Análise da InvestTeck: Brutal Forex Scam

Análise da InvestTeck: Brutal Forex Scam

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InvestTeck ( is a CFDs and Forex broker who is scamming unsuspecting investors who sign up. Invest Teck is offering anyone who signs up Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and Crypto Currencies. With this in mind, we have received complaints from Jessica Courtney who has lost $50, 000 with this broker. That’s why we decided to conduct a discreet investigation to know what was wrong with INVESTTECK. Here’s the whole truth!

InvestTeck Review

InvestTeck Review:

A scammer’s intention is always to have as many people to sign up before going under. That’s what Invest Teck is going for with their bogus Forex platform. What these scammers are doing is unforgivable and should they should be exposed. InvestTeck is making empty claims and promises which newbie investors are easily falling for. This review is meant to open your eyes as to what’s really going on with Invest Teck.

What newbie traders don’t know is that scammers create a product and service that easily impresses. Take for instance the claims that Investteck is offering to traders. Users are promised to trade with over 1000 global assets as well as fixed low spreads. Promises such as premium webinar services and having a trading trainer can be seen here. Are all these claims and promises true? Read this review to find out more!

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Who Owns InvestTeck?

According to the information given in our About us page, this broker is owned by GreenRiver OU. Information provided suggests that this company is registered in Estonia. It should be noted that scammers will say or do anything to make their product appear legit. Concerns regarding ownership of this company include the fact that they want to appear EU certified. There are red flags that were raised regarding ownership.

How comes that they fail to mention the people behind this brokerage firm? If you haven’t noticed, there’s no mention of a single name of anyone who is affiliated with InvestTeck. Who is the CEO or CFO of GreenRiver OU? It’s clear that this broker wants to keep their real identity hidden from users. A good reason why they hide their identity is fear of facing backlash from authorities and victims.

Is InvestTeck Licensed or Registered?

InvestTeck Scam

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To the best of our knowledge, this broker is not licensed or registered anywhere on the face of the planet. And this poses a real danger to anyone who signs up since they will not be protected by laws set. It means that Invest Teck is not compliant with set industry rules and regulations. Make sure to avoid signing up with rogue brokers because you will be considered an accomplice to online fraud practices.

Where are their credentials if indeed they have been registered by any Financial regulatory authority? Lack of these documents suggests that we are dealing with an unauthorized Forex broker. Problem with broker is that users cannot be protected by authorities if the broker decides to close shop. And that’s the biggest red flag that we noticed with InvestTeck, lack of proper regulation. Stay away from this broker and don’t sign up with them.

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Plataforma usada.

According to their platform page, this broker offers two types of platforms. Desktop and mobile platform are the devices members use to trade with this broker. For a platform to be considered fully functional, it must be compatible to all devices. What we did to test their platform was try and download it with our devices. Compatibility is an issue with their platform since download stalled at 51%.

Unstable platforms are a huge scare to any investor who signs up with such a service provider. These platforms leave users vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hackers have found that unstable platforms are easy breeding ground for data theft. These hackers will steal credit card and personal information thanks to unstable platforms.

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Tipos de conta.

InvestTeck is offering investors five types of accounts to choose from. These accounts include Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts. With Basic account, users are required to make a deposit of $250 to start trading.

Other account holders must deposit a minimum of $5,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $500, 000 respectively. Problem with these accounts is that they almost have the same advantages. Why would anyone deposit over $500,000 and get the same advantages as $50,000 depositor? That’s one of the disadvantages of some of these accounts. Accounts managers also differ with the type of account a user chooses.

Are Funds Safe with InvestTeck?

InvestTeck Fake Review

Funds are never safe with a broker who isn’t licensed or regulated. In order to attest to this, check all the comments floating around the internet regarding Investteck. What’s more disturbing is that security of funds is not guaranteed. This broker does not segregate accounts which mean they are pooling funds in one account.

Did you know that users maybe depositing money straight to the owner’s personal account? Reason we are saying this is that this broker fails to mention their depository bank partner. Which bank do they use to deposit funds sent by users? Folks, this is another red flag that we spotted with Invest Teck. Finally, this broker does not participate in a compensatory scheme, that’s why Jessica hasn’t been compensated.

Opções de depósito e saque.

When it comes to depositing funds, this broker has got this area well covered. As expected, these scammers will make sure that investors have all channels for depositing easily available. They have used Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer and others as depository channels. Don’t sign up with this broker simply because they have options for depositing. There’s more than meets the eye with their plan.

Withdrawing funds is the major issue with this broker. Why would a broker refuse members to withdraw their hard earned money? It’s simply because this is a pyramid scheme. This broker claims that users haven’t reached the required trading volume to warrant withdrawal. Such a load of crap!

