The Wave Scalper Review: Este EA é uma farsa?

The Wave Scalper Review: Este EA é uma farsa?

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The Wave Scalper EA is an automated Forex expert advisor. This expert advisor makes harsh claims of being in the show for more than ten years. There are some statistics archived by this service provider: which shows that it has been able to deliver 100%,400%-700% of profits with safety risks.

They also claim that they can expand An account having as little as $200 to grow into an astoundingly $100,000 potentially. There is a common element to be noted by the marketing technique used by the expert advisor. This expert advisor is a product of the Leap FX team, high caliber trade experts as they claim.

The only thing provided by the company to enable a customer to get in touch with them is an email. The email reads [email protegido] .When trading Forex, there are a couple of factors that need to be taken into consideration before one executes trades.

The Wave Scalper Review, Platform

The exciting thing about this service provider is the aggressive trade tactics applied. These tactics deem the deal to be perilous. It is not advisable to operate on search parameters. It also runs on complex neural networks. The vendor claims that these neural networks do not work on Non-grid or Martingale methods.

We all know that these two trade methods not very advisable. Another upper hand of applying this expert advisor is that it does not actively trade counter trend-wise, always sticks to the trend, and does not deviate aimlessly, thus limiting unnecessary losses reoccurring.

Trading Forex is an enjoyable endeavor that requires utmost diligence and cooperation with only legal especialista conselho. Therefore, consulting these loyal and straightforward service providers increases the odds of success multiple fold times.

Estratégia comercial

We noted that this expert service provided applies the scalping approach. This approach heavily relies on Elliott’s wave theory for two investment plans. These investment plans are the one year license and the lifetime license.

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The one year license goes for 297 dollars, whereas the lifetime license goes for $497.00. For both plans, several complementary services come along. These services include detailed manual, good and linearly laid out settings, and a dashboard display, free updates, and 24/7 vendor support.

The vendor accepts payment through visa MasterCard, Skrill, and Pay Pal. The thing about these plans is that they are costly. The vendor should lower the price to probably $200, the usual standard cost.

Resultados comerciais

This service provided provides the Myfxbook account screenshot. Their accounts are three numbers. However, the exciting thing is that out of the three accounts, only one is functional. The other two stopped functioning as early as February.

Over the past four months, there have been gains of greater than 35% and drawdowns of over 6%. The number of trades conducted was 137, and there was a consistent win rate of about 76%. The average win was 12 pips, while the average loss was negative pips.

The tarnishing element in such profound backup data; is why do they need to use extinct accounts to market while trades are no longer taking place and this raises eyebrows and causes us to be more skeptical about this service provision from this vendor. The vendor is supposed to provide real client trading accounts.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a lot size is 0.1. A risk of 20 is included, with the maximum spread being 4.0.

Rank Alexa e dados

This Forex expert advisor seems to lack and Alexa rank. It is a horrible trait as it does not only invalidate the claims that they have been in the market for ten years but also creates spontaneous doubts in our minds on the credibility and legitimacy of the ambiance coming from this expert advisor.

Moreover, these Forex expert advisor lacks a domain. It seems that they do not have an official domain site where they conduct their activities. It is the worst-case scenario, as one is unable to trace back their money in case of a scam.

Fundadores anônimos

There is no provision of names, as much as there need to be founders of these Forex expert advisors. They do not bother addressing these crying issues even though they are among the preliminary requirements to certify that it is indeed legitimate.

They came across several names, but the funny fact was that names that we came across were cutting across several scam sites that have been blacklisted and deemed unsafe. It leaves us wondering whether this Forex signal provider, with all its automation, Is it beneficial or detrimental after application?

Classificações de confiança e análises online

After extensive research on the trust ranks of this Forex expert advisor, we found out that they never ranked higher than three out of six stars. Also, another fishy trait about the reviews that we came across was the coincidental date of upload a comment.

It was noted that most of the reports shared standard times, leaving us wondering whether they were genuine and coming from beneficiaries of this Forex expert advisor. From the above, we can see that the ranks and online reviews cause a little disharmony in their trust fabric of this Forex expert advisor.

Depoimentos falsos

We notice that most of the personalities who got selected to give testimonies were not actual beneficiaries but actors and actresses. There seems to be an abundance of these types of videos on Pinterest and shutter stock.

When we turned to YouTube, we never came across such an enormous number of videos, and this made us doubt the legitimacy of this Forex expert advisor.

The names provided by these personalities who claimed to have made enormous profits were false. It is a very dangerous trait.

The feigning of loyalty for extortion is a crime. Therefore, traders should be on the lookout and have enough background data at their disposal before indulging in any transaction with this Forex expert advisor.

Patency with other scam sites.

It was noted that this company had some harsh elements of commonality with others come related service provided. When we look at the web-servers, we found that they shared familiar web servers with a couple of scams and this leaves us thinking is it a matter of birds of the same feather flock together or an unusual coincidence that is the threat to the market rapport of this company.

veredicto final

Trading Forex is an enjoyable and fruitful venture that’s supposed to be conducted with utmost respect and credibility and this in return leaves us with no other option other than a consultation with the best and the few elites who are known to produce a profound result—most of some who have to be legitimate to ensure a smile on your face.

On the credibility of The, we’re not going to make the judgment for you but instead, leave the ball in your court. We do this not because we do not care about you, but we were hoping you could carry out extensive research and do much more background research on this Forex expert advice before giving in into their claims.

Lastly, remember to consult with legítimo Forex especialista conselho to ensure that what you sow is reaped within the promised time. Steer clear from scum and save your money.

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