Análise de negociação de nível um: Scam ou site útil?

Análise de negociação de nível um: Scam ou site útil?

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Tier One Trading is a Forex trading school that also have trading software available for their clients. The company avails educational videos for its customers and every day. They welcome both newbies and expert traders to gain knowledge.

The platform has a helpful community and quality resources that will boost your trading activity. According to their clients, you will attain quality advice from experienced traders.

The company is allegedly dedicated to helping investors in achieving their success. The founder of Tier One Trading is being presented as a transparent and genuine person.

The course will help you to read price action. Moreover, traders will be taught how to understand the trading chart in detail. The company has a live trading session whereby they will show you what to expect in real trading. The process is interactive, as you can ask the founder any question along the way.

Jason and Akil are the founders of this venture. According to their customers, the two are patient and professional individuals that offer perpetual help to traders. They also prepare your psychological to avoid the notion of getting rich within no time.

Every Monday, the platform has a Q$A session where you can ask anything regarding trading. The company will show you what it takes to become a successful trader without making unrealistic promises. The platform also markets itself as the most powerful Forex trading venture in the market.

They have been in the market from 2018 to date. The firm also has an online trading workshop. The registration process is free of charge. For those in need of Forex software de troca, you can utilize the following system. They will eliminate human error that is made during trading.

Tier One Trading Review

Tier One Trading claims it is difficult to navigate the market, especially when you have no background knowledge in trading. Therefore, they have come up with a trading course that will guide you through.

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Tier One Trading Review, Tier One Trading Platform

The training also comes along with trading tools, expert analysis, as well as personal networking. When you sign up, you will have access to a lot of information. The company states you don’t have to purchase numerous courses in the market. You only need to become their member and have unfiltered resources.

The course is divided into various subtopic that has specific lessons. They have five tasks that you can utilize. You will first learn the basics then advance to more complex learning.

You will learn how to manage funds, the Fibonacci ratio analysis, trading psychology, and much more. They also assured readers they would receive updates on trending news. Once you enroll in their trading school, you will also receive any new courses without any additional cost.

The company has 14 days of free trial for those interested. They also have three investment plans that you can select from. The packages have everything in common you will have a guarantee of price limit and updates. The monthly plan needs a deposit of $297. You can also sign up for an annual membership plan that has a two-month free offer for $247. The semi-annual plan goes for $267 and will help you save 10%.

Breakdown of the Lessons

The company avails all supporting documents that can help you to increase your trading knowledge. They have a collection of infographics, and the firm also tracks your learning.

The first lesson is the cornerstone. Tier One Trading believes that every Trader has to start somewhere. On this particular topic, you will learn the basics of Forex trading, which you can use for the rest of your life.

The next topic is the foundation. Here you will learn the price action. You will gain knowledge on how to analyze a price chart and understand the concept that expert traders utilize.

The mastery lesson is meant to give you a cutting edge of forex trading. You will learn an advanced strategy that you can incorporate into your trading activity. You will also have daily access to systems that are used by the founder of their live trading session.

The fourth subheading is the mindset that will help you understand trading psychology. You will learn how you can put your emotion in control while trading. Investors will attain healthy trading psychology, which they can apply for the rest of your life.

The blueprint is their other subtopic. They will make you see that Forex is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You will learn how to plan and strategize by treating your trading activity as a business. Tier One Trading claim that the learning process never ends and they will keep updating their customers.

Atendimento ao Consumidor

The customer support, as well as the community of Tier One Trading, is being commended as a helpful team. They will answer a question ranging from price action and any other query that their client might be having.

You can contact them via email. The platform avails an email address for every team member. However, they haven’t listed a telephone number. The company has various social media platforms that you can use.

The offices of Tier One Trading are at 15954 S. Murlen Rd Ste 286 Olathe, KS 66062. Nonetheless, they are not registered or regulated by any government. The platform is collecting money from members of the public, yet they don’t have the required documentation.

Tier One Trading Client Feedback

During our research, we came across several positive reviews on a third-party platform. Tier One Trading is allegedly a powerful company that has helped several clients.

They are grateful to Akil and Jason for availing this powerful course. The data is helpful, and traders have boosted their confidence. Additionally, some claim that they can now replace their tiring jobs.

However, there is one person who had done a negative review regarding this firm. He came back and rectified the statement he had left behind by stating he was frustrated with other trading school and not Tier One Trading in particular.

He praises the mentors by claiming the course is beneficial to both novice and expert traders. His former review stated that the company is unprofessional, and what they are offering can easily be accessed for free online. He also accused them of charging him extra money for wanting to cancel the subscription.

We also found out from one of their customer the platform conducts live trading for both London and New York sessions. Each session is led by Jason graystone and Akil Strokes, respectively.

The company is being portrayed as the best education venture in the market. They also thank the support team for being dedicated and handling their question professionally. There are no single negative testimonials currently regarding this entity.

Veredicto final

Tier One Trading is a company that seems to be offering legit training services. The company avails its founder, which is a good indicator. They also have a 14-day free trial, which you can use to determine whether the course is worth your money.

The company is also reputable in the market, and they have great feedback from their customers. However, in case you want to trade automatically, you can utilize the best Forex trading software. You can change even if you are a novice trader. Nonetheless, it is good to have an insight of what Forex trading entails.

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