Revisão da Pure Financial Academy: um puro embuste?

Revisão da Pure Financial Academy: um puro embuste?

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Pure Financial Academy allegedly is a supply and demand trading community that aims to benefit multiple investors through their trading techniques. The platform aims to support investors whenever they need it, and they can easily communicate with peers within the same niche.

Once you become a member, you’re easily going to reduce and unlock various advantages. Investors can learn how to analyze the price action to advanced supply and demand strategies that meet the institutional core principles.

However, the company exposes several red flags that prevent us from recommending Pure Financial Academy to any customer. The company features various videos that you can use to learn various trade strategies and become an expert Trader.

The company aims at creating a better trading future with the customer, and it helps you to meet your trading needs. You can also access multiple advantages such as; live trading education room every Tuesday and Thursday.

You also receive a PFAZoneSuite Software License, advanced supply/Demand Trading Course up to 30 hours or more, and full access to the Community Forum. The community mainly focuses on delivering order flow strategies.

The platform accepts social trading, and this helps in bringing out like-minded individuals who are keen to boost each other training. This kind of technique helps investors to complement your experience, and you’re expected to receive extensive training education courses and the software license.

Pure Financial Academy will teach you how to understand our financial markets and their functions. Investors are also expected to learn how to trade, even in the most complex market situation, and achieve profits.

However, they accept that investors need to apply dedication and hard work to benefit from the courses. However, they are legit Forex trading Programas that is tried-and-tested to generate reasonable returns for you.

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Pure Financial techniques deeply depend on working together to create a solid future in training investors into becoming expert traders. Furthermore, the knowledge you receive from associating with other like-minded individuals is said to boost your trading techniques.

Pure Financial Academy Review, Platform

The company has been assisting customers in meeting their trading goals since its establishment in 2009 by teaching effective trading education methods to the customers. However, The strategies they teach are suitable for day traders as well as long-term investors.

You do not know the kind of experience the people behind this investment firm hold. Transparency is key in every legit platform, and without this evidence, you may end up making massive losses while trusting in the wrong investment firms.

Cursos de Formação

Pure Financial Academy breaks down the courses into various groups that you can easily choose and learn the best method that suits you. The company has three different courses that you can choose and benefit from; PFA Trading Course, PFA Advanced Course and Pro Trader Program

PFA Trading Course inside teaching investors price action analysis, and you learn how to read pure prices. The customer promised fun and interactive online environment, and you can easily learn at your own pace and choose to pause and continue their studies whenever you want.

This course is available to any investor when required, provided you have an internet connection. You are also entitled to unlimited access, and you can review it at any given time you want. PFA Advanced Course includes an extensive curriculum that is set to build your strategy and to boost your advanced trading knowledge.

Pro Trader Program investors have to pay $4999 investors can learn stocks, advanced curriculum, inclusive of a license, priority email support, step-by-step guide, view session recordings, learn future, among other beneficial offers.

Segurança de fundos

Pure financial trading does not provide information regarding the platform owners, and you risk dealing with anonymous people expecting to learn profitable methods of investment. However, there is no evidence of any investor who is seen to benefit from this strategy with any verifiable links.

There is no banking data to prove that your funds are safe. Once you deposit your funds, you may end up having details blocked from accessing the platform, and you did not know the kind of returns expected.


Pure Financial Academy users testimonies as part of the strategy to earn your trust in thinking the company is legit. However, they do not provide any verifiable link towards any resulting trip it can use to rely on the strategies.

The company even further warns investors their testimonies may not be representative of the experience you will receive; hence there doubting their methods. The use of testimonies is common among scammers and is mostly used to lure you into depositing funds in the company.

Scammers use fake data, and they never provide any evidence of regulation to earn your trust in the Investment firm. Furthermore, legit testimonies will always feature a verifiable link towards the resulting strategies used.

Regulamento e Suporte ao Cliente

Regulation evidence plays a big role in earning the customer’s trust in the Investment firm. Regulated platforms showcase a high level of transparency, and you can easily verify the information provided.

There is no information regarding the platform owners and their location simply because of the risk facing criminal prosecutions for operating against the law. Unregulated platforms easily go against the set guidelines, and your funds are not safe in this kind of investment.

Different countries have set up measures to protect the citizens from scam platforms, and most companies must mandatorily provide evidence of regulation. Unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market, and they also risk facing closure at any given time by law enforcers.

Pure Financial Academy address is 3525 Piedmont road 7 Piedmont center Atlanta, GA 30305. Moreover, there is no credibility in this information; this is because, during our research, we discovered that the location is just made up to seem legit.

Investors are provided with telephone contact and email support as; 1.404.863.1651 and [email protegido] There is no credibility on the contact support information simply because scammers will provide you false and data and the address is made up.

Veredicto final

Pure Financial Academy has overpriced their online courses, and the trading materials they provide are unknown. You do not know the people behind the Investment form of the kind of qualification the whole to trust these strategies they provide investors with.

They do not showcase any regulatory information, and no trade links are available on the testimonies section. Furthermore, if you want to learn to make profits, you should invest legit Forex treinamento platforms, and the methods used will surely benefit you profitably.

Investors are promised multiple videos to help them in training, yet you do not know the kind of experience the owners hold to rely on their techniques. There is no evidence that you can verify of any customers who have made profits, and the methods most probably may not benefit you.

Past trade evidence is very important since you’re dealing with an investment firm that is expected to make profits for you and your trust in them with your money. The sales pitch is also poorly presented, and much relevant information regarding the service is missing.

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