Revisão de traders de treinamento: Sim, é um SCAM

Revisão de traders de treinamento: Sim, é um SCAM

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A website known as Training Traders is the subject of this rever. Who owns it and what exactly do they offer?

Well, the owner of this site is known as Bronx Mahmoud Baghdady or Mike Baghdady. A close investigation reveals that Training Traders keeps a mailing address somewhere in Cyprus. A thorough review of the provided address does not indicate that an actual business is situated there.

It appears that this was a random address generated to give the impression that Training Traders has a physical location.

Thankfully, if you search este link (which is the government’s way of document all business addresses existing in that country, you will not find the name Training Traders. On top of that, you will never find the name Mr. Baghdady associated with any address. is therefore a very suspicious project. We have a few nasty things to say about this man and his business at that particular domain.

Training Traders review

The website offers a number of trading products, including an apprenticeship program which costs a whooping $50,000 per person.

The problem is that Mr. Baghdady has never proved his credibility in relation to trading. He is never willing to respond to questions regarding this matter either.

It is even impossible to verify his proclaimed past trading success. In fact, rumors are going round that this man filed bankruptcy because he was not able to replay a popular futures broker, Robbins Trading, a debt of $600,000.

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Mr. Baghdady is a self-proclaimed trading guru (according to him). But the reputation which he has built for himself is quite shocking. We cannot relate this to someone who has traded successfully and made dinheiro por anos.

If you want Mr. Baghdady to give you his day trading lessons, prepare to fork out $2,500. He’s got a wealth generation software too which he is selling for a whooping $9,997. This is addition to a day trading software which he claims to sell for $5,000. And of course he is also selling Sinal de Forex services at a cost of $99 per month.

training traders products

If you want these in addition to coaching lessons, then Mr. Baghdady will invoice you the total cost in addition to $150 per hour (depending on how many hours you’re looking to be coached on a one-on-one basis).

These products from Training Traders are definitely diverse and expensive. This made us want to find out whether the so-called Mr. Baghdady had a personal trading record.

Mike Baghdady

This prompted us to reach out to him using two emails. In the first email, we pretended that we were a senior retired citizen with money but looking to learn how to trade Forex to better our retirement life. This type of email is often loved by Forex vendors like Mr. Baghdady because they always prove to be an easy target and good business.

As you know, Mr. Baghdady of Training Traders never hesitated a minute. He responded quickly with instructions on how to sign up and pay for our training. But before we could indicate that we were about to send him money, we asked him for his personal trading performance. But he replied that he is the winner of a World Trading competition which happened in Frankfurt in 2009.

Then we asked him whether he would be willing to share his trading records with his students or if he would be willing to show us a complete documentation of his Forex signals for our approval before sending money to him. He refused.

Now, in the second email that we sent to the head of Training Traders, we made it clear that we wanted to review this trading educational business and that before we could do so, we wanted to ascertain that Mr. Baghdady has a proved track record of trading success. But once he identified this email and read it, he decided to go quiet.

The silence was definitely deafening. He flat refused to engage us in any further email conversations. But when we used the first approach, he was more than willing to respond because we sounded like an easy target for him.

Now, it is clear that this lack of transparency, the act of not replying to email messages and the use of a fake Cyprus address is worrisome. For this reason, we decided to dig deeper into the history of this man, Mr. Baghdady.

Mr. Baghdady’s tainted history

Training Traders website is not the only website that this guy has been managing. Back in 2010, he used to run another trading educational business called Spyglass trading. This one was shut down in the year 2012.

The next thing, he created another day trading educational website called New Turtle traders. This one was closed down in the year 2013. Today, it appears that Training Traders is his latest website where he claims to offer magical trading products for anyone who wants to learn how to make quick millions from negociação Forex.

If you search his background on Google, you will come across a wide variety of user opinion, complaints and innuendos. As we researched further, we came across news that Mr. Baghdady was at one point involved in a business deal with a brokerage firm in Chicago called Robbins Futures. As you might have discovered, Robbins Futures are the investors of World Cup Trading Championships. Robbins Futures is therefore a very reputable company.

It emerged that some years ago, Mr. Baghdady of Training Traders once traded with them and blew a big account which left the broker in huge debts. This debt had to be repaid by the company on behalf of this man. Certainly this company had very nasty things to say about Mr. Baghdady

They warned us that trusting this man was liking trusting a hungry pack of wolves to provide baby-sitting services to a toddler.

More research into the life of the owner of Training Traders website revealed that he filed bankruptcy in 2010. He had left many people wallowing in huge debts due to his canning nature.

Mr. Baghdady of training traders proof of bankruptcy

This is the ultimate proof that this man cannot be relied on to provide efficient financial services, whether through Training Traders or some other website in which he is in charge.

Okay, if the magnitude of this problem has not hit you yet, think about this: how can you trust him with your $50,000 in the name of joining his apprenticeship program at Training Traders?

In addition to lying that he is a the greatest trade in the planet, he also makes some outrageous lies about his supposed clients. He claims that he has been training traders from the world’s largest institutions.

For example, he claims that he trains traders from Barclays Capital, Citibank, Morgan Staney, you name it.

Honestly, we are having a hard time believing that a person with a tainted record of blowing a trading account, thus leaving behind $600,000 in debt can be trusted with institutions like Citibank, Bank Of America, or Barclays Capital to train their traders.

Nosso melhor conselho para você

If you ignore this warning, you will lose a lot of money in the process. Training Traders website is the property of this charlatan. This man will never admit his mistakes because he is greedy, and always wanting to steal from naive traders. Please use these Forex products if you’re looking to trade the Forex market. Avoid Training Traders.

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