Is InvestTeck a Scam?

Evidence clearly shows that we are dealing with a professional scam outfit that is ripping online investors. Best thing to do is to stay away from this broker and never sign up with them. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any link sent by their email marketing team. Any calls from videos to sign up or people who claim to win are all false. This broker has also hired actors to try and sell their false services.

InvestTeck Final Verdict.

InvestTeck Scam Review

Concrete evidence leaves us with only one option, to add this broker to our scam blacklist. Make sure you warn your friends and relatives from signing up with Invest Teck. Don’t be another victim of their con, stay away from InvestTeck at once.

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Finalmente, desejamos a você tudo de melhor em sua experiência de negociação Forex.

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14 Replies to “InvestTeck Review: Brutal Forex Scam”

  1. Ich muss gestehen, da** ich wohl auch auf den Betrug von InvestTeck hereingefllen bin und viel Geld investiert habe. Mein Konto auf InvestTeck ist per Internet nicht mehr erreichbar. Haben Sie aktuelle Informationen über InvestTeck? Gibt es allenfalls eine “Kontaktstelle” für geschädigte Investoren?
    Besten Dank für Ihren Bescheid.

    1. Olá,

      Bitten Sie Sie, Ihr Geld abzuheben. Wenn sie die Einzahlung von weiteren Geldern capazhnen oder darauf bestehen, müssen Sie eine Rückbuchung bei Ihrer Bank einreichen oder einen Streit mit PayPal gemäß der Zahlungsmethode eröffnen und den Fall dann der örtlichen.

    2. Ja leider bin ich au reingefalle
      Auf diesen Betrug
      O que posso fazer
      Das ich wieder mein Geld zurück bekomme Bitte helfen Sie mir

      1. Leider bin ich auch auf diese Beräger hereingefallen. Monatelang wollte ich mein Geld zurückhaben, nur Vertröstungen. Das Geld wurde immer weniger – jetzt habe ich aufgegeben!

  2. I cannot believe after three months I am now adding to this list of bad reviews. 1 star is too many stars for Investteck.
    Right from the start they put so much pressure on me to trust them, so much talk about how they will change my life. Joseph Smith is the most smooth-talking salesman until you challenge him & then he becomes a true bully. luckily for me Joseph Smith has put it in writing via an email to me for me to share here. he really s***ed me in & took advantage of my vulnerability
    I have asked for my profit to be sent to me & this is his response
    His w***s were:
    “You didn’t comply with the agreement; your account is on hold until you fulfil your side of the agreement.
    Once you deposit the 60K AUD, you will have full access to the profits, as we agreed. That is how business is done. You stick with agreements.”
    The agreement he is talking about is a verbal one after he convinced me to get a loan out for $60KAUD
    So you see he tricked me, he told me to get a loan of $60KAUD & that he would turn it into a good investment for me one that would set me up for a life time he said. Joseph Smith said he’d do me a favour & start me off my putting $20KUSD into my account so I can see him perform and start to earn profit. PLUS he did this as he said he was in the running for some new flash sports car worth over $400KAUD
    in relation to his $20KUSD offer I asked if I have to pay that back? NO he said & I asked what does it cost me? nothing he said & I asked what about the profit? it’s all yours he said, it’s your account. so of course, we were waiting for me to get a loan & in the meantime a few people including my accountant had said to me see if I can get the profit I have on the account now out before I put in my 60KAUD.
    And so this attempt has led me to here. I have been told i am a joke, that how could i think my original $1200AUD would allow me to get the $7200USD profit that is in my account & has been built up by the so called bonus of the $20KUSD he put in. it was all done to scam me to trick me into believing it was mine.
    I said there was profit from my $1200AUD in there before he put in his $20KUSD but he said only $800USD plus 4% of the Actual 7200USD profit that is actually in there & I said well then i take that & he won’t release it
    Also conveniently the website has been down since Sunday which he has been saying is due to maintenance & will be up in an hour BUT it isn’t & he is now saying it’s because my account is on hold. Not sure how my account can drop out a whole website? I’ve been asking for two days now to speak to Josephs manager & I have even emailed compliance as well & nothing no response except bull**** remarks from Joseph Smith
    BE WARNED – ABSOLUTE L***S, BULL*** & SCAMMERS so horrible to have experienced

    1. I agree, after 3 months also I never thought I would be writing a review being apart of a crime. Joseph Smith scammed me as well just like the same story above. I will continue to sleep well at night even tho this has been a horrible experienced being scammed of $9,000 and feeling violated upon – nothing short of high end abuse. For you guys at InvestTeck the clock is ticking… con-artist like yourselves eventually all get caught up with and thankfully this platform will help others to not fall into l*** apon l***. How well do you sleep at night Joseph Smith in your cold bed? You have gone quiet now that I’m onto your fraud and the phony company that you represent – Your colleague Ben Hudson failed to scam me a further $5,100.
      People be aware, the site is fake and there is a company called MyChargeBack to help recover your funds – worth checking out.
      Be safe everyone and let’s get the w*** out as criminals like InvestTeck need to be in jail.

