Triumph At Trading Review: Ridículo, Esquema Patético

Triumph At Trading Review: Ridículo, Esquema Patético

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Slick internet marketing is the reason why websites like Triumph At Trading or even Indicator Warehouse manage to steal dinheiro from the financially naive. When asked to define what Triumph At Trading is in one sentence, we’d say that it’s yet another trading educational company where a trading guru named “Troy Taylor” claims to have built his career in the last 20 years, and now wants to teach you how to make money like he does.

However, for you to become his student, you must pay $5,000 every year, which will buy you magical indicators and trading educational packages from other companies.

This is to say that “Troy Taylor” does not have a product of his own, and is heavily relying on the act of reselling other companies’ products to make a living.

This trading mentor is the worst charlatan that we have ever come across on the internet. This trading ”guru” has absolutely zero proof of trading. In as much as he proclaims to be a trading expert with a ‘track record’ of making mouth-watering profits every time he places a trade, there is no grain of evidence to prove that he makes money through trading.

It was therefore important to write this Triumph At Trading review asap to warn you of the impending danger of losing your money to this fraud.

Triumph At Trading review

Triumph At Trading review

The first thing we realize is that this guy, Troy Taylor, loves to use ridiculous marketing gimmick to push his agenda forward. His ”educational products” seem to be targeted towards newbies and those who are naive when it comes to matters related to stock and Forex investments.

The website in question is hosted at A quick internet search reveals that this website is owned by a person named “Troy Taylor”, who also claims to be a resident of the Bahamas.

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However, with all due respect, we do not have facts that prove that this man lives in the said location. In fact, we don’t even know if Troy Taylor is his real name.

Out of sheer curiosity, we decided to conduct a deeper internet search. What we did was to combine the name ”Troy Taylor with Bahamas” on Google to try pulling out his records — if at all they existed.

But then, Google returned some results about a man named Troy Taylor who died on a plane crash in the Bahamas sometime in 2007.

Now, this surely sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory. But all in all, it looks like a man by that name died in 2007 and then re-appeared on the internet in 2014. By the way, this is the same year that both Triumph At Trading and Troy Taylor magically surfaced on the internet.

The internet is a digital world that leaves footprints behind regardless of how old the records are. But in this case, we find it surprising that the real owner of Triumph At Trading did not leave behind the slightest clue of who they are.

In all likelihood, the name of the current ‘owner’ of Triumph At Trading is an alias name. This means that we are dealing with a company whose owner is clearly not known. This finding alone casts a great deal of suspicion in this case. This is especially true when we consider that Troy is claiming to be a professional day trader with over 20 years of experience.

Triumph At Trading homepage

Is he a full time professional day trader like he claims?

We were not going to trust this website — Triumph At Trading just for the sake of trusting it. For us to find concrete answers or evidence, we needed to find a way of reaching out to this person first.

Without hesitation, we sent an email to the man named ”Troy” inquiring about his supposed trading products. Initially, we had seen that this list of products contained items which were available at Udemy, an indicator suite worth $247 per month, a market profile scanner worth $147 per month and a full immersive learning experience which this man was selling for $397 per month.

But after digging around some more, it turned out that ”Troy” was simply reselling products of a company called TAS Market Profile.

More research into the matter would later indicate that Mr. ”Troy” was piggybacking and reselling someone else’ products and trading room.

This discovery leads us to asking one question: ”Is Troy a full time day trader with 20 years of experience?”

Apparently, there is no proof that he trades the Forex market to make money. We asked ”Troy” if there was anything that could lead us into proving that indeed he is a full time professional trader with the said length of experience on his back.

Instead of Troy proving his supposed trading success which he has touted so vigorously on Triumph At Trading, he responded that his job was to provide trading educational services based on rigorous methodology and solid trading logic that is unique.

He claimed that he had not shared his trading statement with anyone, including his top one on one client. Then he concluded this statement by saying that him and his wife chose to treat this as personal, financial information which they promised never to release to anyone forever.

But wait, the owner of Triumph At Trading claims that he is a full time professional day trader, but is not able to prove his words. All he wants you to do is simply trust him with your money.

He simply needs you to have the trust of a child, that kind of trust that a child develops on his mother’s arms, that she will not let go her arms and make the child fall down.

Likewise, the owner of Triumph At Trading wants you to place your financial future in the hands of his magical negociação Forex indicators. You see, this man named ”Troy” just asked you and me to pay $5,000 as the price of leasing his magical trading tools. But this has to be based on trust, not proof that what we are leasing is profitable.

Why is it so impossible to provide these records upon request? You see, if we were full time professional traders with 20 years of experience, and even earning thousands of dollars every year, we would never hesitate to show a little proof of profit to those who doubt. Or are we asking too much from Troy?

This guy is a professional internet marketer

You see, he does not only own Triumph At Trading website. He owns other websites by the name,, and many more that we do not wish to waste time listing down.

He is certainly reading this Triumph At Trading review and thinking to himself: ”How did this guy know all this stuff?”

It is all over Google Troy. This information is so easy to find. We don’t have to break a sweat when exposing any fraudulent activity that is masterminded by Troy and his friends.

Nosso melhor conselho para você

It is foolish to lease magical trading indicadores for nearly 5K a year yet the so-called trading guru is not able to verify any of his claims of profit. In fact, when you watch his YouTube videos, you will see that this man doesn’t have any trading experience. He is definitely a fraud. Just inscreva-se nesses produtos comerciais because Triumph At Trading sucks.

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