Hash Earn Ltd Scam Review: Thieves Run The Town !!

Hash Earn Ltd Scam Review: Thieves Run The Town !!

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Is Hash Earn paying or just a scam? To know the answer, you need to read this review as you will discover important things that you probably didn’t know.

The first thing that we have to discuss concerning Hash Earn is their planos de investimento and profit potential. We feel that things are not right here. Investors can allegedly earn 180% return on investments in record 36 hours and 240% in just 72 hours.

In addition to this, investors can allegedly make 150% daily return on investment or 600% return on investment in just one week.

To make a decision on whether or not Hash Earn is a good investment platform, you’d need to consider the promised return on investments which are too good to be true. You’d also consider the track record and qualifications of the people who run this website.

Is this business legitimate? Is a certificate of incorporation in the UK a guarantee that you will make money through HashEarn?

hash earn review

These are the questions that we are going to answer in this review. If you wanted to invest with them, stop for a minute and read this entire review. That way, you can make an informed decision which will not leave you regretting.

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Hash Earn Review

HashEarn is hosted at, a website whose registration status is hidden on This means that the owner cannot be identified since he does not wish to disclose any personal information that would help investors identify them with this business.

The next big question is why? The answer is that scams love to follow this pattern. They promise ridiculous returns while making it virtually impossible for people to know their names, where they live and many other details that may give their personal information.

This is certainly suspicious, and should be treated as a red flag because no legitimate business can promise such huge returns while the owners are anonymous.

HashEarn is definitely taking people for a ride here. We need to find the facts and the motivation behind this project. Do they want to scam investors? We are 100% sure that this is the case. Let’s highlight some of the things which are written on Hash Earn to see if they will make sense.

What exactly is Hash Earn?

They claim that they are a forex investment fund managed by a group of experienced British traders. They also claim that they are famous in the trading community, although no one can prove this claim since this website is very new.

According to their company registration status, it says that Hash Earn was incorporated in September 2017. They’ve allegedly become famous in such a short period of time. This is not a good vibe since it does not convince at all.

The anonymous ”traders” claim that they are popular because of their experience and knowledge in the area of trading and análise fundamental.

hash earn roi

Other claims made by this company is that HashEarn is involved in profitable investment opportunities and that they are now looking for more funds to help with the development of their strategies in the Forex market.

The point is: if these people are already trading and making money, then it only means that they have perfected the art through some bullet proof trading strategies or concepts which don’t need any correction.

This is the lamest excuse that we have ever heard from people who can’t prove that they actually invest client funds into the Forex market.

On the other hand, they claim that their trading strategies have been widely in use for the last 5 years. These trading strategies remain secret as they are not disclosed for the investor to learn about them.

They also claim that Hash Earn uses various instruments of trading to make the alleged profits. Their aim is to allegedly decrease or eliminate risks completely.

One of the methods which HashEarn claims to use involve trading low volatility instruments because this strategy enables them to make stable profits. It appears that this is just one strategies among the many strategies which they now claim to have adapted.

Hash Earn even claims that they offer profits without fail. It’s a guarantee that investors will make money with them …. a statement that we have never agreed with.

To keep risks as low as possible, HashEarn claims that they have diversified their investment portfolio through various Forex brokers. The ability to work with various trading instruments and multiple brokers allegedly makes them a profitable hedge fund for those who want to make money without actually trading.

And of course HashEarn also tells us that their team often follow a special trading plan which involves analyzing a market and only entering after all the possible outcomes have been determined.

The other thing that we do not agree with is that their team of traders have worked with other big investment firms. This statement has not been verified, and so we don’t know whether this is true or not. But we could take a wild guess by saying that these people have never worked for any investment firm. If that was the case, the companies in question would have been mentioned. It would have been very easy to verify their trading background and experience since we would be having their full details to rely on when conducting this background check.

We highly suspect that this information is not accurate. It is meant to mislead investors, nothing more.

Why does Hash Earn need your money?

The first thing to do is to refrain from giving your money to someone else if they can’t prove their track records. It gets worse when someone is not disclosing their identity and yet they are claiming that they can trade on your behalf to help you become rich overnight.

That is an unmistakable sign that you are dealing with a scammer.

And now HashEarn claims that they need to trade with large amounts of money in order to make more profits quickly. That is to say that if you join them, they will pool the funds together and trade in a single account that will yield bigger profits quickly.

Even if that is the case, investors should not send them money without verifying whether HashEarn has a team of qualified and experienced traders.

Apparently, this is something that Hash Earn has not proved. Instead, they have only proved that they want your money. That’s it.

A ponzi scheme business model

They even have a referral program where the more people you refer to them, the more you’re supposed to earn.

Now, there is 100% evidence that no trading has ever took place at HashEarn. All evidence point to the fact that this is a ponzi scheme, where new members deposits are used to pay older members.

Instead of giving us enough reasons through evidence as to why we should believe that they are legitimate traders, this company has given us even more reasons to doubt their intentions.

Nosso melhor conselho para você

Hash Earn is a dangerous venture to put your money in. There is no proof that these guys are offering any payouts at the moment. There is also no single proof that some investors have used their service to make money. Forget the account stats which you’re seeing on this site. These are cooked up numbers. Please stick to these products.

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