  3. I had a trade with investteck last July for $5250 , Joseph made a profit for about $2500 . The site is down , also trying to contact him by with no luck !! Very weird

  4. Bovenstaande klopt helemaal. Pure oplichterij en website onbereikbaar, wat te doen om mijn account stop te zetten, want dit lukt niet als de site onbereikbaar is?

  5. What about Mike Artino. I was about to start investing, buut i’m so hard on trust. In the meantime, they called me multiple times a day when I didn’t answer they started sending me emails. Finally i should pay to some ING bank in Romania, which seemed strange to me because they called me from the UK. So i didn’t.
    Account Currency IBAN
    EUR RO96INGB0000999909369189
    Beneficiary Name & Address: Plensarena Systems
    Bucuresti, Sectorul 4, Strada IPOTESTI, Romania

    Bank Name: ING Bank
    Bank Address: Str. Stribei Voda nr. 103, bl. 24A 010108, Bucurest, Romania
    Reference: Payment for software development By Invoice No.191019-ITP . Contract No.50110

  6. is a FAKE, is a FRAUD and they are stealing money from honest people. People in touch with you try to manipulate you by asking a lot of questions to learn about the level of your money in banks. They ask a lot of question and when you ask annoying questions, they do not answer they go in another direction to divert your attention to the requested question. Transfer of your money to them will always be ok but the other way will not be possible. Please read this carefully if you are in touch with such organization. I opened an account in May 2019 via Jubiter as their advertisement pretend you can open an account from 250 euros and start to trade.
    Jubiter is making business on Bitcoin currencies. Once you have transferred your money to Jubiter for InvestTeck, there is no more link between InvestTeck and Jubiter and people contacting you does not tell you anything about it. I requested to receive the details of the location of my money, IBAN number …. And never received any answer.
    With your account open with 250 euros, you cannot receive any help unless you had a lot of money, traders are contacting you and the trader tells you “you have to understand I am not going to spend time with you for 250 euros. I am paid on commissions and 250 euros is nothing for me. If you transfer at least 5000 euros, I can begin to deal with you but this is a gift I do for you. You have to understand my other customers have invested several thousands of dollars and I do that for you. Once I demonstrate you the gain I can do, it will be great if you can add some more funds on your account and you will see how big your investment can provide you as return”.
    That seems great at first glow but the point is: this is impossible to recover your money when they own it. I always told InvestTeck, if your tool is working well, the amount of 250 euros will grow fast and exponentially but it does not interest them as they want to receive fresh money, they do not care of your return as they keep the money afterwards. They attract people and if you begin to transfer money for instance 5000 euros and they tell you? I made a benefit of 1000 euros and if you ask can I have it, they will argue and tell, invest more and like that your return will be more important. If you add 5000 euros more. Next month, I can give you back 50 % of the return. Meaning, on 10 000 euros you gave them, you will receive back something around 500 euros as an appeal to show you the benefit they made with your 10 000 euros in one month. This will be another opportunity for them to ask you. You see if you give me more, this is not 500 euros you will receive next month but maybe 1000 euros but you will invest a lot of money.
    For my case, I always refused to add more money because I want to grow the 250 euros progressively and than begins the dance. I have been contacted by 3 different persons (Joseph Smith, Dan Miller and Sean Richards) all expert traders. When I told them I was discussing with blablabla they were telling me. The person left or change of role,… blablabla.
    On 2019 December 16, I decided to close my account and recover my money (a small amount) but since that time, we are January 10, 2020, this is impossible, no answer and no money. When you want to retrieve money, this is with the customer service (Ashley Morgan) but she tells you that your trader must confirm/approve your request. Meaning your money is not yours anymore and if the trader accepts your request you can have it.
    The reason is simple: your money is not going to a bank, you do not control your money at all, InvestTeck cannot tell you where your money is located as this is a fake but they received your money.

  7. Under the same registered company GreenRiver OU, is, with whom I have invested and not received the services I requested for and the promises given by their brokers, thus I was misled by their misrepresentation and was not able to withdraw any single cent. Please be careful with companies a**ociated with GreenRiver OU. You can find complaints about them and their sister company, similar scam, on the ForexPeaceArmy site too

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