Análise do TheLiquidity: Crappy Forex Scam

Análise do TheLiquidity: Crappy Forex Scam

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TheLiquidity ( is a CFDs and Forex broker scam that investors should know about. The Liquidity is boasting of being a first class broker who deals with Forex, stock indices, metals, and commodities. THELIQUIDITY is also guaranteeing users the best trading conditions that the market has to offer. If you ask members who have lost with TheLiquidity, they will tell you this is a load of crap. Find out why!

TheLiquidity review

TheLiquidity Review:

Scammers have a way of creating products and services that appear real to the naked eye. The Liquidity is no different as they have used similar tactics to lure investors into signing up. What these fraudsters have done is create a website that seems real and true.

Note that this is the first thing that scammers want. Grabbing your attention with their homepage is what they want. Folks, don’t let the naked eye fool you, there’s more than meets the eye.

Next thing that scammers do is offer wild claims and promises that newbie traders will believe without question. Claims such as being a first class broker and offering best trading practices are easily believable. In our years of trading experiences, this has been the main selling point for scam brokers.

This review is meant to open your eyes into seeing the whole truth regarding theliquidity. Make sure to read this review and don’t sign up with this broker.

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Who Owns TheLiquidity?

According to the disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage, this brokerage firm is owned by Liquidity LTD. They claim to have a business registration number 24896 IBC. This company is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  This is proof that we are dealing with offshore brokers. Offshore brokers are notoriously known to flaunt set rules and regulations. That’s why it’s not safe to open an account with The Liquidity.

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Another disturbing feature with this broker is lack of transparency in ownership claims. Who is the CEO or CFO of Liquidity LTD? If we had the name of this owner, it would have made verification easier. That’s not going to happen as this broker is doing their best to remain anonymous. Anonymity is a dangerous character to associate with especially in the online investment community. Any anonymous broker is out to cause harm and that’s why we are against TheLiquidity.

Is TheLiquidity Licensed or Regulated?

TheLiquidity Scam

Being an offshore broker, we are highly doubtful that this broker has been licensed or registered. Offshore brokers never want to be spotted by financial regulatory bodies for a number of reasons. They don’t follow the simplest of rules which means they can’t pass regulatory standards. We are strongly against any investor signing up with THE LIQUIDITY. There’s more to licensing and registration.

If you have noticed, they have put up a fake registration number at the bottom of the homepage. 24896 IBC is simply a random number to try and make this platform appear legit. Why haven’t they posted licensing and registration certificates? A real broker will post their registration credentials for all to see. This is what transparency is about since users can easily verify licensing. Don’t trust a word TheLiquidity says in regards to licensing and registration.

Tipos de conta.

This broker offers three different account types to choose from. These account types include Micro, Premium, and VIP accounts. Micro account holders are required to deposit a minimum of $100 to start trading. This amount is way too small considering the acceptable industry standard set at $250. It means that this broker is intentionally lowering the price to widen their trap. Beware of this con artist and their marketing tricks.

Premium account holders are required to deposit $2,000 to start trading with TheLiquidity. Lastly, VIP account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of $50,000 to start trading. Maximum leverage of these accounts is 1:500 for Micro accounts and 1:400 for premium account holders. VIP account holders get a maximum leverage of 1:200 and there’s no clear advantage.

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Plataforma de negociação.

They claim to have a rich and user-friendly interface that helps improve performance. These devices include desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Once download started, it didn’t take long to spot the first weakness with their platform. Download stalled at 46% which spells doom for users. It means that users are using an unstable platform which leaves them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hackers find unstable platforms as easy breeding grounds for credit card and personal data hacks. Stay away from The Liquidity.

Are Funds Safe with TheLiquidity?

TheLiquidity Fake Review

To begin with, this broker has failed to mention their depository bank. Where do they sediment money deposited by users? Lack of this crucial information is proof that we are dealing with a fraudulent Forex broker. It’s also possible users are depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account.

Other disturbing features in regards to safety of funds include lack of segregated accounts. This broker is pooling funds in one account which is risky. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, users will lose all their deposits with this broker. That leaves us to our next point, lack of a compensatory scheme. This broker will not compensate users from any unforeseen losses, even if it’s of their own cause. Stay away from THELIQUIDITY.

Depósito e retirada.

A huge problem with this broker is when it comes to funding accounts. Depositing with this broke is easy which makes users fall for their trap. Investors can choose to use MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, UnionPay among others. They have used these channels to ensure investors can easily make deposits.

Withdrawals is the main problem with TheLiquidity. Members are finding it hard to withdraw money with this broker. Apparently, none of them has reached the required trading volume to warrant withdrawal. Folks, this is a classic scam move. These scammers want to steal money from unsuspecting Forex investors.

Is TheLiquidity a Scam?

Make sure to mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent. WARN your friends and relatives from signing up with the Liquidity brokerage firm. That’s the only way to stay safe when dealing with rogue brokers.

TheLiquidity Final Verdict.

TheLiquidity Scam Review

All evidence that we have produced leaves us with only one option. To add this broker to our scam blacklist and warn all investors about it.

This is one way of ensuring that newbie investors are safe from signing up with TheLiquidity. NOW you know better than to sign up with a rogue Forex broker who is swindling users.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your future online investment options.

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