Revisão da Traderia: Trapaça traiçoeira do corretor Forex da descoberta

Revisão da Traderia: Trapaça traiçoeira do corretor Forex da descoberta

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Traderia ( is a brainless Forex Broker to hit the lucrative Forex trading world. This platform has apparently scammed thousands of Forex investors and bled them dry. With all the making of a treacherous scam, we received complaints from members who lost with this platform. Natalie Kelley is one investor who lost over $25000 in one day. Read this review to find out the whole truth regarding this bogus broker.

Traderia Review

Traderia Review:

In order for a scam to work in their favor, fraudsters ensure that they make a believable platform. This website or rather homepage, looks real and trustworthy. Don’t let the catchy homepage colors fool you, there’s more than meets the eye. This is exactly what scammers want, to grab your attention with a user-friendly website. Since we are experts at Forex trading, we know how to spot fake from real brokers.

Promises are also another thing that scammers use to entice investors into signing up. What these scammers have done is use over the moon promises. Scammers know that everyone wants to make a quick buck or two, they take advantage of this need. They will claim to help you make quick money and all you need to do is sign up with them. Folks, this is the last thing you would want.

At all times go for Reputable and Reliable Forex brokers who have been Tested and Vetted by the trading community. Dependable and Genuine Forex brokers ensure that you trade comfortably and safely. Sign up with Convenient and Efficient Forex brokers who have been Certified and Recommended. Go for Forex brokers that are Effective at what they do. Sign up today and start making Real money!

Who Owns Traderia?

According to disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, Traderia is a trading name for Pro Star Griffith Corporate Centre. This company operates in Beachmont Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. What this means is that this is an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are notoriously known for flaunting industry rules and regulations. Traderia is no different as we will soon prove this.

Fact of the matter is, this company does not divulge any information as to who really owns this platform. This is a dangerous line to cross as investors should never deposit money with an unknown entity. Traderia being an offshore broker spells disaster for anyone who signs up with them. Details of how this is an ill-fated broker will be revealed in this review below. Here’s the tricks used by these scammers.

Is Traderia Regulated?

Traderia Scam

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Traderia is not regulated, registered or licensed by any Financial regulatory body anywhere on earth. This means that we are dealing with a broker who trades without a license. And now you know that they are conducting third party trading illegally. There’s no mention of any regulatory licensing on their entire website. This is clear proof that Traderia is hiding something from members who sign up.

A real platform would place and show their certification on their homepage. This makes the platform appear legit and easier for members to verify the certificates. All regulatory bodies we contacted have never heard of Traderia. Some of the regulatory bodies we contacted include the FCA and CySEC. All these regulatory bodies denounced ever licensing this broker. This is concrete proof we are dealing with a hoax.

Reivindicações falsas.

Another disturbing detail with TRADERIA is their fake claims of exceeding member limits. Have you seen that they claim to offer a Forex academy? Some of these claims are targeted to entice newbie investors into signing up. These eBooks and video tutorials are never accessible. Members have a hard time trying to download these media but to no avail. This clearly means that their academy claims are fake.

Other fake claims include a Forex calculator, real time charts, and an economic calendar. First of all, we are not sure what their Forex calculator does, and their real time charts are off. If you have a keen eye, you will notice that their charts don’t change. Does this mean that prices remain constant at all times? This is another concrete proof that we are dealing with a fake Forex broker. Stay away!

Suporte ao vivo falso.

Another disturbing detail we learned with TRADERIA is they don’t have a live support team. Only thing members get is a bot which will never really answer your questions right. Furthermore, in order to get your full attention, you need to leave your phone number. Why would they want our phone details? Best thing they should do is have a live support team, period!

Go for Accurate and Authentic Forex trading Robots and start making Real money with Forex trading. Dependable and Genuine Forex trading robots makes things easier and comfortable for traders. Always sign up with Transparent and Trustworthy Forex trading robots to help you with your trading. Members who sign up with Coherent and Efficient Forex Robots stand a chance of making real money.

Tipos de conta.

Traderia Fake Review

Traderia offers users four different account types. These account types are Classic, Gold, Premium, and VIP accounts. Classic account holders get daily briefing and video tutorials. Gold account holders get the same thing plus a webinar. Platinum account holders get the same things plus an account manager. VIP account holders get what platinum holders get plus a premium customer care.

Problem with Traderia is that we don’t know the minimum required deposit for each account. Sadly, we tried contacting live support but they didn’t have an answer to this question. This means that all what this broker wants is for us to deposit money with them blindly. How can we deposit money with an entity we know nothing about? Traderia is certainly taking members for a ride.

Are Funds Safe with Traderia?

Member funds are never safe with Traderia and there’s a good reason to say this. For starters, we don’t know who owns this platform. Members could be depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account. This broker does not segregate accounts, which spells doom for members. Once the platform goes under, all your funds will be lost too. Traderia does not participate in a compensatory scheme.

