Revisão da InvestusFM: O vale seu investimento?

Revisão da InvestusFM: O vale seu investimento?

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InvestusFM ( is a dominant CFDs, Crypto Currency, and Forex broker who come highly recommended. Investus FM is a leading broker offering competitive margins and tight spreads. They are targeting excellence and delivering results. Thanks to their open and transparent trading services, this is a must have broker. With a wide array of trading instruments, users are guaranteed of a safe trading experience. Read the full INVESTUSFM Review for more.

InvestusFM Review

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InvestusFM Review:

InvestusFM is allowing traders to trade with a variety of trading instruments available on their platform. These instruments include CFDs, commodities, Crypto Currencies, Forex, Indices, and metals. Investors can get their popular pairs of currency with this trusted and vetted broker. Most of the commodities here come with a leverage of around 1:500. InvestusFM is also offering other ancillary services such as administration of financial services. And there’s more to this broker.

Newbie and professional traders can easily gain access to educational materials to guide them with trading. Users can visit the basic education page and gain access to video tutorials as well as webinars. InvestusFM is offering account managers as well as free demo accounts. With the demo accounts, users can have a feel of what to expect with their platform. Videos found provide basic education in regards to trading as well as algorithms used by this broker. There’s clear incentive to educate all types of investors.

Crypto Currency accepted as Payment Methods

And this is another advantage with Investus FM. Alongside accepting credit cards, crypto currency is also accepted. Popular e wallets are also available with this broker.

A wide array of trading instruments

Investus.FM will allow users to trade with a wide array of commodities and Forex pairs. Crypto Coins is also available making InvestusFM a worthy broker. Trader workstation platform is appealing and users can find numerous physical shares from different exchanges all over the world. CFDs on shares and indices are available on their user friendly interface.

About InvestusFM

PayPeq is the company behind this brokerage firm and is registered in Estonia. With a valid registration, this company is producing a unique brokerage firm which provides outstanding trading services. InvestusFM offers a platform with multiple interfaces for mobile, tablet and web trading. Expect multilingual support with a friendly and professional assistance 24/5. What we found out with their platform is exciting as they have a robust trading platform with enhanced privacy and security.

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InvestusFM is providing a platform which entails advanced trading tools and interactive charts. Indicators and trading signals are accurate and help traders make informed decisions at all times. There are attractive terms, narrow spreads, and flexible leverage with zero commissions. It’s hard to find a broker who offers such good trading features. Why don’t you switch to this broker and enjoy some of these trading advantages?

Narrow Spreads

With their accounts, users are offered spreads starting from about 1 pip and are hugely attractive. Thanks to no trading commissions, making smart and informed decisions is easy.

Deposit Protection

Operating in Europe means you must be covered by the European Securities and Markets Authorities. InvestusFM is able to fully protect customer’s assets under the Investor Compensation Fund. Protection of this kind is only available from brokers who have been checked by ESMA. InvestusFM is following the best practices when it comes to customer data protection. Thanks to vigorous firewalls, this platform won’t be easily hacked.

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Secure methods of payment

InvestusFM is offering several convenient and secure methods to deposit funds. Two of the channels are MasterCard and Visa. All customers can easily transfer funds using third party organizations such as Bitcoin Wallet. Investus FM is asking for supporting documents to prove authentication.

In order to avoid any hacking or stealing of funds, traders only withdraw funds to banks with matching names. This is in accordance to the International Anti Money laundering requirements. Withdrawals from active Investus FM accounts are free. Users can visit the funding page on the steps needed to make deposits as well as withdrawals. InvestusFM is ensuring all parties are protected by adding SSL encryption.

Interface amigável

InvestusFM is one of the brokers who prefer having a clean and modern website. After landing ion their website, users can easily see navigate and understand the homepage. And this allows all types of traders to have an easy time with the platform. Users can go to the about us page, funding, and account types without any hassles. This is why trading with Investus FM is worth your money and time.

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InvestusFM Broker Review

Conta Demo

Thanks to their demo account, even newbie traders can have a feel of what to expect. Make sure to trade start with their demo account which echoes the trading markets. A good reason why this broker gives a demo account is to create conducive trading experience.  Newbie traders can take this opportunity to learn the ropes of Forex trading. Demo accounts are a learning tool to help users get a grasp of the trading environment. Take the time to study the platform by signing up first with their demo account.

Satisfied InvestusFM Customers

InvestusFM is also posting some of the comments on their homepage to show satisfied customers. Some of the satisfied customers are from all over the world making Investus FM a global broker. Testimonials are also a way to reveal how clients and members rate the broker. With an average of over four out of five stars, users should be happy with the services this broker provides.

Segurança dos Fundos

Thanks to their ESMA certification, members can be assured their funds are safe. Segregation of accounts is done and assets are properly secured. Make a note of checking how a broker handles funds. Is the site using SSL encryption to protect their clients? Brokers should at all times make an effort of securing their website from third party attacks. They should always reveal how they handle funds as well as their banking partners. Stay safe at all times with a broker who guarantees security of funds.

Real time remote assistance

Imagine having trouble making or placing trades? Unlike other brokers who offer live chats, InvestusFM offers remote assistance. Their experts will take over your PC and show you how to make smart investment decisions. 24 trading assistance is also available which makes trading with this platform enjoyable.

Tipos de conta

Investus FM is offering four different account types to users who trade with their platform. Accounts are named Basic, Mid-level, Advanced, and Super. Members also get trading courses with an account executive which is a big bonus for newbie traders. Real time remote assistance is available for all types of account holders. This makes trading with InvestusFM a gem.

Plataforma de negociação

With MT4 being their preferred tools of trade, we checked it for compatibility.  Their platform can be used by all devices which is a clear and decisive tool of trade. Make sure to check whether a platform is stable enough before signing up with a broker. Surely, this broker has passed all tests needed for a true brokerage firm.

Is InvestusFM a genuine or scam broker?

InvestusFM is a genuine broker who offers genuine trading conditions. Thanks to their level of professionalism, this broker is one of a kind. They follow set regulations and rules, which is a big plus when it comes to safety. Thanks to their efficient and reliable platform, users can get to trade with different types of instruments. Time to trade with this broker is now and by signing up makes it a reality.

Veredicto final

InvestusFM Crypto and Forex broker review

We highly recommend this Investus FM for a number of reasons. Safety is paramount in Forex trading which this broker well guarantees.

Trusted Forex brokers are another avenue used to make profits. Sign up with credible Forex brokers to ensure a smooth trading experience. Time to make realistic profits is now with Forex brokers.

Por último, desejamos a você tudo de melhor em sua experiência de negociação Forex.

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  1. Siete degli autentici opportunisti che giocano con l’inesperienza delle persone…ho versato 500 euro per iniziare, consigli quasi zero, l’unica richiesta costante era compra compra vedrai che diversificando guadagnerai come in nessun altra forma di investimento…sto per perdere tutto il capitale….adesso non si fanno più sentire ma mi mandano mail per incrementare il deposito e far fronte alla perdita momentanea….ho aperto 10-12 posizioni sulle valute…possibile che tutti i giorni continuano a perdere valore tutti?…e poi c’è lo SWAP che ogni giorno si accumula come costo per avere la posizione aperta…..PAZZESCO….IMBROGLIONI!!!!…e poi puzza tanto….farò un esposto a chi di competenza.

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