. We are no longer friends but I hope he is doing well. I guess I wasn’t the dream killer after all.

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