This means that traders such as Nicole will never be compensated for money lost. A good platform always insures member funds from such anomalies. Don’t sign up with a platform that does not follow strict rules and regulations such as Traderia. Always go for brokers who offer insurance and also have a compensatory scheme at hand.

Plataforma falsa.

Another disturbing detail we learnt about this broker is their fake platform. This broker claims to use MT4 trading platform which is generally accepted by all Forex traders. However, for a platform to be considered good, it has to work an all devices. That means the device has to be compatible with all devices such as Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet. Sadly, their platform is useless as we will explain.

Download stalled at 71% which makes the platform unstable. An unstable platform spells doom for users as it’s vulnerable to attacks. Hackers can easily gain access to this platform and steal personal data. Data such as credit card information can be stolen by hackers and this makes trading with Traderia a disaster. Best thing to do is stay away from this broker and look for better and safer alternatives.

Is Traderia a Scam?

TRADERIA IS A SCAM that should be avoided at all cost. Evidence produced clearly points that we are dealing with a professional scam outfit. All investors are urged to ignore all promotional materials sent by their email marketing team. Mark all their emails as SPAM and never click on any links sent by Traderia.

Traderia Final Verdict.
Traderia Scam Review

Only thing left for us to do is blacklist this platform as a complete hoax. Any investor who signs up with this broker is bound to suffer huge losses. Best thing is to stay away from this broker completely.

On all occasions, go for Dependable and Genuine Forex brokers who are Vetted by the trading community. Transparent and Trustworthy Forex brokers ensure you get real and realistic profit margins. Always get the best out of Forex trading by having an Efficient and Honest Forex broker by your side

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10 Replies to “Traderia Review: Treacherous Forex Broker Scam Unearthed”

  1. Purtroppo confermo tutto. Siamo stati in 5 truffati da Traderia per un importo di 65000 euro. All’inizio ti contattano, molto disponibili, e si offrono anche di gestire il tuo pacchetto al tuo posto, in modo da farti vedere guadagni sin da subito. Il tuo conto sale e si incrementa, fin quando non chiedi di iniziare a prelevare i guadagni: inizia una trafila lunga di scuse ecc, per poi sparire nel nulla. Hanno tutti un accento est europa, ma si fingono di UK o Germany. La seconda truffa poi viene fatta dai complici: ti contatta una societa (nel mio caso chiamata BELMONTE Group, a nome Mario belomente) con un finto tesserino FCA. Dicono di poter recuperare i soldi, ma si trattengono una % del 10. Fin qui tutto bene, ti fanno aprire un altro conto su un sito fake (di sicuro) sul quale transitano questi soldi. Tu felice, chiedi di bonificarli sul tuo conto, ma ecco che scatta la truffa: loro di chiedono in anticipo il 10% per questioni burocratiche, per poi scappare. Per fortuna nel secondo caso non ci siamo cascati. DIFFIDATE da questo portale!

  2. Sono semplicemente dei ladri e fanno il loro mestiere con grande maestria. Nel corso della truffa di cui sono stato vittima, mi sono imbattuto in tre criminali i cui nomi (0 presunti tali) sono JOSEPH MONTELEONE, RICHARD CURRAIN e EDOARDO LOMBARDI. Quest’ultimo dichiara di rappresentare una societa, WORLDPAY, in grado di recuperare somme che incauti trader hanno perso affidandosi a siti truffaldini. Una volta condotta a termine con successo l’operazione inviano un falso documento di BARCALAYS BANK in cui si dichiara che è prossima l’emissione di un bonifico con la somma recuperata. Per ottenere la stessa, però, bisogna anticipatamente versare a TRADERIA la percentuale dovuta a WORLDPAY la quale si rapporta con i privati cittadini solo attraverso TRADERIA stessa. In tal modo estorcono altro denaro. Ho presentato una documentata denuncia nella speranza, se non di recuperare quanto perduto, di ottenere che almeno a questi farabutti venga impedito di continuare nei loro latrocini.

    1. Revisione giudizio
      Devo correggere il giudizio negativo da me espresso precedentemente. In effetti il mio consulente R.C., dopo un esordio poco ra**icurante, ha agito con correttezza e competenza, fugando ogni mia perplessità. Ritengo, pertanto, di poter affermare che TRADERIA sia affidabile e sicura.

  3. Confermo il primo commento e smentisco a**olutamente il secondo da me espresso dietro la promessa di un immediato rimborso. Sono solo maledetti ladri. Richard Curran ha chiuso il mio conto con la testuale frase “vaffanculo tu e la tua razza”. Un consiglio a tutti coloro che vengono contattati telefonicamente da gente che propone trading on Line: chiedete a chi vi parla di fornirvi il suo recapito telefonico personale. Al loro diniego troncate immediatamente il colloquio. È un truffatore.

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